American Home Shielddeceptive business practices - unethical behavior-incompetent and unprofessional

M Nov 21, 2017

AHS practices in Deceptive business practices
1) failure to meet contractual obligations related to response times;
2) failure to expedite services deemed as emergent;
3) false denials leading to delayed service repairs;
4) inappropriate, inaccurate and inconsistent interpretations of contractual terms and coverage;
5) misleading and/or outright lying by customer service representatives by misinforming, changing or misrepresenting AHS obligations over the phone;
6) AHS customer service representatives impersonating "AHS Supervisors" when asked to speak to a supervisor or superior to assist in clarifying inconsistent messaging and their inability to provide accurate information.

Customer Service Representatives are unable to interpret contact terms, lying to customers and denying claims. Did not have installers available for ceiling fans so I was instructed by AHS to get an installer on my own and they would reimburse the installation fee. DENIED, claiming "they" never said that. I spoke with a "supervisor" buy was informed when trying to get my reimbursement that they do not have "supervisors" so they could not have promised they would reimburse. I was with them for 4 months and then I cancelled. Horrible company. I filed a complaint with the idaho attorney generals office, federal trade commission and any other message board and consumer protection organization that I can think of and I will continue. I am amazed this company continued to be in business and I will continue to do what I can do make sure they do not succeed.

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