American Express / unauthorized charge to checking account

La Habra Hgts, CA, United States

My son would, on occasion, ask me to pay his American Express (AE) bills using my checks or he would phone in payments using my checing account number (I would say yes each time when AE asked if this was ok). My son then paid me cash to cover the payments. My son is now in a dispute over a $1, 100 charge and AE unilaterally (AND WITHOUT MY AUTHORITY OR MY SON'S REQUEST) took the $1, 100 from my checking account to pay the bill. I am not a co-signer on his credit card. He disputed this action and got the run-around. I then told my bank of the unauthorized electronic debit and they reversed the charge. AE is now charging my son $73 for a canceled electronic payment. My son is now also fighting AE over the $73 item.

Watch out if you pay another person's AE bill by authoring an electronic transfer from your checking acount!!!


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