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United Kingdom

I recently travelled from BWI to JFK and then EWR to London Heathrow. I would like to make a complaint about the service I received in JFK and request compensation for the extra cost due to their error but I am struggling to find the appropriate route and wondered if you can offer any advice.

My suitcase was lost between getting off the plane and it getting to the carousel for me to collect it. I had another flight to catch from EWR at 6:40pm and I landed in JFK at 1.26pm. I booked a shuttle to take me to EWR for 2.10pm assuming that 40 minutes was long enough for my luggage to arrive. My luggage had not appeared by 1.50pm so I went to the baggage desk who told me they'd call and find out where it was. They took 5 minutes to actually make this call as the two attendants were having a personal conversation. I told the lady that I had another flight to catch and that I had a reservation on a shuttle in 15 minutes. The women finally called someone who told me just to wait, it would come. By 2.15, having now missed my shuttle and knowing I was meant to be in EWR by 4.40pm to check and the travel between airports being 1 hour and 30minutes by taxi, I told the women that I wanted to file for a missing baggage so I could do and hopefully still get a shuttle (with an estimated time of 2 hours travel). I wasn't allowed to do it as I was told as my next flight was international, they couldn't do that. I told her again that I was going to miss my flight and she called the office and then told me they couldn't find my bag but to still wait. By the time it got to 2:30, I told her I needed to file the missing bag claim because I needed to go. She then told me the system was down so I couldn't do it. At 2:40 I said I needed to file the missing bag now manually or I would miss my flight, she finally let me fill in a form.

I went to the shuttle area to be told the next shuttle was in 5 minutes. I waited for 5 minutes before asking again where it is and if they had booked me on it. I was then told my shuttle help desk that oh no, they hadn't booked me on it and the next one was now an hour away. I was left with no option but get a taxi. I was running (literally) out the airport when I saw my case surround by some guys talking about how to get it to me. I grabbed my case and ran out the airport and had no other choice but to get a taxi the hour and a half journey to EWR. The taxi cost me $152.30 instead of the $31 the shuttle would have cost me if the baggage claim had let me sort my bags quicker or if their airline hadn't lost my bag in the first place.

Where this was the fault of AA or JFK I don't know but I do expect some sort of compensation for this unnecessary cost, hassle and stress.

Jan 25, 2017

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