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Complaints & Reviews

baggage mishap

American airlines was awful to me. They lost my luggage on a flight from shanghai to chicago (or delayed a...

rude and not helpful

I was traveling miami - mexico last saturday may 31th in the fly 2115, by 5pm my family and I were getting the boarding pass at the front desk of american airlines, an a lady named liety supervisor operation portuguese or something like that (it was difficult to see the name because she did´n t let me). Anyway we were with 5 bags, 1 year old girl and 3 year old boy, my little kids start to run all over and laity start to yell, I control your children this is not a play ground area, this is restricted area and maybe you don´t have to be here, show me right now your passports and your boarding pass! Well about the children I don´t disagree, it was a little difficult to have control by that time with 5 bags, passports and all the staff you carry in a trip I just wanted somebody helpful, my complain is that she was so rude, after that I asked her to gave me her last name and she refuse it and also she threated me with calling security, she treat me so bad. I don´t know why american airlines don´t teach their employees how to treat people specially foreign tourist. I will make more letters like this one because I think is the only way that they improve their employees, anyway I will never fly with this airline again.

  • Da
    dan Sep 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    so the Samething happened to me at the AA desk in MIA. A lady/worker would not show me her name after she was SOO rude to me. She actually conspired with another worker there, saw them hanging up the phone at the sametime and speaking in Spanish which I speak, about me after I decided not to deal with her rudeness anymore. After I realized that I went back to the original rude worker and made her call her supervisor. But no time would she let me see her name and I really to this day do not understand why she was so unprofessional, nasty, and childlike. I was trying to get to my flight!!!

    0 Votes

voucher policy

I am writing to seek assistance in replacing a voucher for a cancelled plane ticket from american airlines;...

charges for their mistakes

I received an e-mail from american telling me that they had changes four of my six flight times. I had arranged this flight about 5 months before departure date. 45 days out, they tell me that everything was changed. I called and complained and regina said I could get a full refund. I called another airline and found satisfactory flights and called american back to get my refund. Nichole stokley, agent, told me again that I would receive a full refund. After enduring with her for approx. 40 minutes, a supervisor (christine covington) interrupted our conversation to tell me that there would not be a refund since there was no more than a 90 change in plans. After a shouting match with her, she finally looked up my itenery, she saw that she had made a mistake. No I am sorry, just a snappy retort... Your refund will be processed in 5 days more or less. She refused to give me the full refund even then, so I called back and asked for another supervisor (elizabeth gonzales). She was kind enough to get the full refund for me. What I dealt with for 20 minutes was an arrogant, loud, lying christine covington. The other 55 minutes was with an employee with about 5 hours training.

  • Sn
    snivelinggoat Dec 30, 2008

    My wife had several pieces of jewelry stolen from her checked baggage at the El Paso airport at american airlines. They told us to "check with lost and found." Great. Thanks american airlines, never again.

    0 Votes
  • Mu
    Mudiko Nov 30, 2009

    I traveled with AA three times in two months. They managed to loose my baggage (once) and bump me off my flight three times. Congratulations. I thought I was in one of those candid camera shows. The staff was amazing in trying to help me-but the company CEOs ought to be shot. And any judge or legislator that allows for the practice of overbooking should be out of a job. Overbooking should be illegal, period.

    0 Votes
  • Ph
    phillorida Feb 05, 2010

    Hmm i had a pair of expensive kung fu pants go missing ever since then but not sure if i left it at the hotel which i could of not because i checked threw 3 times in the room but lost and found at hotel will call me when ever.I did check my room in my house and the entire house 4 times and nothing.I just hope american airlines is not stealing again.They are very cool kung fu wear and i just hope it s not stolen.

    0 Votes
  • Cl
    Claud Mar 21, 2010

    AA quietly inacted the $50 Standby Fee. I flew 3 times after the policy change with no idea. They still have an invalid free standby sign up in the rebooking area. Now I'm stuck at DFW for 4 hours. If I had known, I would have purchased this and the previous tickets through UNITED. UNITED AIRLINES still allows passengers to STANDBY FOR FREE. AA just lost a 15 year, 500, 000+ miles customer. Hello UNITED.

    0 Votes
  • Ps
    ps_sm_group Jun 18, 2010

    My daughter has peanut allergy. We have been travelling with her for over 12 years. We picked AA because it says “we do not serve peanuts, …” in your website. One AA employee told us that on our return flight AA0154 on August 10, they will serve rice crackers with peanuts. When I called to verify and spoke with one supervisor Christine Covington, she refused to look into this matter, but repeatedly said AA does not guarantee peanut-free and advised us to carry necessary medications. I said since its AA’s policy not to serve peanuts, you should not serve snacks that contain peanuts, especially whole peanuts. She replied snacks are provided by contracted venders that cannot be changed. She went on to say that she handles 3000 flights and millions of passengers a day that she will not make such change for a passenger. I stated that I am not asking a peanut-free environment and understand some snacks are processed in facilities that also process peanuts and that there might be traces of peanuts in the snack and we are fine with that, but serving rice crackers with whole peanuts is essentially serving peanuts. She interrupted and said whole peanut or not what difference does it make since we don’t guarantee peanut free environment anyway?
    I am complaining this because Christine Covington is simply rude, arrogant, confrontational, and has no intent to help people whatsoever. This 30-min long conversation didn’t go far at all because she shut it down right from the start. By any standards she does not fit a supervisor position and should be re-trained or fired.

    -1 Votes
  • Ma
    Marcus Magalhaes Nov 14, 2010

    I used the AVIS offer that AA sells at your web site (Save up to 35% with every Avis rental plus earn up to 3000 bonus miles, using American Airlines Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number K817165 and the coupon numberMUAA022) and made a reservation at AVIS. Now AVIS and AA are refusing to give me the DISCOUNT that they offered me! I'm trying to solve this problem with both, but no one cares!

    -1 Votes
  • Ia
    Ian P Feb 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They steal your money and don't let you use it. I paid for tickets for my family to go on vacation and one member could not go. they refuse to let me use the funds toward another more expensive ticket. I am now out over $600. They don't care and I have exhausted appeals with them. I will never fly with them again!

    0 Votes
  • Dh
    dhoyt001 Jul 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh how I wish this company had never been bailed out. They delayed and delayed all day, often with no notice to the many of us waiting in the terminal. The result was that my wife and I spent the first night of our honeymoon in a rainstorm in Puerto Rico rather than at the Ritz in St. Thomas. Then the Ritz took it upon themselves to cancel my reservation without telling me. A pox on you both!

    0 Votes
  • Ho
    Hoolonge Mar 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On April 1st my son and I traveled from LA to Munich for a skiing trip. Our baggage was lost and we did not receive it for 3 days. In order to ski we had to rent equipment. We also had to buy toiletries. The total out of pocket cost was $614. I wrote and documented our losses. I have had no response from the baggage department and no compensation.

    0 Votes
  • Ah
    Ahmed_1 Sep 30, 2014

    Valerie, I read your compliant about American Airlines with some interest. That is until I saw that you had posted 611 different complaints. After reading some of your complaints, one thread runs in common, you are right and everyone else is wrong and unfair. Perhaps, instead of complaining all the time, perhaps you should just take some personal responsibility. - Ahmed

    2 Votes

horrible customer service!

I had a horrible experience flying aa. They're completely rude, late, and unapologetic about either. That's the last time I fly with them.

  • Ma
    Martin Hitzig Apr 09, 2009

    Tickets 0012102515917 and 0012102515918
    Complaint. Due to me vouchers for balance of refund amounting $468.00.
    American Airlines contends that I received these vouchers. I did not receive them. I have emailed, written, and finally sent registered letter March 18. Post office Article no. 7008 1140 0001 3436 4950, post office form 3811. Signed for by Amex. HOWEVER TO THIS DATE 4/9/09 no response has been made to my inquiries.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Martin Hitzig Apr 09, 2009

    Please take care of this.

    0 Votes

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misplace luggage!

I'm actually just sharing this nightmare which my sister just suffered on her extremely recently flight from dallas to lahore this week. My sister asma haque with her husband and 2 children had been planning to visit lahore for the wedding of her husband's younger brother since october last year. As things would have, when you have weddings and guests traveling in from abroad you tend to bring in lots of wedding presents etc. And the groom had asked her to get him his clothes, shoes etc. Needless to say the luggage was full of wedding presents for the bride (and her family), the family's own clothes and special dresses and other practical amenities which you pack when you travel.

Coming all the way down from dallas to lahore is not an easy task and she was originally booked on an american airline flight (aa050) until london (gatwick) then all the way through to lahore via dubai on emirates. Unfortunately on the evening of the 06th of march, after checking in and getting her boarding passes etc. American airlines informed her that the flight was canceled due to storms etc. She then requested for her luggage to be returned but they confirmed to her that she should not worry and the luggage will be in lahore before she even arrives. She was re-routed on another flight 2 days later, only to arrive yesterday 10th of march at 3 am at lahore airport with no luggage and no signs of it. After 24 hours of me calling emirates gatwick airport, emirates lahore and emirates dubai (as my sister is stuck in a family wedding and an extremely difficult situation where there is no wedding clothes, no groom clothes etc. And the wedding is on friday 14th of march) - I am flabbergasted with the non-chalant attitude of everyone in the organization.

I cannot get to speak to anyone but someone on the callcentre. There is a process and somehow i'm told we have to follow it. What I am even shocked is that i'm wracking up phone bills calling emirates london when emirates dubai should be doing it. I've been committed 3 times by the callcentre guys in uae that they will call me back and they never do. To make the story even more interesting, I spoke to a very helpful lady yesterday marisa in the callcentre who was looking into the "file". She then recommended that to get more action taken quickly I call ek gatwick airport ground handling directly. Which I did. I called them at 5:00pm uae / 1:00pm uk time and spoke to a gentlemen (kevin) who was extremely fact he called me back in 20 minutes to confirm that he had located the baggage (all 7 pieces) and would arrange to have them boarded on the next flight (ek10) to dubai for onward dispatch to lahore. I was relieved and immediately called my sister in lahore with the good news. But alas the nightmare continued, when I called up emirates dubai to confirm receipt of all baggage they tell me that they only received 1 and not the other 6. And its all in a "process". What is my sister supposed to do!!! She spent thousands of dollars shopping and getting ready for the wedding, then she spent thousands of dollars on ticket purchases and then she goes through this complete agony... I'm just flabergasted...

changed reservation, delayed luggage!

Travel itinerary:

December 28th, 2007
Washington dc (dca)- bogota (bog)

January 7th, 2008
Bogota (bog)- punta cana (puj)

January 13th, 2008
Punta cana (puj)- washington dc (dca)

Issue overview:

Just two weeks before our trip, on december 13th, american airlines contacted us to inform that there had been a change in our january 7th travel itinerary (bogota-miami-punta cana) without any reasonable explanation. Instead of arriving in miami at 11am and leaving to punta cana at 1pm, we would be arriving at 12noon and our connecting flight to punta cana would be departing at the same time (12noon), meaning we would miss that connection.

After spending hours on the phone to see our best options to solve that problem, american airlines offered us only one solution: staying the night of january 7th in miami and leaving the next day to punta cana without any hotel expenses recognized. As we didn’t have any other choice, we had to cancel that night hotel reservation in punta cana and make one in miami.

Once we came back from bogota, colombia on january 7th we spent the night in miami at one of the hotels near the airport, and the next day (january 8th) we finally flew to punta cana but when we arrived our luggage (4 pieces) had not come in our flight. We filled out a claim with the american airlines representatives who told us they would be sending a message to miami and the bags would be arriving the next day. When we asked them about nearby stores to buy clothes they were not much of a help and just indicated us to look on the resort stores.

Therefore, we started our so long ago planned vacations without any clothes, bathroom supplies, and without knowing where to go and buy some decent clothes. Not to mention that a medical mouth piece that I need to use every night was in one of the luggage and I had to sleep without it for the next two nights which caused me strong headaches.

The resort just had a few stores where we were able to purchase the necessary items as soon as we got there. Instead of enjoying our vacations the way we had planned it, all we did between that tuesday afternoon and thursday night (when finally all our luggage arrived in punta cana) was call the airline in punta cana and miami to find out where our luggage was, walk everywhere trying to find the necessary items, and explain restaurant managers what had happened so they would let us walk in to have dinner without the appropriate attire (pants and long sleeves for males was a requirement at dinner).

In both instances when we talked to the american airlines staff and they didn’t seem to care much and were not willing to help us. All around the world this is perceived as a lack of good customer service.

American airlines should be responsible for all the expenses we had product of such unacceptable customer service, which ruined part of our vacations, so we are expecting the airline to reimburse our money.


  • Fr
    Fred S May 08, 2009

    Typical American Airlines. Flight changes happen, but with AA, it can be done within 48 hours. The always hide behind the fact that they can change whatever and whenever they like. You never get a person on the line who can or wan tto give information why and you are not allowed to speak to the people who make the decission. Bad company. Bad customer service.

    0 Votes

bad (shady?) service

American airlines: never again

Well, we had bad experiences traveling through aa. This wasn’t your regular bad: in the last 4 travels between me, my wife and my father - in - law, all of them had been pretty bad. All of them had to do with the terrible check in service at huntsville international airport (hsv). None of those checkins lasted less than 1 and a half hours when they should have been 5 minutes.

But the last one was the worst by far.

My wife already knew and we were dreading having to go through that experience again. But having a bunch of miles accumulated and a tight budget we had to bite the bullet and deal with their nonsense again. First nonsense of the day was when the lady there claimed the maximum was 50 pounds for the luggage… ok here we go again.

My wife, suspecting this was coming again since the same thing happened last time, waves a document issued by aa stating that international flights such as this one (to and from an overseas city, including the legs inside us) were 70 pounds maximum.

The aa lady doesn’t read it and proceeds to repeat the same garbage over and over. Finally, after some 20 minutes of back and forth she decides to call someone. She calls a… flight attendant!!?!?! Must have been her buddy or something. The women on the phone proceeds to tell her she is correct, 50 pounds max and that my wife will have to pay a $50 dollar fine.

My wife waves the document again and again stating: please read this. Is this not an aa policy? Do you question the validity of this? Why don’t you go access the same information… through one ear and out the other.

Sometime later the conversation turned into the aa lady stating to my wife, and I quote: “your daughter cannot travel for free…”. My wife takes out my daughter’s plane ticket, takes out the ticket receipt, and shows her: “oh this is not a receipt”. My wife explains: “here is the amount paid + tax + fee = total, it is printed in the same paper as a plane ticket but it is a receipt, aa said this is the receipt, we paid for it, please call the sale’s agent if your computer somehow doesn’t show. Aa lady: “this is not a receipt, your daughter is not booked in the flight and she cannot go”. My wife: “that is fraud from aa”. At this point I loose it, yell at the aa lady and go away to take care of my screaming daughter (she is 1 year old).

And so the conversation goes on and on for 1 hour and 40 minutes. When it was 10 minutes before the plane departure time somehow, mysteriously, everything gets resolved, my wife gets her boarding passes, luggage gets checked in, no explanations given, no apologies, no nothing…

Draw your own conclusions folks, I drew mine for sure. Never again we are going to give our money these thieves.

  • Sy
    Sylvia Powers Mar 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have made 6 calls to your tec support, to get my vonatage phone working, we had a cable outage in our area, so now for 3 days I do not have phone service and no HIGHLY TRAINED TECH CAN HELP ME. If I do not have this resolved by tomorrow March 20, I will change back to my old phone service. I have gone thru the same old same old with every agent, always the same, then they can not help, the last had to read all that was written in my profile, and never came back to the phone... WHAT A HIGHLY TRAINED TECH THAT IS... Thanks Sylvia Powers 817-243-1359 so use my minuets again...

    0 Votes
  • Ru
    Ruvime Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lost my luggage, rude flight attendants, bad food, nonstop delays, need i say more?

    0 Votes

lost baggage

American airlines lost my luggage and after 3 days they didn't want to send it to my hotel. I have a full description of the how it all went down here

  • Jo
    John Duque Sep 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Mother was coming back from Cali, Colombia via Copa thru Panama and from Panama to Miami she flew American Airlines, her big bag was missing in transit, when my mother arrive to Miami she was extremily tired she is 70 year old and diabetic, she arrived with sugar level very high ahd we went home after this long flight, it was around 9:00 p.m, so the nex day she went to AA to place the complain and instead of that she was told that she needs to go to Copa to file a complaim, then she went to copa and they told her to go back to AA, this was happening for 3 day going to the MIA with nobody to help her at all, finally she called and told me ( crying) so, I went with ther on Saturday and I spoke to an agent with a very nasty attitud, he told me is too late to file a complain, so I asked for the manager and guest, I was more nastier that the other agent, he just told " we cannot help you with tat issue is not our responsability and he gave me a phone number to call, sure I call they a guy respod the phone and told we cannot help I do not know why this supervisor gave our phone number, in conclusion my mother lost her luggage, I 'm being trying to get more help with this people, but unfortunately is very hard to get any assisance from this company, at this point I do not undestand how this company has the rights to treat passenger that way. this is unacceptable and we belive this is an abuse

    0 Votes

seats too cramped on 14 hour flight

My husband paid $1200 for ticket dfw to zurich and I flew on points, hard-earned ones, for this horrible, miserable airplane experience. Our seats on flight 37 zurich to dfw in dallas and on flight 28 dfw to zurich were so small and cramped we couldn't even fold out the tray table all the way but only half way where it bends in the middle. Horrible leg cramps, and when the people in seats in front of us decided to recline, the tray table turned into an instrument of torture to our stomachs! We complained to steward who said "american installed 130 extra seats in this plane and this is the result. Sorry." i've complained to american too... No results yet... But I feel we should receive compensation of some kind for pain and suffering. I am seeing my physician this week about pain in side and also breaking out in two places due to constriction of clothing and intense body heat. This greuling, long flight was the worst in my life. My husband's long legs cramped too and he is sick now that we're back home. He is seventy. I am sixty-four.

it is time to boycott these kind of organizations!

Simply put I booked tickets first class through orbitz. Had to cancel then within a two week period and was told they are non refundable. And if I wanted to I would have to contact american airlines to see if they would credit them.

Firstly as I said booked them first class. And I know from first hand experience that if you book first class and cant use the ticket it will be refunded. So why do I complain. Apparently the tickets I booked through orbitz were coach with an automatic upgrade to first class. Here is the scam! According to american airlines that an automatic upgrade ticket is non refundable. That would be fine if I was told in the beginning from orbitz. But since now when you contact these big companies the person on the other end is in india or who knows where. It's like you are speaking with another culture. I dont know about the rest of the world but it is time to boycott these kind of organizations. That no longer humanize themselves and leave it to a menu of electronic voices and aliens from another planet.

What is that great line from "network". "i'm sick and tired, and I am not going to take it anymore". If organizations cannot represent themselves honorably than they should go get a day job and leave the real hard work to those who will act on it with dignity.

I am for starting a boycott of orbitz and american airlines!

  • Oh
    Oh.Brutha Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have a traveler information page in the booking path, with a link about the rules and the restrictions of the particular ticket you are purchasing. So, if you don't read it, how is it Orbitz fault?

    0 Votes

ridiculous compensation for arriving 22 hrs late to destination

I have submitted the next complaint to american airlines and received a ridiculous compensation of $75... Pls read below what I went through and tell me if you agree I should be getting more back...

On june 19th, I and my 3 kids (8.5 & 6 years old and 11 month old baby) flew with aa from sf to ny, and from there we were to catch an el-al flight to israel scheduled to arrive in tel aviv on june 20 at 5:30pm.

Flight 178 was delayed and we arrived to ny at about 10:30pm, when my next flight was scheduled to take off at 10:50pm. Till we got off the plane (in terminal 9) it was about 10:40pm and we started rushing towards terminal 4 for our next flight. However, el-al decided not to wait for us, and gave our seats to people from the waiting list and took off.

You can not imagine how disappointed, tired and betrayed we felt...

Aa managed to arrange seats for me and my kids on a flight to london (flt 142) the next morning at 8:30am. But I had to stay overnight at the airport with my 3 kids because they could not provide us with a hotel room since they said they were all booked. Neither did they provide us with any food coupons. My kids fell asleep on the floor. This was the most horrendous experience I have had. I felt so helpless and could not believe that no-one cared to help us get through those long night hours in the airport. Not even a drink or something to eat to give us the feeling that someone was concerned for our welfare. The flight to london was delayed as well. We arrived 15 mins. Before our next flight (163 with british airways), so we missed this one as well... I just couldn't believe this was happening to me. I felt I was in the middle of a horror movie. This time, at least, aa placed us in a hotel. We got there at 1am and left at 4:30am to get back to the airport to catch our final plane. We arrived in israel 22 hours later than the original schedule (june 21 15:30pm instead of june 20 17:30pm).

Needless to say no-one had any idea where our suitcases were and I had to file a tracking request. They arrived 3 days later on the 24th.

I feel that the airlines deserted us, did nothing to soften this harsh situation, especially since this involved 3 small children. Traveling with small kids is no picnic in the best of circumstances... And here I was absolutely helpless and unable to do anything to alleviate the desperate feeling of abandonment.

I feel that the aa personnel at ny airport didn't show any desire to try and help me and my kids, stranded at the airport, in an extremely unpleasant situation. They showed no compassion to the fact that 3 little children were forced to spend the night on the airport floor, and even an offer of food or drink were not forthcoming.

Therefore I have come out of this experience feeling desolate and hurt, and turn to you to request compensation for what we went through.

Even if the tardiness of the flights, causing us to miss our connections, may be put down to "circumstances out of your control", at least the minimum we could expect would be to receive some sort of support while awaiting re-routing. This was not realized.

  • Ma
    malik azhar May 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible customer service is using very nice words. Words can't decribe the rude, discourteous, threatning, authoritative, unhelpful customer service.

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    Sherley Dowling Jun 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On June 19th my husband and I had the unfortunate experience of having to fly down to Miami for a funeral. Sadly enough, the unfortunate part of the experience was not so much the funeral as it was the horrible mistake we made of flying on American Airlines.

    After the funeral proceedings in Miami, we arrived to MIA airport that evening to find out that there had been several flight cancellations due to a severe thunder storm. Ironically enough, the delays were not the issue as much as the lack of customer service given to the countless number of stranded passengers. After arriving on time for our 7:25pm flight, we were told that our flight was delayed to about 8:30. Then again at 9:00 we were told 10:30pm and finally the last announcement said 11:45pm. By 11:48 we were boarded on what appeared to be the last flight out. After sitting on the plane for 30 minutes, we were told that they were still loading luggage. Despite all the delays we remained optimistic, until the plane started to pull off and we heard disturbingly unusual sound coming from below the plane. An announcement was made that they were experiencing hydraulics problems, and that the plane would have to go back to the gate where the problem could be worked on. After sitting for over twenty minutes in a warm and slightly uncomfortable plane with no beverages or explanations as to what was going on, the pilot came out to let us know that the flight was cancelled.

    To make matters worst, when we came off the plane it was after midnight and only 4 agents left to deal with the hundreds of tired and angry passenger. We waited on the long lines only to be given the 800 number to American Airlines in order to rebook our own flights. We were told that hotels were not available and given $15 food vouchers. Rather than get more agents to help facilitate the crowd, the rude agents threatened to leave and then called security. There were more security personnel there than agents to help the passengers, one of whom told me that this was a frequent occurrence on American Airlines at the MIA.

    Finally we made some phone calls and were lucky enough to rebook or flight with Delta Airlines. The agents at Delta were very understanding and accommodating. After spending 16 hours at the cold airport with hundreds of other dissatisfied American Airlines customers, we were glad to get back to New York and pick up our three small children.

    I am not sure if my letter will make a difference, but I felt that someone had to say something about the terrible treatment paying customers received. My husband and I are business owners who frequently travel, but I can assure you we will not be using American Airlines and have already started telling others to do the same.

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  • Th
    Th Steffen Aug 12, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    2015, and nothing has changed. They cancelled my plane because of engine issues, and later lied that it was duo to the weather to avoid paying compensation. Hours of queueing for service, just to be told the next flight is in two day, and no, there are no hotel vouchers. Lying again about no third party carrier being available (they were, just a bit expensive). And to top it off, they offer 2000 miles in compensation (for a cancelled 1100 mile flight worth about 200 Dollars). They have a strange sense of masochistic humor.

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customers abuse

I purchased a ticket with aa, via expedia. I had to change the date of the flight and I found that it was a penalty of 200 for changes. I look the rules and I learned that if american airlines changes the flight is ok, however if the customer changes the flight they take $200 dollars.

Someone has to stop these airlines to abuse clients. Their one side policies only protect the airlines. They take fees and penalties with no reason.

If you are curious you could read the policy

16. Penalties

Any time ticket is non-refundable in case of cancel/no-show/ refund. Waived for schedule change/illness or death of passenger or family member. Note - text below not validated for autopricing. Waiver also applies for traveling companion. Ticket has no value unless ticketed flights are cancelled prior to ticketed departure time.


Any time
Charge usd 200.00.
Waived for schedule change/illness or death of passenger or family member.
Note - text below not validated for autopricing.
Waiver also applies to traveling companion.
No chd discount/inf without a seat - 10 pct.
The original non-refundable amount remains non-refundable.
Changes are permitted prior to the ticketed departure time of each flight provided the new itinerary meets all the provisions of the new fare purchased

discrimination towards a disabled child

A year has passed since the horrible inhumane incident that happened on march 19th and 20th of 2006, and I still feel the numbness from the discriminating remarks from 2 agents (by the name of carver and supervisor smythe) towards my disabled child, I still feel it as a slap in face and worse the poor investigation that the so called customer relations representative (in texas) higbee made without even taking into consideration that I had 2 witnesses that saw and heard the poor treatment. Ms higbee concluded there was no discrimination in their part and practically spit in our face and just want us to move on.

A year ago we traveled to california during spring break vacation and since american airlines likes to rip of people by selling two tickets for one seat and treat customers as first come first serve basis, we lost our seat and ended up waiting over 26 miserable hours on standby at lax airport. After 18 hours with out sleep from having to move from one wait area to another and due to busy airport my disabled child started getting very exhausted and I started to worry about her condition due to possible seizures or convulsion from exhaustion and I went to many counters begging and asking if we could get an immediate flight due to her condition and when I explained my concern agent carver responed in a cold and cruel manner "well im sorry the flight is booked and if she starts having one of those convulsions please take her to another waiting area dont let it happen here." I was in shock and I immediately asked for a supervisor and then spoke with a smythe and when I informed of the situation she responded "what are you doing traveling with a disabled child?" how insulting, am I supposed to keep my child locked up because she was born with a disability? Who in their right mind could say such harsh comments!

I then put a complaint to the co called american airlines customer relations and an unprofessional agent by the name of higbee responded and advised me that a complete investigation was done and that american airlines played no part in discrimination. (even though I advised her that I had 2 witnesses that were standing by the counters and were willing to testify.) the customers relations agent informed me that although the investigation was completed, american airlines will take my concern and comment for room for improvement and that my comment would be forwarded to the managing director in los angeles for an internal review and that my criticism has been used constructively. (with a slap in the face) I have yet to hear from the managing director from american airlines. I want everyone to know that american airlines is the worst airline whom discriminates against the disabled and worst of all a disabled child. We will never use american airlines again.

  • Ru
    Ruchi Gupta Apr 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am totally shocked on reading this post. This is the most horrifying thing I have read here. Please do take up some action and do not give up feeling snubbed or hurt. Even if it takes handling 20 such stuck up representatives or their seniors DON'T give up. A few insensitive souls should not be able to hurt your or your child's self respect. Please keep us posted on this.

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crooked practices

I recently purchased 2 round trip tickets to san antonio, tx to enjoy an air force graduation. Unfortunately we ran into an issue that delayed the graduation and had to reschedule the trip. Here is where american delivered a huge shock to my budget. First the documents I was presented with stated that rescheduling would incur a fee of up to $100 depending on the fare purchased. Well as it turns out the fee would be the maximum $100 per seat or 2/3 of the fare for taking up about 1 minute of the airlines time. Quite the scam I must say!

However it gets better. When we rescheduled the flight we were also penalized by the airline because a travel agency recommended american to us. Another $30 per ticket in added penalties. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he laughed and told me to book and accept the added fees or just let american keep it all. So this will be my first and last trip with american airlines, the airline that prides itself on robbing the flying public. I can't wait for doctors to adopt these practices. Then when you call to reschedule an appointment they can charge you $100 simply because you as the customer are an interruption to their day.

It time for the american people to turn their back on american airlines and let them go bankrupt. Pay a little more and fly with the more professional airlines. The cheap fare is not worth the lousy treatment and fleecing of your hard earned money.


J r

  • Pa
    Patrick Parker Dec 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Pat - I am employed by American.

    After the events of September 11, 2001, American Airline employees (Ticket/gate agents, Fleet Service Personnel, Flight Attendants, Pilots and mechanics all took drastic cuts in both pay & benefits to the tune of about 30 percentto save our airline from heading into bankruptcy.

    To this date, American Executives have not so much as said thanks for keeping us solvent.

    Last year (2006) Gerard Arpey - CEO, Tom Horton - CFO and many other executives shared a few hundred million dollars the airline made in profit and decided to congratulate themselves on their fantastic job they have done.

    If you are experiencing poor service from airline employees (which you shouldn't) remember we have been put through a lot and have made tremendous sacrifices.

    Unfortunately, American Airlines is a huge company and managements interest in your problem is of little concern!

    It is tough working for a company run by unethical thugs!

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the most miserable experience

This was the most miserable experience me, my husband, and sister has ever had. First of all aa did not...

flight 1639 - 6 hours delay

We went threw hell. As we got on the frist jet airbus a300 evrything went well untill power went off ok thats fine so we got to the second jet and guess what power too went out all hell got loose people got mad, some were on rx. Med. We had to go threw customs 3 times would u belive. Our flight was to be at jfk 6:55pm and we got to san juan at 3: 30 am. A/a never use that airline... Oh yes we got on the third jet.

no respect for its customers

I am a "gold for life" american aadvantage member. Unfortunately, I am now disabled from a spinal cord injury...

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