American Airlineshorrific communication

My son, Cole Shulklapper took a flight out on 11/16/18 (American Airlines 4937 from state college to Philadelphia. As it was very delayed, he missed his second flight from Pittsburgh to Fort Myers, meaning he now had to stay overnight and leave the next day. We both did some research and found out that there were several other flights he could take on other airlines that had more than enough room, as he had an important event that Saturday in the morning. He waited at the desk for quite a while until he was told that they could only put him on an American Airlines flight and all they could do was put him up and give him 2 $ 12 vouchers. As he wasn't leaving now until later the next day, the idea that $24 was going to feed him was insane and now he was also going to miss this event he had planned on forever. He then hopped on the van to the hotel. I now was holding for American Airlines on the phone back in Los Angeles to see why he couldn't have gone on another flight. Finally, a woman picked up and she said he could have easily gone on one, but that that had to be done at the airport . I asked why they didn't do it when he asked and she had no idea why. I was fuming and now he was already at the hotel and it was too late. This is just unbelievable to me that there are often miscommunication issues and that they actually could have put him on the another flight, but just chose not to. My son spent another $20 on food (airport food is insanely priced), missed an event and had the run around. I would appreciate some sort of compensation for this occurrence and an explanation, as I find it to be the norm now.

Nov 28, 2018

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