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My agreement number is: [protected].
August 24, 2017: A service request was placed on for my A/C (central air) unit. August 26, 2017: A technician from Ecco Tech Home Services went to assess the unit on and reported that the unit needed a compressor, high and low pressure with, and copper coil. He said that he would call American Home Shield (AHS) for an authorization to repair the unit and call me back. I never heard back from him or AHS.
August 31, 2017; I called AHS and was informed by that the authorization was received 24 minutes prior to my call and it would be an additional 24-48 hours before the repair could be authorized. When I talked to Ecco Tec, they said that the authorization was submitted on the 28th of August (conflicting stories from each organization). Back to 31 August: fortunately, the computer system crashed and a supervisor had to return my call. I was informed from someone during the return call that the authorization was approved but there was some things that I had to pay for. The call was disconnected before the conversation was complete and no one ever returned my call. I called back a few hours later, waited for 2 hours to be connected to some one, and was given the information on what I parts of the repair I needed to repair. I was informed that I had to cover the expenses for the freon, high and low pressure switch, and the copper coil/wire. I was informed that the high and low pressure with as well as the copper coil was not with in regulation / code; that it was an upgrade; and as such AHS would not cover the expenses. When I talked to Ecco Tec, the technician informed me that it was an upgrade, but not because the parts do not meet code or regulations. The parts had to be replaced because there was not a compressor available for my unit. As such a different compressor had to be used. In order for that compressor to work, the high pressure switch, low pressure switch, and copper had to be replaced. I find this contradictory to the information from AHS. As such, being that all parts were required to make the unit functional, AHS should be responsible for the costs of the repair.
September 6, 2017: After not receiving further information from anyone, I called AHS and was informed that the system was down and that they could not offer me any information. Contacted Ecco Tec and was informed that there was a document that I need to sign. Was told that they would email it to me that day.
September 7, 2017: After not receiving the document, I called Ecco Tec again and received the form that day; signed it; and returned it.
September 8, 2017: Called Ecco Tech and was told that I needed to pay for half of the repair upfront but when I attempted to do so, I was told that the "system" was down. Was informed that they would call me on Monday to receive payment and confirm that repair date.
September 12, 2017: After not receiving a call from Ecco Tec, I called them; paid half the cost of the service; and confirmed the installation date for September 14, 2017 between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.
September 14, 2017: Received a notification from AHS saying that my repair date was rescheduled from September 15, 2017. Talked to the tech at Ecco Tec, who confirmed that he was still arriving on the 14th. The Ecco Tech technician did not arrive within the 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. time slot. He did complete the repair.

Major issues are as follows:
Timeliness: Average wait time to speak to someone at AHS was 1 and 15 minutes. Ecco Tec technicians never arrived during the scheduled time window. Processing of paper work between both businesses and the consumer.

Integrity: Dispute between organizations on when authorization was submitted and received. Representative led me to believe that the high pressure switch, low pressure switch, and copper coil were not within standard / code. Still seeking clarity on what is true.

Customer service: Only one representative that I talked to expressed concern and was committed so seek a resolution to my problem. All others seemed more interested in just getting information and getting to the next call. Aforementioned call wait times.

Fee payment: on an unrelated incident for an earlier service call, my tenants paid the technician the service fee of $75. I was also charged the service fee from AHS of $75. My tenants submitted a form for reimbursement. I was told that it will take 14-21 days to process the reimbursement and that it will be paid to the tenants. First issue, the contract from AHS is with me not my tenants. Second issue, AHS has an expectation that any monies due to them are received with 48 hours but the reimbursement process takes 3 weeks?

As a member of our Armed Service that has also worked in the service industry (Health Care) for over 20 years, I am familiar with standards of customer service, realistic expectations, expectation management, and a culture of trust. Each is essential to satisfactory customer service. I request that AHS and Ecco Tec become familiar or defamiliarize themselves with these tenants of customer service and adapt the "Service Recovery" model.

Additionally, I would like to "speak" to someone within the management of each organization (AHS and Ecco Tec) to "voice" my concerns and get a better explanation of the repair. Lastly, if warranted, I would like a refund for some of my expenses, inconvenience to my tenants, and my time spent addressing this issue. My tenants have endured 3 weeks without A/C and spent numerous hours at home (missing work) to get this issues resolved. I have spent in excess of 8 hours over the last 3 weeks either waiting to speak to some or speaking to representatives about this issue.

Last thing: AHS needs a link for customer complaints / reviews on their website. The links that I followed from the website only allowed phone calls and service request.

Very Respectfully,
Roderick J. Bowser
Major, United States Army

Sep 14, 2017

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