American Home Shield / warranty scam

United States

I have had AHS for many years now on 3 separate units.

They are okay if all you have is a toilet that wont flush properly or a sink clog (things you could do yourself for far less than the $60 service fee.) But a repair that costs any significant amount of money and its like pulling teeth to get the work done. On top of that, it seems they pay their contracted companies such a dismal amount compared to market rates that those that none of the companies in my area work for them so it takes longer to get someone here. And woe if something breaks on a Friday that doesnt fall under emergency status

I've also had to call them late at night and their call center is dismal. One operator picked up the phone and placed it back down. It failed to hang up and I had to listen to her chatting about her errant boyfriend to a co-worker. I couldn't hang for a while because they were still connected to the call.

I recently needed a new wall heater due to a faulty valve leaking natural gas. The company they sent out on Monday said theyd try to order the part but it was most likely obsolete and would replace the whole unit, and left, no work done (gas still leaking!)

On Friday I called AHS to check status and the repair company said the model was obsolete, part unavailable, but had given them the wrong model number until that day, so AHS would start searching for the part themself and had 48 business hrs to search before they would then search for a replacement heater.

I called the Gas Company who promptly came out and capped the gas line at the wall (why didn't the repairman do this??)

Tuesday an appointment was made for the next morning but I would have to pay an additional $55 for a gas connector and $50 to haul the old one away. I told the repair company to make the appt but that I would call AHS about the extra charges. I called a couple haulers approved by my city and found one that would actually take the old heater FOR FREE (SCRAP METAL)

The repair guy arrives, I tell him I dont need him to dispose of the old one and why and he refuses to install the new wall heater unless Ill pay him to dispose of the old one, and LEFT! So I call AHS and they stand by the repair company!

Im beyond done with this company theres too many other competitors to deal with these sorts of problems.


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