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We bought the American Home Shield - home warranty with complete coverage hoping that we could use it if anything goes wrong in the home. Unfortunately as much as they are greedy in signing the contract and selling the warranty, we realise today it is worthless.
We recently had some issue with plumbing and we were assigned a contractor - Right Away Services and all they did is come in and collect the initial service and get away without doing anything. The same thing happened when we had a heater issue and they sent - Metropolitan Heating and Air Conditioning. Later, we had to pay other contractor to come in get it fixed. My mail is to alert homeowners out there that they should be either a law to prevent consumer abusal or stop buying warranties from these companies. They are just fooling the people.


  • Valerie May 19, 2008

    Have been with AHS since 2017 and never abused service. My A/C went out last year and a $500.00 part was not covered. Did not have money at the time and requested time to pay for it. AHS said ok for when I was ready. Stayed all summer w/out A/C. Have money now, AHS sent me another A/C co and now AHS denied entire claim. Why was it ok last year and not now? They read me the explication from a manual and they had a hard time with the technical wording. Spoke with sup. Timothy who was turned me down and could not say why last year AHS said ok and now that I have the $500.00 they say no. AHS advertises " no hassle, no headaches, we will take care of repairs..."

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  • Valerie May 26, 2008

    I want to let the consumers aware of bad experiences they are going to face with AHS. I called AHS for repair of my Refrigerator ( First service call in this year). It is already more than 15 days and they haven't got it fixed. Imagine life without Refrigerator for 15 days and don't know when it is going to be fixed. I called numerous times for the status. The only answer I get is "we understand your trouble"


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  • Ri
    RICHARD J. OLIVIER JR. Nov 17, 2008

    MY SINK WAS LEAKING AT THE DRAIN LEVEL WHERE THE TOP OF THE PLUMBING UNDER THE SINK MEETS THE FLANGE AND THE RUBBER LIKE WASHER MEET. A PLUMBER/???????? CAME OUT, DID A LOT OF SOMETHING ?, UNDER THE SINK AND TOLD ME THAT WAS NOT COVERED!! I asked, every thing below the drain exit is covered, but not where the water starts the draining process? As he politely excused himself from his cell phone and girlfriend, he said, NOPE. Went back to his conversation, and I had to interrupt him once more. Called A.H.S., and sure enough their man was spot right, .Called again and told them the contract did not express if it was or was not covered. I, thinking, if water never goes down that drain, one would never need repairs, but I thought having a split sink, you could both sides. Company was to research and get back with me. I may be expecting to much, , , 14 months!!! the shame of it, is, that these folks are americans . In these economic times or any time$$$$$$$$$$

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  • Ri
    RICHARD J. OLIVIER JR. Nov 17, 2008

    how can i e mail them my self ??

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  • Be
    Bettsy Oct 14, 2009

    American Home Shield Warranty Company is a ripoff company. When an item in your home breaks down, they are supposed to send out a competent contractor to fix the problem. My air conditioning unit has been on the blink since June 07. I initially called them in June and they sent out Piedmont Air and Heating. The repairman came out and cut off my unit and said that he would be back. He never came back! It is August and the heat is unbearable. I called again in July and they sent out another repair person with Strong Heating and Air. Strong Air and Heating has been to my home 5 times and they still have not fixed it yet. This is theft. American Home Shield has taken my money and not given me service for my money. This has to stop. The customer service representatives are rude and not very educated! They are full of execuses. This company has bad business practices and they need to be shut down immediately! People are dying from this heat! When you take a consumer's money for services that are not rendered that is theft! This company is the worst company I have ever seen! This is a joke!

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  • Ro
    RonaldT. Oct 27, 2009

    American Home Shield is a Sham. They spend more time trying to find a loop hole in your contract they can use so they do not have to do anything on your service call, then they do trying to give their customers any service. If they can't find anything to use they will send one of their shoddy contractors to give them a report they can use to do nothing. They are real good at servicing nothing. They are only efficient at collecting their contract fee each month. RIP OFFS!!!

    This company should be shut down for Fruad!

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  • Ya
    YamK34 Nov 27, 2009

    Today the day before Thanksgiving my hot water heater rusted out .It was actually rusted out last May when it was serviced for a leak but AH refused to replace it and only allow a half -A-- fix. So today it broke again . I was told they could have a repairman out on Monday.It did not seem to be a problem to them that I would be without hot water for 6 days at least .Never mind that I will have to repair the drywall and water damage again at my expense 600 bucks last time . Never mind that I could have gone to home depot and replaced it in 3 hours on my own. Has anyone ever not gotten rip-off by these thieves ?

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  • Re
    reidxi Dec 05, 2009

    I have had similar problems with AHS. My hot water went out (my heat for the house too) a few week before Christmas. After saying they would send someone... he was not allowed to fix it. Thus someone else was supposed to be sent... who wasn't. I then was "allowed" to find someone on my own. THey were given the biggest hassle that they didn't want to fix it. THus... here I was with no heat or hot water and all repairs needed to be fixed on my own dime. AHS... useless. And I am going to try and find a way to sue for my money back.

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  • Rt
    RTE Apr 19, 2010

    The worse investment I ever made was entering into a contract with American Home Shield (AHS). Not only was I fooled into thinking I was going to save money, I also thought I was going to have stress free maintenance. WRONG! My experience with this company was horrific and I would advise everyone NOT to do business with them. They are deceptive amongst other things. Every time I needed service, the technician they sent (Someone from American Rescue Rooter) would report that the repair isn't covered due to me tampering with the unit, something being installed improperly, something too old or too dirty, etc. It was always, always an excuse not to cover the repair. Additionally, ARS guys would come out with no tools and just look at stuff without taking anything apart. I ended up paying for ALL repairs out of pocket. ARS always reported some lie to AHS who in turn would NEVER cover the repair. ARS, of course, would always give me their cost to cover the repair which was always near or over $1, 000. Every repairman that I paid after ARS said the problem was something totally different and charged me ALOT less! AHS solution is to send another contractor out with ME paying the service fee for this person too! You aren't allowed to use someone you know to be trusted and experienced...just the crafty techniques they hire. You can bet the 2nd contractor is going to confirm the 1st lie told by ARS. If the 2nd contractor by chance say something different, then they'll go with ARS...they can count on them to hold true to the original lie. AHS whole business is a SCAM! I've paid nearly $2, 000 in premiums and service fees alone. On top of this amount, I still had to pay for the repairs by qualified individuals. One plumber from ARS named Shawn fixed a leak in the basement apartment. He told me it was a problem with the toliet on the 2nd floor apartment and he fixed it (I thought it was strange there was no leaking in the 1st floor apartment). A week later, water was leaking in the basement again. I called AHS they said the Shawn reported that something was wrong with the 2nd floor toliet flange (which they of course don't cover)and the leak may appear again in the future. I told them the Shawn told me he sealed the 2nd floor toilet and the problem was fixed. I called ARS and got a hold of Shawn. I asked him why did he tell me one thing and AHS something else. At first he said he didn't tell AHS anything about a flange. Then he admitted he did. I asked him why would he do that. He said he was trying to save me money. He then told me ARS could fix the problem for $642 minimum. As usual, he knew the exact amount it would cost for ARS to fix the problem in this case the toilet flange. I've hired an independent contractor to find and fix the problem. He says the 2nd floor toilet flange has absolutely NOTHING to do with the leak in the basement. Talking with AHS about the problems I've experienced with them was equally frustrating. My requests to speak to a supervisor were never granted. The customer service reps, especially one named Nicole, treated me like I am the con artist. Two days ago I canceled my contract with AHS. I finally realized I was dealing with false security and was going to continue to pay for ALL future repairs. When I called to cancel, they told the department that handled cancellations wasn't answering the phone and they would call me back. I fussed and finally got a person in the cancellation department. I wish I had read all the American Home Shield complaints a lot sooner.

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  • Fr
    Fritz May 18, 2010

    This company is a big scam. American home shield, will never respond for any repair on time. They will never replace any coverage equipment under any circumstances. So I urge you not to waste your valuable time and money on this company. You are better of calling a service company, and most likely they will be there next day. Please, please, dont deal with this company. I am calling them in the morning to cancel it and get my money back for covered period. Sp what ever you do never take this warranty. I am dumping the company tomorrow morning.

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  • Wi
    willie Pritchett Jul 10, 2010

    We had American Home Shield for about a couple of years now. In the beginning, it wasnt too bad, becasuse we didnt need to use them. We had a couple of contractors come out to fix our water heater and furnace and always had got great service.

    Then the problems started. One of our toilets needed a valve to fix it. The valve costs $6 at Menards. We were quoted, for parts and labor, $175 by the technician because AHS said that the part ($6) and the labor was not covered. The kitchen facet was leaking due to an issue with the sprayer. To replace the sprayer, which was also not covered, was going to cost us $200. We wound up buying both parts (for the toilet and the kitchen facet assembly) ourselves, performed the work ourselves, for $85 (a far cry from $375).

    Then comes the issue with our fridge. We had a technician come out and he was either high or drunk. Words slerred, staggering a bit and he told us the problem was a compressor valve but he told AHS it was the entire coil. Needless to say, the company stopped answering phone calls, both from us and AHS.

    AHS told us that we are unable to get a new technician to come out because one was already sent so they would have to do the work. And get this, if we were to have our own technician work on the fridge, they would send us funds to repayment based upon what the other guy said, even though he obviously didnt know what he was doing nor able to because of his drunken or "high" state. And we gave the guy the $60. So we are out of the $60 fee given to the guy, plus having to call someone out on our own.


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  • Ko
    Kostuby Jul 12, 2010

    I recently bought a home and the seller purchased a 1 year home warranty through AHS. One week after I moved in my basement flooded. I called AHS and they contracted a plumber - who came out twice and could not find the problem. I called a plumber from the phone book - who immediately resolved the problem (at a cost of $280.00). That was my first experience with AHS - their contracted service people did nothing to help and it cost me $50 just for them to come out to my house and tell me they could not help me.

    THEN...3 months later, my oven broke (which was the last week in November). I called AHS - they contracted a service man to come out 1 week later. I paid $50 for him to come diagnose the problem... he had to order a part which took 2 weeks to come in. (The service company only serviced calls until 3:00pm on weekdays only - so this meant I had to take a 1/2 day off of work each time they came!) Anyway... he came out 2 weeks later to install a part - it did not work. He ordered another part and once again I had to wait 2 weeks. After installing that part - the oven still would not work. He told me he called AHS and they insisted he try installing a different part. Once AGAIN - I had to wait 8 days for the part to come in. I have now missed a total of 10 hours of work and the part he ordered still did not work. I have been without an oven for almost 2 months now. AHS contacted a completely different service company and wants me to pay them $50 to come out and get a 2nd opinion. I have talked to this service man 3 times now within a week and a 1/2 - he keeps promising to call me back and get this resolved. Every time I speak with him he acts as if he doesnt remember me! I spoke with him today and he says that AHS will only pay $300 in parts that were replaced. HOWEVER, the replacement parts did not work and I am still without an oven!!! In the home warrantly contract... it states that AHS will replace a unit if it was "unfixable". They are now saying they dont do that. I am my wits end!

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  • Kr
    Kribass Jul 14, 2010

    American Home Shield, sent ProTec tech to fix our wasing machine, its been 3 months and 10 visits and they still cannot find what is wrong with the washer. The very last time they came oout, they replaced the tub, saying the tub was cracked. After doing a small was, we noticed the entire floor flooded, and the carpet was so soaked, the water was dripping outside. We called American home shield the 11th time, they said they will send someone out ASAP, but in the meantime the carpet was soaked and smelling so bad, we had to put the machine outside to cut the carpet (wall to wall), turn it over and try to dry the floor under the carpet. When we called American Home Shield, they told us they could not work on the maching because it was placed outside, after 3 months of waiting, three months of paying our primiums these jokers said they would not be able to work on the machine. Can you say Law suit.

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  • Ke
    Kevin E Aug 22, 2010

    I have a home warranty with these people and since June my air conditioner hasn't worked properly...often not at all. After 9 trips to my house they finally agreed to put a new compressor in the unit to keep it operating. It was suppose to be instaled today but wasn't because the part they ordered was bad. They refused to try another supply shop or make any other effort to finally get my unit running. It's 103 degrees in Texas...I still have no is about to one is sleeping...except those people running American Home Shield who I suspect are very comfortable in their homes. For three months I have been patient and it's gotten me nowhere. They don't care...they have my money...I have no air.

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  • Jk
    jko347 Sep 14, 2010

    i'm cancelling mine in one week, after enduring a debacle of an experience in getting them to fix an issue w/ my AC...

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  • Ms
    M Shepard Jan 08, 2011

    Had them for a couple of years. Started out doing a few small repairs with no problem. Had them in to repair built in microwave 6 months ago. Stopped working again. Sent out Sears and then AHS got into an arguement with Sears who wanted to replace microwave. Anything to deny claim. Sent out another rep 3 days later who backed them up to deny claim. The inital rep from Sears said problem came from initial repair 6 months ago and could have caused a house fire. They will have any excuse to stop a claim.

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  • Br
    Bruce Jan 18, 2011

    Heat pump broke 12/4. Told to operate in emergency heat. Vendor took over 3 weeks to get it fixed. Broke again. Now no heat. Unit is 25 years old. I paid for this insurance for about 10 years. They should just replace unit. Life span of heat pumps is about 15 years. Instead it is being patched over and over. I hear what appears to be scripted replies from service dept. No heat now. Freezing temps. Again waiting for vendor. Only one avail. in metro area. Had to go out and buy portable heaters because of freezing temps.

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  • Te
    Ted B Feb 07, 2011

    The water heater tank in my washroom leaks. American Home Shield (AHS) sent the plumber to the house and he gave me a written estimate of $1, 200 for a replacement thank. This amount of was not cover by American Home Shield for some reason. I called American Home Shield to negotiate; they offered me $295 cash out option. This amount doesn't cover the cheapest water heater tank from Lowe's or Home Depot. Why should I pay American Home Shield $45/month to have this problem? This company make their money through fault promises; don't buy into it. Not worth your time or money.

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  • El
    Eldor N Feb 14, 2011

    American Home Shield is using spammers to send junk mail. As soon as you block one, they use another spammer! They should be ashamed. I would never do business with a spammer!

    American Home Shield is using spammers to send junk mail. As soon as you block one, they use another spammer! They should be ashamed. I would never do business with a spammer

    American Home Shield is using spammers to send junk mail. As soon as you block one, they use another spammer! They should be ashamed. I would never do business with a spammer! Any company who sends junk mail can't be trusted!

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  • An
    Anna Kim May 11, 2011

    I've been having too many problems with them.
    Finally cancelled my contract with them after 12 years.
    Not worth having them.

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  • Ju
    julia c. Jun 14, 2011

    American Home Shield is a terrible company that scams people for money. My family has payed so much money for this Warranty/Insurance. We came home one day to find the air conditoning system not working so we called the company. First of all, They took nine days to call back. Then they sent some crappy company with no experience at all just to trick me into thinking i was getting service. Home shield said they couldn't fix my system because a pipe was blocked so we called another company to unblock the pipe. Then a whole bunch of excuses was made up by them just so they won't have to fix my air conditionining system. I had finally gave up and decided to fix it myself and just give them a bad review but the person who was responsible for my problem decided to get revenge for giving them a bad review by charging extra money and sending random companies to my house even though i had canceled my service. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, ITS CRAP AND JUST SCAMS FOR MONEY

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  • Cy
    C.yvonne Jun 20, 2011

    I have made 3 request with AHS for my air conditioner unit to get fixed. The first request was made on 6/1/11 and the A/C Contractor came out on 6/3/11 and added freon. Since the house still was not cooling, I put in another service request to AHS on 6/7/11 and the same company came out on 6/9/11 and fixed the connector got the fan on the outside unit to start working. I left the A/C on from 5 pm when the company left until 1 am and of course the house is still not cooling. The third request was called with AHS on 6/10/11 and the company came out again on 6/14/11. Finally I received an appropriate diagnosis that I need a new inside A/C unit. The Inside Unit capacity was 2 tons will the outside unit was 2 1/2 therefore both units were working against each other and I was not getting the proper air flow. I was told by the A/C Contractor that they would make a request immediately to AHS to get a new inside unit. I just called AHS on 6/18/11 to get a status update becuase I have not heard anything in days to find out that they will not honor the request of a new unit. AHS excuse is that the unit cannot be replaced because they consider it to be mismatched equipment and they will not replace it. I asked AHS, why not replace the inside unit with an equivalent to the outside? Of course, I sdon't want the same exact unit replaced because the house is not cooling and that would not make any sense. The two representatives and one supervisor told me that it was not there responsibility and they will not replaced the unit. So what happens to the customer (me) now after I have paid this company every month? Please do not waste your money on this home warranty company, just use it to pay for gas.

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  • Ir
    Irina Green Jun 28, 2011

    I would like to warn anybody who considers buying home appliance warranty from American Home not to do it.

    American Home Shield (AHS) guarantees repair or replacement of home appliances, however this service is completely worthless. I was paying for the American Home Shield service for 12 years, however, when my cooktop oven was not working and I called AHS, the technician from AHS did not repair it and the company did not replace it. They explained that since one burner was still somehow working, the oven was not eligible to be replaced, even if the technician was not able to fix the oven. After waiting and struggling for two years and still paying for the AHS warranty, I bought a new oven myself. I talked to AHS and they asked for a receipt for the new oven and promised that they will reimburse me. The person whom I talked to was Stephanie Brown, and in my opinion the service that I got from her was extremely poor: she was very negligent, did not return my calls in time, and in addition, was quite ignorant about the services that the company that she is working for can provide. After almost a month of trying to get my refund, I did not get any reimbursement and cancelled their service. Another problem that I had with AHS was a letter from them from June 1, 2017 stating that I owe them $333, even if I had my payments automatically billed to my credit card and actually was not owing them anything.

    I hope that my experience will be a good lesson for others and nobody else would fall in this trap with the AHS warranty as I did.
    Thank you.

    Irina Green, Cameron Park, CA

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  • Ke
    KeHarizona Jul 07, 2011

    Was told by the real estate company oh you need this warranty, so I bought it. I called them shortly after moving in to have my water conditioner looked at. They said just a moment. So I waited and waited and she comes back and says you are not covered for this. So I said what warranty do I have, as the paper work they send you is not very explicit as to what you are covered for. So she puts me on hold and then comes back and says yes you are covered and give me the paragraph that states this and I circled it. Not feeling very comfortable about this as I have to pay $60 up front I call back and a gentleman answers this time. He said oh yes it's covered you have and I quote " the Cadillac of coverages. So they come out complete there inspection and say they will send report to American Home Shield as there is a leak. By the way he stated that was all there was to the problem so when I had another company check it out there was not even power hooked up to the unit. The cord had been cut off behind the conditioner water lines. So they call me and inform me I have no coverage on my policy for this item and I quote the paragraph and they say no coverage so I'm out $60 cash, hey to bad. Now I need some work done so we will see. I feel they are a scam of scams outfit.

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  • Ke
    Kevin E Nov 23, 2011

    I have a home warranty with these people and since June my air conditioner hasn't worked properly...often not at all. After 9 trips to my house they finally agreed to put a new compressor in the unit to keep it operating. It was suppose to be instaled today but wasn't because the part they ordered was bad. They refused to try another supply shop or make any other effort to finally get my unit running. It's 103 degrees in Texas...I still have no is about to one is sleeping...except those people running American Home Shield who I suspect are very comfortable in their homes. For three months I have been patient and it's gotten me nowhere. They don't care...they have my money...I have no air.

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  • Lb
    LBraswel Jan 30, 2012

    I am very dissatisfied with AHS technicians AIR GO and AHS. On Dec. 30th Air Go Techs showed up and pulled out my heating coils and announced they would have to take the coils and see if they could get replacements. That was fine, I understand they can't have every part for every unit in the truck. Air Go said they'd be back Tuesday. They'd call first. Which they did. When they arrived the following Tuesday as they exited their vehicle the announced that they had bad news and good news and bad news. OK, what the news. Well, the bad news is that we could not replace the coils they are no longer available, good news is that I was up for a new unit, bad news you have mold in your air ducts. What? No I don't have mold. I protested my vents are clean as clean can be. I told them I wasn't asking them to stick their heads in the unit just replace it. They informed me that AHS would demand an embatement certificate. I'd have to have a certificate of embatement before I got a new unit. What's that? It's a certificate saying you have mold or don't have mold. Where do I get one? Oh we can commend someone. And who pays for this. Oh, you do was their answer. I asked if I needed to write them a check for the $60 service fee and they said No. A few days later AHS called me and the rude person on the other end told me that yes I needed to obtain the certificate and pay for it. I stewed about this a day or two then called AHS Operations Dept. The lady was nice and I told her the story she told me that the techs were the ones asking for the embatement certificate not AHS but since they requested one then I had no choice MMMM sounds like a rip off to me and I asked her to send another company for a second opinion. Well guess what. In the entire Jackson, Brandon, Clinton, Terry, Madison etc area they had no other techs to send but those would be rip off artist want to be crooks AIR GO. I do not want AIR GO back in my house. She told me I could do a cash out. OK what's that? AHS would pay me and I could choose who every I wanted to put the unit in.
    OK great I'll have to get some estimates. I did I got 2 estimates. One for $2118 and I for $2400. I called AHS back. I was then told they'd give me $561.60 for a 2 1/2 ton
    Payne (made by Carrier) unit. I told them that I had a 3 ton and that's what I wanted
    back in. AHS said Oh in that case we'll give you $9.69 more. WHAT!!! How can that be. It's what AHS pays for the unit and of that amount $195 was for the labor. WOW no wonder the techs were trying to jack me around. What they don't make from AHS they make up for somewhere else. Needless to say I chose to have a reliable company put in a new unit. I believe I made a great choice. AIR GO & AHS were going to piece mill me to death and there's no doubt that they were going to do a horrible half-### job. On the day the new unit was installed AHS billed me the $60 service fee the Air Go techs had said No on. Now I know, that if I don't mail the $60 to AHS then AHS will hold back the approx $570 they are willing to pay me toward the new unit. Satisfaction Guaranteed... Yeah Right - With AHS don't count on it. Oh by the way the Company that put my unit in checked. I don't have mold in my air ducts.

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  • Ge
    Gerald C Apr 10, 2012

    One of my two A/C units failed to cool when I tested it on April 4, 2017. I placed a service call and AHS's dispatched A/C technician judged that my A/C compressor unit was "impacted with dirt" restricting air flow and thus causing my unit to fail. Since the unit was not "properly maintained" my warranty was void. That unit is 27 years and 5 months old. I personally hose out the radiator coils and removed debris annually and had maintenance performed in the spring of 2017. AHS serviced the unit in early July of 2017 for an electrical issue and tested the compressor and coils for leaks. It ran without issue for the remainder of 2017. According to several websites, &, the life expectancy of compressors ranges from 10 to15 years. My care of both units prolonged that life to over 25 and 27 years; AHS replaced one of my units in 2017. Within five minutes of learnig about the rejection on 4/7 I checked airflow using a sheet of paper and photographed the results of it being sucked to the coils at every side of the unit. It does not appear to have an airflow issue. I am not aware of the technician using an airflow guage to diagnose the problem but his paperwork makes no mention of airflow as the problem. I offered to pay for AHS to dispatch a second company to verify the diagnosis and I was rebuffed.

    My claim is that their dispatched technician's diagnosis was wrong. How do I get their attention to the mistake and get it corrected?

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  • Jn
    J-N Apr 05, 2013

    I had my AHS home warranty since 2017 until Nov 2017. I never requested for any service before but paid my money to keep the contract in case something happened. (I did not renew for this year.) Here is the problem, I submitted that I have a problem with my A/C. My A/C was acting up. The first time I had an appoint around 5pm and the guy showed up around 8pm. He fixed the problem and said it was a clot. Second, A/C stop running the next day after the guy came and fixed the problem; so, I requested a gain. This time around, the guy showed up the right time as scheduled and said nothing major and did not know why the problem occurred. After this, A/C running good until a few months until Sep 2017. (My A/C stop running when the outside weather is cooler than the inside of the house.) They sent me this but they never called or showed up. I claimed on their website to follow up but never received a response.
    Dispatch Number : 230832032 $ 60.00
    Service Item(s)- Air Conditioning (Central-Electric)
    I never thought that I would receive this kind of response after I paid for 7long years. They should not violated the term and warranty that they made and promised for the customers.

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  • Sh
    SheriPete Jul 29, 2013

    My issue is NOT with the service provider, but with American Home Shield (AHS).
    Saturday I called AHS for service on my A/C. I let them know it was an emergency due to having my handicapped father living with us. They told me someone would get in touch with me in the next 4 hours. They gave me the name & number of the provider. AHS also told me, if they could not service the A/C someone else would be assigned the job and I would be notified via email.
    By Sunday morning, none of the above had happened.
    I called AHS around 2pm and told Ishmael would be here in 20-30 minutes. 1- 1 /2 hours later, I called the service provider and was told Armando would be here shortly. Armando finally showed up.
    Meanwhile, I looked up my past A/C services and found that I this would have been the 3rd time since March my A/C was serviced. I called AHS to let them know, the repairs were never done properly the 1st 2 times and Armando was finally replacing the part, fixing it for good. For the same issue, I was not willing to pay a 3rd $75 deductible. The person at AHS, finally told me she would send me a $75 service fee card (similar to a pre-paid card) to cover today’s fees and I would receive it in 7-10 days. I wanted to apply this to my current $75 deductible. She said upon receipt of the card to call back AHS and they would apply it and pay the provider.
    Meanwhile, Amando needed an authorization number to complete the work order in order to fill the Freon. Upon his call, he was told I NO LONGER had A/C coverage. This made no sense, since I had spoken to AHS regarding this multiple times, and they had NOT indicated I had NO COVERAGE. Armando proceeded to tell me it was going to cost me just under $300 to get my A/C working again.
    This was totally unacceptable, so I called back to AHS. They assured me I DID have coverage on my A/C. They in turn told me I would HAVE to pay the $75 deductible and use the service fee card on my next service. I had Armando talk with AHS to confirm I did have coverage. I paid him the deductible just so I could get the service completed. It took over 3 hours including all the phone calls before Armando left.
    I tried calling AHS this morning to speak with a supervisor to complain about the treatment I received yesterday. I was put into voicemail of someone that wasn’t going to be in until 3pm CST.
    I spent way too much of my time trying to get confirmation and get satisfaction from AHS. I no longer want AHS’s service.

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  • Sf
    SFranc Nov 23, 2014

    Absolutely worst company that I have ever dealt with. Had 2 contracts with these thieves - one on main residence and one on a rental house. I filed a claim last year on the AC unit and the first guy that came out tried to charge me 3 times what Freon costs so we demanded another AC repairman. Next guy that comes out diagnosis the problem differently. I paid my AC guy out and he said my coil was shot and was leaking in so many places that it couldn't be repaired. AHS refused to repair it. Tonight, my garage door opener went out and I called AHS and sat on hold for 35 minutes. The lady that finally answered said that it was not covered when I was looking at a contract that says it was. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and the lady said she didn't have one. She finally sent me to a voice mail.

    I would not refer this company to my worst enemies.

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  • K9
    k9krazz Jul 06, 2015

    AHS sent out a contractor to repair A/C. Two weeks later had to call AHS again for repair on A/C. Contractor does patchwork just so they can say problem is fixed. Don't waste your time, and money on AHS. Unsatisfied AHS Customer. Going to cancel AHS.

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