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Evansville, IN, United States
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We purchased a recliner, loveseat and couch from a little over a year ago. We started having issue with the recliner within a few months. Pops and cracks when sitting in it or rocking and back will not stay leaned back anymore. Supposed to have 5 yr warranty on everything except for the material if it was damaged by an animal. I was told there was no warranty when I called. They also gave us some leather protector to put on every so often to keep it protected. What they gave us only made it look horrible after following the directions to the letter. Since we purchased the furniture, we have all had mysterious bites that we chalked up to mosquitos or fleas as we do have pets. I would vacuum and spray around perimeter of the house and rooms in hopes of putting it to an end. The last couple of months the bites were more frequent until the last few of nights. My husband was broke out in what looked to be bites and a rash and my granddaughter had bites all over her. Still not thinking much of it, I have been treating my house AGAIN for what I thought were mysterious hidden fleas. My husband was getting worse everyday. Last night, I was lying on the couch watching TV and felt something crawl across my arm. I looked down and saw a little brown bug. Then I saw several more crawling on my blanket. I jumped up and starting looking at them and realized they were BED BUGS! I spent all night cleaning, vacuuming and searching my home to see if I saw them anywhere else as well as researching on what to do. NOPE! ONLY IN THE FURNITURE I BOUGHT FROM AMERICAN FREIGHT IN EVANSVILLE, IN! Not ever having dealt with them before, I didn't realize that vacuuming keeps them under control. The fact I hadn't thoroughly vacuum as I would have for a while, all 3 were infested. I couldn't fathom where in the world they came from and why on earth it would be contained to just the 3 items. That's when I found all the online complaints of customers buying furniture from American Freight and ended up having bed bugs. I am still in the process of cleaning, spraying, steaming and searching my house and will probably end up being out money to get new furniture because there is little chance to get it under control. Thankfully we have vinyl flooring in the room, very little touches the floor and it's away from the wall, so it may be contained. However, it is crazy to me that a furniture store will continue to sell their items knowing darn good and well there have been numerous complaints about bed bugs without treating their warehouse and notifying customers that had purchased furniture from them within the time frames there were complaints. I have purchased from American Freight several times, but will never be again. Lousy business. Lousy customer service. Lousy furniture.

Jun 15, 2017

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