American Automobile Association / AAA.comflat tire fiasco

On Thursday, 12/6 I walked out to flat tire (sitting on the rim). I called AAA to come out and hopefully put air in it (my model vehicle does not carry a spare, or space for a spare).

The tow-truck company (Camel-towing) arrived within a reasonable amount of time and one appeared to be a trainee, as the driver was explaining what he was doing. The driver asked if I had a cigarette lighter outlet in my car; I told him I thought so. He then plugged the pump into the cigarette lighter and proceeded to try and fill the tire. After a while he said it was not working as he could hear air coming out as quickly as it was being pumped in. At this point he said it would need to be towed. I said fine, let's get it towed. He wrote down the address of the tire company I used and said he would call it in, but it would be anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. At this point it was between 9:15 - 9:30 am (guesstimate). I told him okay, but I had to get to work and he said he noted that in his notes. At 11:30 am, I called to follow up on the progress of the tow-truck. The AAA agent said that a tow-truck had never been dispatched. She said she would call it in and to expect it arrive around 1:30 pm. I think it was around 1:11 pm when it arrived (also Camel-towing). The driver sat in the cab for a while until I finally walked out and he got out of the cab. My car was parked in my carport and my driveway is very wide and not difficult at all to access. The driver (Jacks or Jax) said he would have to roll the car out so he could get to it. I told him I didn't want it rolled out, as it was sitting on the rim and could cause damage. I asked him what he couldn't back the tow-truck in and just lower the bed and pull my car up on the flat-bed. He became visibly agitated and got on his cell phone and walked back out to the street where he was obviously irate. He finally backed the truck onto my driveway and pulled my car onto the bed. I thanked him and we shook hands and he apologized for the misunderstanding. At that point he took my car to the tire company I use. I called ahead to let the tire company know my car was on its way. I got a ride to work and got a call from the tire company that my car would not start, and they could not get it into the bay. I got a ride home and spoke with them further and they were not able to get the car to take a charge after several attempts. They were of the opinion the battery was drained, as they were not able to get the remote to work and could not even get into the car. They ordered a new tire and said it would be ready the next morning. The next morning the tire arrived and they replaced the flat with the new one out in the parking lot. I called AAA first thing the next morning to let them know that I would need my car towed to my mechanic as soon as it was ready, and please send someone that could pop the lock as well. She agreed they would. The AAA employee stated all I had to do once it was ready was to call and they would dispatch a tow-truck. I got a ride to the tire company and called from there for a tow-truck (it was around 9:00 - 9:45 am, I think). AAA told me it would be around 12:10 pm before the tow-truck would be there. I waiting and received a text that the time had been adjusted to an arrival time of 10:46 am. As that time approached. I saw a flat-bed drive by and called AAA again in case they could not find the address. The agent stated there was a driver in the area, but was not sure that was him. After 11:00 am the tow-truck arrived (Camel-towing again, with the same driver as the previous day). I walked out to greet him and he got out and asked for my keys, which I gave him and he went over to the car to try and unlock it. I told him it was shut down because the battery had been drained and everything was shut down, even the remote. He told me he couldn't tow it without being able to get into it. I told him that I had requested someone come who would be able to pop the lock or get into the car. He told me no one told him that. He said he would have to call pop-a-lock. At this point, this had become a real fiasco. What should have been a simple tow to get a new tire turned into me having to get it towed to my mechanic. My battery was drained when the first two men arrived and plugged into my cigarette lighter to pump air into my tire. The car had run perfectly before any of this. The tow-truck driver (Jacks or Jax) said he had tried starting it, but it wouldn't start (I wish he would have said something at that moment). At this point it has been hours from the first call on Friday morning. Since the tow-truck driver said there's nothing he can do until the car in unlocked, he offers to take me back home. I have returned home and a gentleman with pop-a-lock calls that he will be there in about 30-minutes. I told him I am home and not sure where the tow-truck driver is, but he has my keys. A couple of hours later my car has been unlocked, but the tow-truck driver is not there. My mechanic closes at 5:00 pm, and at this point it is going on 3:00 pm. My stress is high because I was hoping to be able to get my car fixed and home by end of day. That did not happen. I got a ride on Saturday morning to go get my car. All of this has cost me extreme stress and $125 for a new battery that nothing was wrong with until AAA sent Camel-towing and wires kept getting crossed. Another point of stress was when the driver told me on the way to take me home from the tire company, that Camel-towing had only been in business here for only two weeks...I would like reimbursement for unnecessary cost of a new battery at no fault of mine, and want to discontinue my recent repurchasing of another year with AAA. I asked that a supervisor call me about all of this, but it has not happened as of today, 12/10.

Dec 10, 2018

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