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American Express Travel Related Services Company / trip id: [protected]; return flight

1 United States

North Star High Voltage asserts that on January 14th, 2018 American Express Travel was negligent in its handling of the return flight arrangements for the above referenced Trip ID. To summarize, your company's service fell woefully short of reasonable expectations in the following ways:

1. American Express Travel failed to inform Karen L. Adler and Richard J. Adler of the cancellation of Alaska Airlines Flight 477, LV LAX 9:55 am, ARR SEATTLE 12:24 pm

2. American Express Travel, when contacted at the published Customer Service number, [protected], by Karen L. Adler/Richard J. Adler (upon their inadvertent, independent discovery of this flight cancellation), refused to rebook Karen L. Adler/Richard J. Adler on a substitute connecting flight from LAX to their final destination, Seattle, WA.

This communication serves as North Star High Voltage's attempt to elicit an explanation/justification for the egregious lack of service provided by American Express Travel as outlined above.

Three exhibits are attached for corroboration of American Express Travel's inadequacies.

EXHIBIT 1: Itinerary as downloaded by Karen L. Adler on January 14th, 2018 before leaving for Buenos Aires, EZE Airport

This exhibit establishes that per the latest information made available on the American Express Travel website January 14th, the Alaska Airlines Flight 477, leaving Monday, January 15th, was still valid. Every reasonable attempt was made to obtain the most updated itinerary for the return flight.
EXHIBIT 2: Photo of LAN Airlines original luggage tags, listing the subsequently cancelled Alaska Airlines Flight 477, LV LAX 9:55 a.m. as the final segment of the return trip

These luggage tags establish that when Karen L. Adler and Richard J. Adler checked in in Buenos Aires for the first of three return flights of TRIP ID: [protected], the flight information had not been updated by American Express Travel. LATAM's information was still that the cancelled Alaska Airlines flight #477 was valid.

EXHIBIT 3: Final Itinerary as downloaded by Karen L. Adler 01-22-18 on the AMEX website under ""

This exhibit lists the final segment of the return trip from LAX to Seattle as Flight 455 leaving LAX Monday, January 15th, at 8:00 a.m.

Sometime between January 14th, and January 22th, 2018 this flight information was changed/updated. American Express Travel did not pass this information onto Karen L. Adler and Richard J. Adler.

No flight cancellation/rebooking information for TRIP ID: [protected] was ever sent to either Karen L. Adler or Richard J. Adler.

EXHIBIT 4: American Express Travel Online Supervisor e-mail
response to Karen L. Adler

This is the e-mail indicating that American Express Travel would not assist Karen L. Adler and Richard J. Adler in obtaining valid return tickets from LAX to Seattle.

North Star High Voltage has been an American Express Platinum customer since 2001. In addition, Richard and Karen Adler have also had a personal American Express card since 2001. With these two credit cards the sum total of purchases made through American Express conservatively amounts to in excess of $5 M. This recent experience with American Express Travel has tarnished the high opinion North Star High Voltage previously had for the American Express Corporation.

Given the mishandling of TRIP ID: [protected]; INCIDENT: [protected] [01-14-18] an offer of compensation is warranted. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

Karen L. Adler
Vice President
North Star High Voltage Corporation

American Express Travel Related Services Company

Jan 23, 2018

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