American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / toilets

I submitted a claim to American Home shield on my toilets. They sent different contractors. On 5/17/18 Best way mechanical came out replace new parts on the toilets due to they would not flush on invoice#38606, during the repair they brought in electric saws and cut bolts and took the tanks from the toilets during that time they must have cracked the toilets. After they finish the toilets were leaking really bad' I ran out to their truck and got the guy before he left my drive way. he came back in and said it would stop but it did not. I call their office the same day after they left my home and american home shield and reported the repair and the problem. I made an appointment for them to come back and fix the problem. However, on 5/21/18 The
contractor came out said the toilets were cracked and needed to be replaced on invoice#38737. American home stated when the contractor sent them their report the said i Cracked the toilets. I explain The toilets were not working due to their repair and the water was turn off waiting for them to come back out to fix the problem. per the supervisor Marcus at american home stated that they admitted to cracking one toilet that, s why it got replace. BUT WOULD NOT REPLACE THE OTHER TWO THAT THEY CRACKED. american home stated this was not covered in my contract. Why send some one to my home with an F score from the BBB. I trust american shield with the contractors they send to my home and is and always will be a valuable customer I really need my toilets replace. I have been through the ringer behind this problem. At the point where I had to raise the tank top to flush bo bo. Not sure how I went from not flushing to cracked toilets I never turned any bolts nor use a saw..

Jun 06, 2018

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