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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, United States

Date: 4/27/17 - 4/28/17
Membership Number: 429 014 [protected] 2

I called last night, 4/27/17, at 7:46 pm for assistance because my car would not start, I was told that someone would be there within 45 minutes to an hour. At 8:45 pm I called again to check on the status because no one had arrived and I had not heard from anyone. The customer service representative told me that someone should be calling me soon. As soon as we hung up, I did get a call. The call was to inform me that there was a delay in the service and they were in the process of trying to find someone else to come assist me and they would let me know ASAP when they had someone available. I called back at 9:21 pm beause I had yet to hear any updates, I was informed that they just located a service truck from a county that was far from me and could get to me in about 75 minutes. By that time I felt as if it was too late and I did not want to sit in the dark parking lot alone waiting so I cancelled the service.
Although, I called this morning around 8:00 and someone came and got my car started within the hour, I am a little upset with last nights situation. I understand things happen and it is hard to make things happen on time, but I was sitting in a dark parking lot from 7:45 pm until about 9:30 pm.
Is there anything that can be done due to this situation? Such as a discount?

Thank you so much and can`t wait to hear back,
Hollyann Heller

Apr 28, 2017

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