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American Auto Association (AAA) / 50 minutes to get emergency assistance

1 Cleveland, AL, United States

I have had my AAA service for at least 18 years and am usually completely satisfied; however, I rarely use it for emergency need. This past Saturday; however, I was not satisfied at all with the emergency response of the phone system.

My tire blew out on an extremely busy freeway in a not-so-great neighborhood and I was in my red convertible (a sitting duck). It was also extremely hot (93*) but I had to shut off the car, put up the convertible top and close all the windows just to hear on my cell phone over the busy traffic noise. It took over 45 minutes to get help because of the phone system. I think that was TOO long. I heard at least 20x "we will be with you shortly" in a situation that was precarious, hot and dangerous.

• 12:12 - 10 minutes on hold.
• 12:25 - hung up and called Mentor office. Was redirected to 216-help #. I was also told I could call a towing service and be reimbursed.
• 12:26-12:36 -- another 10 minutes on hold. This time while waiting on hold I also texted my boyfriend for help and local numbers. He arranged for one of them to call, so I was forced to hang up again from the emergency line but that service ended up too far away to help.
• 12:37 -- called the Independence AAA office, and was again put on hold until 12:52 (seriously 15 minutes to answer a customer call?). The unhelpful lady sent me again into the #1-800 number!
• 12:42 for additional 18 more minutes on hold before answering... an EMERGENCY line taking 18 minutes to answer is absurd!!!

I was on a dangerous roadside for over 50 minutes in a hot car JUST TO GET THE PHONE ANSWERED. I had to plug in the phone to be sure I'd sustain connection. I think this is terrible customer service in AN EMERGENCY LINE answering timeliness. I was and am absolutely furious.

This complaint letter also includes a compliment: once the service tech got the 'call', they were GREAT -- both fast (called back within 5 minutes and was nearby) and efficient in the tire removal and got me on my way within a total of 15 minutes. The service technician called immediately after and arrived in less than 5 minutes and that response time was awesome. However, because I was also by now desperate to use the restroom, I failed to properly tip or gain the technicians name and I respectfully request you thank him for me...

Aug 3, 2015

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