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Complaints & Reviews

pregnant wife refused pre-boarding

American Airlines has reached a new low ebb in its cutomer service. My wife who is pregnant was traveling from Chicago to Washington DC. After a long day of business meetings, she requested that she be allowed to pre-board. The agent at the airport rudely brushed her aside and told her to get back to her group. She requested and politeley asked if she could make an exception, the agent brished her aside and asked her again to wait for her group to be called. When my wife suggested that she plans to complain to the customer relations, the agent arrogantly told her to to use the web to go ahead and complain. Shame om American Airlines for treating its cutsomers in this manner. As a matter of fact I challenge the American management to aplogize in public if they have any guts and self respect and take stringent action against the employee. They know whe the emplyoyee at Chicago is. Shame on American Airlines. This is absolutely pathetic.

  • So
    S.O.L Feb 22, 2011


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  • Ho
    Hotbroker Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife and I just completed a trip to Europe using AA partners in First/Business Class. On our return flight from Brussels on Jet air (great service) they were 2 1/2 hours late. Needless to say we missed our Newark connection to Dallas. All the agent would say was of course it was not their problem or fault. They put us on a flight three hours later in coach. Do I have a complaint to get my miles back for the leg we had to fly coach?

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  • Ju
    jumtrev Mar 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AA has recently decided to not allow carry on garment bags regardless of size or weight. When asked why they all respond, " The FAA made us do it" or "The TSA made us do it". After checking with both agencies I found that this patently untrue! AA is running off their best customers and doesn't have the character to admit it.

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heartless & inflexible

I received two AA Awards as a retirement gift last July. Knowing they expired in 12 months, I put together a vacation itinerary for my wife and me by mid-June; called Business ExtraAA to ticket the trip and I was pleased. Later I received an e-mail that the award had expired 7 days earlier and should call AA. I did -they said "Sorry"!

I had been a Platinum & Gold Elite customer for a number of years. (They used to have GOOD customer service- some years ago) - This inflexibility is a huge disappointment!

I do not recommend AA as a preferred airline --maybe last in line!

poor customer service

Five minutes after departing in DFW my daughter discovered that she left her Red Blackberry Pearl on American Airlines Flt#1955 on 11/20/08. The gate agent Loletha Bush confirmed with the aircraft that they had the phone. My daughter waited one hour. No one from the aircraft ever walked up with it and Loletha never walked down the ramp to retrieve it. Loletha's solution was to take my daughter's contact info and get it to Lost & Found to be returned later or book her on an even later connecting flight. These solutions are outrageous. Why not just give her the phone now, problem solved. It has now been 18 days and it was never turned into DFW Lost & Found. I sent many emails so American Airlines could start an investigation/inquiry. You can imagine my frustration when each response referenced the first response. SEE BELOW

December 2, 2008
We have received your email regarding your missing cell phone. However, we indicate a response was provided on November 24 to an earlier email when your mother wrote on your behalf. A copy of the text to our previous response is as follows:
November 24, 2008
I'm sorry to learn of your daughter's missing cell phone. I can understand both your disappointments and frustration.
Although I don't have the benefit of seeing the circumstances unfold, the responsibility to handle such matters rests entirely with the station's lost and found office. Learning that you have filed a report with them, just to let you know, they will ONLY contact a customer if the item is identified. Mrs. Eggert, I hope your daughter's cell phone is found.
Roberto Silva
Customer Relations
American Airlines

My daughter's cell phone wasn't missing until American Airlines LOST it. I notice a common trend in these email complaints. Their inability/refusal to handle their customers. They are trained to give you the run around. I just booked my daughter a flight home for Christmas on Delta. She will spend an extra 2 hours in airports, but I would rather inconvenience her then give American Airlines my business.


We arrived at Miami International Airport for our flight # 1344 on March 8, 2010, and boarded on time. The crew reported mechanical problems and we were asked to de-plane. After de-planeing the attendant announced over the PA system that our flight was cancelled and that there were no other flights available to New York on American since they were “all over-sold”. She said “ you are on your own; there is nothing we can do; this is no joke”. We were given no information regarding alternate flights, other routes, overnight stay, meals; nothing! My wife and I each own our own business and had important business to attend to on the following day, Tuesday.

Needless to say, this seeming lack of concern for our situation left us feeling frustrated and angry.
We then got on our cell phones to the various airlines that have New York routes. Jet Blue was able to provide us with 2 tickets to New York JFK leaving from Ft. Lauderdale at a price of $379.70 per ticket (receipt attached) at 4:35 on Monday. Additionally we incurred additional expenses of the taxicab to Ft. Lauderdale and lunch for the two of us.

Since the American Airlines personnel announced we were ”on our own’’, we naturally assumed that reasonable costs would be covered for our alternate plans.

In several correspondences with AA they have stonewalled us stating "We wish we had it in our power to guarantee that planes would always arrive on time and that delays and cancellations just wouldn't happen. Unhappily, we don't"...this simply doesn't answer the point: First, it was AA's mechanical error; not weather related or 'act of God' and secondly, even it was weather related, to say "you are on your own" is unacceptable. And then once AA has taken zero responsibility, customer service gives some ridiculous answer to the situation.

We have asked for our flight costs on Jet Blue and Taxi expenses be reimbursed by AA: they countered with 10, 000 FF miles! Unbelievable!

I look forward to hearing responses/ advice...

Very disappointed AA customer (did I mention I am also a Frequent Flyer?!!)

blame it on the weather ¬&

I recently changed positions with my company that requires me to now travel across country instead of within the Western US. I have always been a loyal Southwest customer, however with my changing needs, decided to fly with American Airlines. I now know that was a mistake.
My trip began with American Airlines (AA) in Omaha, Nebraska, Tuesday December 8 headed to Chicago. This was an American Eagle flight. My travel partner and I changed our flight to an earlier flight due to the coming snow storm. After a relatively smooth boarding process in Omaha, we began to push back from the gate and stopped….we were told that because of we sat at the gate for so long, and because of some changes in contingency plans, we did not have enough fuel. We returned back to the gate and put additional fuel in the plane and then pushed back from the gate and to the de-icing staging area. A de-icing truck arrived, and promptly broke down while beginning the de-icing process. It took a mechanic over 2 hours to get the truck moving again (it appeared to be an issue with the brakes). Meanwhile, airplane after airplane was being de-iced and released for takeoff. Once the truck was repaired, we were de-iced and took off. These delays caused us to take sit on the aircraft for an additional 3 hours. Why was there not another de-icing truck sent to complete the job? Why wasn’t your de-icing equipment better maintained with the coming winter? Poor maintenance and poor contingency planning caused this flight to be significantly delayed, causing us to miss our connection in Chicago…which is another paragraph filled with issues.
Once arriving in Chicago, we were scheduled to leave Chicago headed to Rochester, Minnesota departing at 5:40 pm on another American Eagle flight (Flight 4049). We boarded the plane and sat at the gate. Again, the first de-icing plane that arrived broke down and was unable to de-ice the aircraft. We waited approximately 1 hour for a second de-icing truck to arrive. We were successfully de-iced and ready to depart; however, the AA gate attendant had not pulled the gate back far enough for our plane to successfully leave the gate. We waited for an additional hour, yes, an hour, whey someone was located to simply move the gate back about another 10 feet…..we then left the gate and headed toward the runway…when we arrived at the runway, our captain pulled over to the side, and came on the intercom after sitting there 15 minutes and announced that because of all of the delays (incompetence), we now did not have enough fuel to go to our destination. He told us we had to return to the gate to refuel, and de-ice again! We returned to the gate and refueled. The captain then told us we were still on to go to Rochester, but had to de-ice again first. The de-icing process was started and then stopped. The captain came on the intercom and announced the flight was cancelled. However, the issues and incompetence did not end there.
The flight attendant on the flight was extremely rude. He stomped around the aircraft, slamming doors and being very abrasive and belligerent to passengers. One passenger wanted to know if he could get off the plane when we came back to the gate to refuel and de-ice again to get something to eat. Instead of simply answering the man, he came on the intercom and told all of us, “If you get off this plane, you are not getting back on. I am not standing in your way, you do what you want” And that is a direct quote. He angered many of the passengers….Once the flight was cancelled, we were told that the agent at gate 19 would assist us in rebooking our flights, that we should make sure to stop at the gate for assistance. All of us left the aircraft and formed a line at gate 19, where a flight to Columbus OH was about to board. The gate agent was unreasonable, rude, and confrontational. She told us to “Get out of the way, I am not going to help you. I have another flight to board. You will have to go somewhere else” Passengers were confused and did not know what to do. Instead of politely giving instructions, she barked out that she wasn’t going to help us and to get out of the way. I asked for her name, and she told me “I’m not telling you my name, ask someone else” and then began talking loudly into the intercom at the gate so that I could no longer talk with her…..unacceptable, totally unacceptable behavior.
So, after sitting on a small commuter plane for almost 4 hours, watching one incompetent action after another, while enduring a rude, obnoxious flight attendant….we were again abused at the gate by an agent that was supposed to assist us.
I have been traveling for over 15 years and I have never seen such incompetence nor endured such rude, obnoxious, irresponsible customer service. I have been a happy Southwest customer for many years. American Airlines has certainly left its negative mark on not only me as a customer, but everyone on that flight. This was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I understand bad weather, delays, even cancellations…but when you have a company whose total business model is based on good customer service, proper maintenance of its equipment, and providing a service….you better make great improvements to survive. American Airlines is not an airline that I nor my coworkers will fly again in the future.

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rudeness of customer service agents

I have been apalled at the way customer service agents talk. This happened to me for the first time so I am wondering if other people share my experience.
My Wife and I would be travelling internationally and we found out that a second checked bag is charged now. These rules went into place 6 days prior to our purchasing the tickets. My wife called up the customer service phone asking if they could let us take two bags as we did not realize this when making the booking. The women on the other end started yelling at her and when my wife pointed out that she is being unprofessional and rude and she was calling to only ask a question, she responded by saying "thanks for your opinion." After hearing this account, I am at a loss of how the buisness works. Frankly, I am very dissapointed and most certainly will not be using American unless absolutely have to. I was wondering if this was just our experience or others have had similar issues.Thanks.

do not fly american airlines

On april 14th my wife missed her outbound flight to Tampa because of major traffic heading towards kennedy airport. we arrived thirty minutes prior to the flight and they refused to check her in. we were referred to a supervisor who was not anywhere to be found. so we were referred to the ticket counter. we accepted responsibility but were angered by the fact we could not rebook without paying for a whole new flight because we were using a comp ticket. one that was issued by AA after we had issues with them the prior year. So we re-booked on airtran because the fare was 40 percent of american airlines for a one way flight. We told the AA woman at the counter of our plan and stated to her that we would still keep the return ticket in place.

On April 20th my wife returned to Tampa airport to fly home and American airlines had canceled her return ticket because while in Tampa she wrote to AA about her experience in the airport on April 14th. She complained she could not go on standby or rebook only paying fees because she had a comp ticket. They issued her a thirty six dollar e voucher and never indicated in their return email that her ticket would be canceled home. we have email for those who wish to defend AA.

While in the Tampa Airport my wife called me and i called AA. The woman on the phone was helpful. She called the customer service manager in Tampa and agreed to have fee waived. She told me her name was Lisa ( I will not post last names as I feel that is wrong but we have everyone's first and last name) and to have my wife ask for her. My wife asked the girl at the counter to get Lisa. and her reply was she has more important things to do then help you. She explained I was on the phone with AA and what i was told. The girl said to her i already looked it up and you have to pay. so she paid or she would have missed flight.

She called me when she arrived home and told me the story. I called AA customer service when i arrived home and they told me we are not customer service and that customer service can only be reached through email. i said to the guy on the phone don't you think its silly customer service is unreachable by phone he said no. i asked him how he would feel if he was me and he said i have no opinion.

I'm waiting for a email response to my issue but i included the names of everyone who we spoke in my email to AA.

  • Valerie May 26, 2008

    After reporting a theft in my luggage to American airlines 36 hours after it happened, American Airlines refused to reimburse the stolen goods returning their response 4 months later.

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  • Be
    Berkoyle Jan 23, 2010

    20 Dec 2008 AA Flight 4599 delayed untold hours departing from Boston despite clear weather. Unsatisfactory.

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  • Pi
    pierre lindor Mar 12, 2011

    my complaint is the last i travel with american airlines .i don-t found my bagages at same day and when to new york .I have flight at 2h30 .I leaving haiti at 6h02

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  • La
    Lautcelletni Mar 12, 2011

    Stop complaining please

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  • Aa
    AAte Aug 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have grown frustrated and disgusted with American Airlines. I have to wonder what deal or under the table kick back has to be going on with SATO since they seem insistent on booking American Airlines time after time for what seems to me to be an overwhelming majority of travel between…

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  • Ba
    Baruske Sep 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Billed my credit card twice for baggage fee. I was billed $200.00 for 2 bags that should have cost $100.00. Charging baggage fee in the first place is a good example of skyway robbery.

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  • An
    AnthonyR Dec 21, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    American Airlines uses the excuse that they are having 'engine problems' or something along those lines to delay flights. The reason why they do this is because a flight isn't full. So they delay the flight and wait until the next connecting flight is scheduled and place those passengers on your flight to fill the plane up. So if you are lucky, you will get to your destination 3 to 4 hours late. On top of that you have to worry about your luggage getting there on time. They are going downhill fast and need new leadership.

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bumped from flight - terrible customer service

My wife and I used your airline for our recent trip to Kauai, HI with our 2 small children (aged 3 and 1...

flight attendant witch!

I have been so wanting to tell this story for so long. Posting this will not do a darn thing, except give me an outlet to rant, but here goes:

Years ago my husband and I were flying out of Orange County on our way to Orlando for a business convention where my husband was a keynote speaker. His company reserved us coach seats, along with 10 others from the company. When we arrived at the airport we decided to upgrade to first class. We worked out all the details at the ticket counter, used some of our frequent flyer miles to pay for it, got our boarding tickets, and proceeded to the gate.

As we were boarding the plane we realized that at the employee at the ticket counter put just one new boarding pass in the envelope and one of the old ones. We were told we would have to return to the original employee at the front ticket counter. The plane was filling up and ready to depart. We spoke with another employee at the counter at the gate who told us "sorry, your boarding passes are invalid. First class is filled". We were told one of us would need to sit in first class and other in coach. We were told to deal with it after the flight.

We decided I would take first class and my husband would sit in coach with his coworkers. Because we believed we would get a meal on the flight we did not eat breakfast. My husband was starving! During the flight when I got the bowl of nuts I walked them back to my husband. When I returned to my seat the (bullish) flight attendant told me I was not allowed to take food to the back of the plane. But, I figured I paid for the food, it belonged to me, and my husband was not going to eat for hours unless I got that food to him. I stood up and made an attempt to take my tray back to him.

The flight attendant stopped me in the aisle and said loudly that she would write me up if I took that food out of first class. She said I was going to cause a riot with the others on the plane if they saw my husband eating and they aren't. I sat back down and asked if she could wrap them food up in order for my husband to eat it later.

She took my tray, set it down in the galley and then rifled through the trash to find a used piece of foil. She then took all the food containers, dumped each one into the foil, took her hand and wadded the foil up and handed the whole thing to me.

Since this was just a couple years after 9/11 I sat in silence through the rest of the flight and did not say a word. I left the wadded up food in the foil behind when we landed.

Trust me when i tell you that in no way was I ever rude, loud, disruptive, or did anything to cause this woman to turn into this monster, except she try to walk a tray of food back to my hungry husband.

For years after that I was pulled out of line no less than 5 times on future flights. It became a joke each time we flew to see if I would get the SSS on my boarding pass. I finally wrote a letter to TSA (although did not write about the flight attendant from hell. Just asked them to have a look at why I was being harassed.). It stopped after that.

One last important thing to add: Right before take off I noticed there was a vacant seat in first class. The flight attendant got on the intercom and called one of my husband's employees up and told her they were upgrading her to first class. She ended up sitting in the first class seat my husband was told he couldn't have!

bad customer service

First I will start this letter off by saying I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I received from not 1, not 2, but 3 supervisors at American Advantage and reservations departments. Because of the way I was treated with this situation, I will probably no longer be flying with American Airlines. As a customer, I do have choices in air travel and I will not fly with a company that doesn't stand by what their employees tells their customers.

I am writing you concerning a situation and conversation I had with three Advantage and reservation so called supervisors. I called concerning a award ticket that I had booked for Oct 11th 2009. I ended up canceling this flight back in 2009. When I called up and canceled I was told that I have 1 year from date of travel to use this ticket which would be Oct 11th 2010. When I called up to use this ticket I was told that since it was booked on Oct 5th that I only had up until Oct 5th to use the ticket. I told her that its not my fault your employee gave me miss information, I was told that I had 1 year from the date of travel.

I was then told we will make an exception and give me back the mileage for a $150 fee. I then asked so you want me to pay for your employees mistake.

When I asked for names from all 3 Supervisors, all got was the run around and was treated quite rude. The 3 supervisors in question are Judy (wouldn't give me full name), John Emerson, Denise who was the rudest of them all.

  • Os
    Osterbar Feb 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Because of its dispute with Orbitz, American Airlines tried to charge me a "ticketing fee" on top of the $150 change fee it was already charging to use credit from a previously canceled reservation. It took several calls to the AA reservations agents and a request to speak with a supervisor before American agreed that the fee was wrongly instituted.

    If I could, I would have flown any airline other than American (except United), but I was using credit from a reservation made by a client.

    American, United, and to a lesser degree Delta Airlines seem to believe that they would be much better businesses if only they did not have to deal with pesky customers. Actually, FedEx and UPS take more care with their packages than American takes with its passengers.

    Southwest Airlines does not charge ticket change fees -- the only major airline to do so, I believe - and treats me like a valued customer rather than a lump of rancid meat. The so-called "legacy carriers" seem to have forgotten why they fly in the first place, and deserve to fail.

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  • Re
    reedschnitt Jun 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been an AA client for many years. Being located in DFW you don't have a lot of choices. Today I had my ultimate poor service. You know how your boarding pass and all signage at the gates says " doors close 10 minutes to departure". Well that no longer applies. I am told that they have a new 15 minute (unpublished) rule now. I checked my 2 bags, went to the Admirals club for breakfast and arrived 15 minutes prior to departure, only to find that the door was closed. What a joke. I was flying direct to Aspen. Guess how many directs there are to Aspen, Yep, you got it, only ONE. Service agent (Victoria) was as rude as you can get, considering that she refused to speak to me. She also refused to give me her last name, so I snapped a pic, and was then told that was illegal...really, what country do we live in...had to delete her pic in order for them to book me to LAX and then on to Aspen. Of course the LAX flight was delayed for 6 hours because a smoke alarm was not working, so exited aircraft as there were not connecting flights left into Aspen/ Have requested a visit with a manager tomorrow prior to my flight We will see how that goes.
    AA could care less. Will report back tomorrow.

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not properly chaperoned

My daughter and her friend, both 15 yrs old, flew from Ottawa, Ont. to Orlando, Florida with a stop over in Chicago with American Airlines. They were flying alone which neither had done before so we paid for them to have a chaperone. We were told that someone would be with them at all times and would help them through everything. It was a day after Chicago was hit with the huge storm and I inquired as to what would happen if the flight from Chicago to Orlando was delayed and was told that they would put them on the next flight available and that in the meantime they would be put in a room for children. They were escorted through customs and got on the plane with a friendly lady. Once on the plane however, the girls were left to themselves. Normally not an issue however there was a problem with the plane not being able to turn so their flight was going to be delayed and they would not make their connection. No one came to talk to the girls who were scared because they had just heard over the speaker all of this! So they had no idea what was going to happen now that they missed their flight and my daughter's friend was on the phone with her mum scared because of the mechanical issues.
The girls land in Chicago and are taken to a security room (not a room for children like we were told)
The next three hours turned into a complete nightmare!
The girls were hungry as with the delay it was almost dinner (our time). My daughter's friend asked her chaperone if they could get something to eat and she said she'd get someone to take them...and proceeded to do nothing but sit there! Her mother at that point called the airlines 1-800 # and was put through to the Chicago desk and demanded that they get taken to eat!
In this "room" there were people swearing, an older gentleman trying to escape and then at one point went and peed with the door open, people were sick (colds) and the staff were busy "hooking up"
My daughter was sending me texts saying she was really creeped out and at this point, angry because we were told that they would be in a kid room
and they clearly were not, I called the 1-800 #.
I was put in touch with a supervisor who was in North Carolina, so he could not see what was going on anymore than I could. I told him what I was being told and we called the girl in charge of the girls. She was told what my daughter was texting me and denied everything. My daughter was then put on the phone and questioned. She admitted to over-exaggerating about the hooking up part but said that the other things had happened. She would not talk about it and then texted me that she just wanted me to drop it because she was worried they were going to freak out. The chaperone continued to deny everything. (I don't know many 15 yr old girls who wouldn't be scared to complain about what the person who is supposed to be taking care of them is doing when they are by themselves in a different country with people they don't know - my opinion). Because my daughter would not say anything the supervisor would not believe what she had said to me and blew me off. Told the chaperone that she "should" report it to her supervisor there. He then told me that my daughter was not being honest and that he would not take her word. My arguement...but you will take what the other girl is saying as the truth...end of conversation with that supervisor.
My daughter then texts me to say that the staff is now laughing and speaking in spanish and staring at them. She's very uncomfortable and just wants to leave. She then texts me to say the chaperone then speaks to her supervisor.
After a few minutes, both myself and the other parent get texts from the girls saying that the chaperone is now agreeing with them and both parties have apologized.
I proceed to call the 1-800 # and get transferred to the same supervisor. I tell him that we have now been told that the chaperone is agreeing that the girls were telling the truth and I want a full refund for their flights home as we do not want them going through that again and what has gone on is unacceptable. He tells me he has no report telling him that she has admitted to it and will not take what my daughter has said. I say fine, then lets get the chaperone back on the phone. He says, he can't do that but if my daughter can get me the chaperones supervisors name then he will follow up. At this point, the girls are on their next flight so I can't get that information. I ask why could he get the girl before but not now. He tells me the airport is shutting down in an hour (it was 9pm Chicago time) and he won't do it, to get the name from my daughter and call him the next day. I had also told him about the other parent having to call about getting them food, he says he sees no report of that call. I said fine, I will have the parent call you immediately. I hang up, the parent calls immediately, asks for him and is placed on hold for 1/2 hr only to be passed on to another supervisor.

The other parent followed up the next day and after speaking to a supervisor at the same level as the one I dealt with, she was shocked and our chaperone fee will be refunded. The parent was also told that they had read the supervisor's (the one I spoke to) report and he was very condescending. The parent was told however that due to the type of ticket we purchased she did not have the authority to refund the tickets but if she had, she would have gladly done so as she was shocked by the treatment. She told her that we would have to file a complaint via email and said that she would pass on her recommendation to refund us the money for the return airfares.

I have submitted the complaint and will wait to see what happens.

refund/cancellation scam

After researching and comparing prices, refunds, cancellations and restrictions. I chose American Airlines. This was a terrible mistake. First off, I made sure, prior to booking this fliight, that the ticket would be refundable. I read their policy and everything. Even the flight details showed that the flight was refundable and if cancelled prior to the departure time, the ticket will be refunded. WRONG!!! I cancelled this flight within 24 hours, about a week before the departure flight date. Days before my credit card was even charged. I contacted customer service and requested a refund and the lady advised me that I would only be able to reschedule the flight, within one year from that date, as it will be reissued to use later, and no one else, except the person whose name is on the ticket would be able to use the ticket. This is crap, a straight scam and lousy service.

  • Ju
    June6689 Jan 25, 2016

    American Airline refund policy is absolutely a scam. I bought my ticket on their website directly. I even purchased the traveler's insurance in case I need to cancel or change my trip. Now I have trouble I log into my account. After contacting them I was able to log in but can't find the ticket info. The lady told me over the phone that my ticket is nonrefundable. She asked me to contact the insurance company for a refund. But she did not give me any info on how to contact the insurance company. They sell insurance on their own website when I bought my ticket. Now they erased all of my ticket info and tell me they do not know anything about the insurance company. This is wrong and should be stopped.

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  • Gi
    GILLIAN SINGH Jun 03, 2016
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    Lori Stout Jun 03, 2016
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    On December 15th 2010 our flight from Dallas, Texas was suppose to leave at 9:30 pm it then got changed to 10:15 pm which I understand delays. They boarded us on the plane at 9:35 pm where we sat until after midnight because we didnt have a pilot. We couldn't get off the plane and I asked one of the stewardest for a glass of ice and she told me that they couldn't serve us anything until we were in the air, but first class got served drinks and food. We were on the plane about thirty five minutes and they finally turned some air on. This was flight number 1017. Finally a crew from St. Louis arrived and they ended up taking us to Seattle. This is the first day that I've gotten out of bed because I got Pnuemonia. My son Eric Stout took us to Mexico and this flight was unbelieveable, poor service and very rude. When the other tenants arrived the old crew just laughed and said good luck still don;t know where the pilot was. There was the three of us and we were not happy. Please respond to me at [email protected] Thanks for listening. We didn't get home until close to four in the morning when originally we were suppose to get in at 10:30 pm on the 15th.

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    GILLIAN SINGH Jun 03, 2016
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this is what you call a vacation?

On July 19, 2010, my family went on a very much anticipated family vacation, and returned July 26, 2010...

punishes those who lose frequent flier status

One would assume that given the business environment, airlines would be looking for opportunities to drive business. American airlines apparently has enough business that they are willing to turn away customers.

I used to fly a fair amount, and had attained a priority status with aa. Unfortunately, last year I was unable to fly as much as I used to, and thus lost my status. I don’t have a problem with that. What I am offended by is the way that aa has treated me since then, even though I am once again travelling. Although I had earned and not gotten around to using over 20 upgrades, aa will not honor them. Their policy is that I can only use those if I retain a priority status. Never mind that I earned them by flying aa a great deal. Because I haven’t recently, I cannot use my earned perks. Interestingly, even when travelling with my husband, who is lifetime platinum with aa (has flown over 3m miles with them), we cannot use them – because they are in my name.

Bad enough, but now that I no longer have status, I am being punished too. I have discovered that by losing priority status, they didn’t just drop me back to group 1 or 2 – oh no. I dropped back to the very end - group 5. Only standby boards after me now. Nice way to say thank you after years of loyalty. An even more effective way to drive me away permanently.

At the end of the flight, the flight attendant states that “we know you have a choice in airlines…”. Well, yes, as a matter of fact we do. This is one ex-aa frequent flier who will go out of her way to fly any airline other than american.

delayed baggage

Dear sir/madam,

Considering your airlines is one of the world’s leading and reliable airlines, I booked the tickets for my self, my wife and my 1.5 years old son from doha (qatar) to new york (jfk) via london.
Boarding pass numbers (london to jfk) : 30c and 30d.
Baggage tag numbers: ba 487155, ba 487286 & ba 487287.

You may very well understand that with the infant, how much would it be difficult when the flight was delayed in bahrain for 2 hours because of the technical snag (and with no air conditioning). After we reached london airport, we were boarded on flight number aa 105 as our scheduled flight aa 115 had already left.

We were astonished to note that on our arrival at jfk none of our three baggages had reached. We were promised that within 24 hours all three baggages will be delivered to us at the following address:
480, main street,
Willows motel, williamstown,
Zip: 01267

When we pointed out that we had a small handbag and all the belongings are in the bags and we don’t have even the primary clothes and the required toiletry and the kids life saving drugs which are required due to the change of weather and otherwise also for daily requirement. We were sanctioned $ 200.00 for the first day and $ 100.00 the next day, for the clothes and toiletry. Please find enclosed the receipts of the purchases.

I had planned the trip soon after getting my visa for usa to setup a new motel venture in williamstown, ma and was supposed to attend a very important meeting on 1st september with other six senior executives and could not go for the same in the track suit and without the important documents, which were in the luggage.

On contacting mr. Bob miller (senior supervisor) on 1st september at around 12.20 pm and explaining him the whole scenario of missing the meeting and the inconvenience and harassment to my son who suffered in this undue delay in the absence of his necessary required clothes and medicines. The whole trip has gone to waste and we will have to back again after getting the necessary appiontments.

Appreciating the circumstances, mr. Bob has agreed to give one ticket for me as well as for my son ignoring the fact that how can a infant travel without his mother.

I had to pay for the motel bill for the reserved period of 15 days (31st august to 14th september) to willows motel @ $ 2496.49 apart from unnecessary spending on clothes, toiletry apart from undergoing the mental stress and the wasteage of time on this trip.

After waiting for more than 48 hours, we have received only one bag. And another bag after waiting for another 24 hours. We are still waiting for the third bag to arrive tomorrow.

We hope that the reputation of the airlines, you will not compell us to make complaint to the apprpriate forum, to the press and resort to litigation, the cost of which, you will be responsible for.

Just recently, I have got the information from your website, that one of the last baggage would not be recieved before 7th sept.
My trip lasts only till 15th sept, and this is nothing but sheer harrasment. I never thought a visit to united states of america thorough its prestigious american airlines would result in such a way.

  • Co
    connie mishoe Oct 20, 2010

    we had luggage delayed for 32 hours. wouldn't have hurt so bad if we had been treated decently by employees of aa. they deal with this so much that any shred of caring disappeared eons ago. so sad, as this seems to be the state of affairs of many big businesses in our world today. there is no quality of service. what? i think the work quality has been removed from webster's dictionary. what happened to the work ethic that i was brought up with? what happens to morals and doing the right thing? it's a very scary thought that we have to put our lives in the care of people who really don't, really don't care.

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  • Mm
    mmmmmmmmm Nov 09, 2013

    My daughter checked her bags at American Airlines (Detroit) on the morning of 11/9/2013. The American Airlines baggage clerk charged her the standard $25 fee and stated "I work for tips!" Do baggage workers at American Airlines work for tips?

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received an awful service at the american airlines

On june 1, 2006, we traveled on aa flight 952 with service from guayaquil to miami, then connecting to sfo on flight 770. Upon arrival into the miami airport, we went to the baggage claim area, to claim our luggage for customs. One of our checked bags (aa 39 38 25) was missing. I located an attendant near the carousel and asked about our missing bag. He asked me to describe it, and then said come with me. We walked over to an open public area on the floor. Their was my hard cover suitcase crushed and wide open. He said that it had got hung up on the conveyor belt, and that he found it split wide open. He said that he picked up all the items that he could see, and put them back inside the suitcase. I noted that all three latching mechanisms had been broken apart, and that a couple of items were missing at that time. He directed me to the aa baggage claim area. We had a connecting flight, so time was of the essence. The baggage claim rep. Examined the bag and said that just a moment. She returned a minute later with a large black suitcase for us to transfer all of the belongings into. A moment later, the aa baggage supervisor came up to us and asked what the problem was, (he was a black male, mid 20's, with short hair). He told the clerk helping us to take the suitcase she had brought out for us to use back. I said look at our bag, it no longer fastens in anyway. He said, "that's not my problem". I said we had a connecting flight, and needed a way to secure our belongings. He said, "you need to contact the baggage claim area at your final destination to file a claim". I asked about our missing items, he repeated that we needed to file a claim at our final destination, and walked away. The clerk offered a roll of saran wrap for us to use, and said that she would enter some date into the computer system for us. My wife and I rolled our crushed suitcase with the saran warp on the floor in front of the baggage claim area, then rechecked the bag for our flight to sfo. Upon arrival into sfo, we contacted the baggage claim rep. He noted the damage, and told us to empty the bag so that he could send it out for repair / replacement. He did not offer a temporary bag for us to use, so we will have to go back to the airport in a few days for the repair.

liars and they dont care

Wife and I were on aa flight 2457 from dfw to lax; it was delayed for hours and may have been ultimately cancelled due to mechanical problems. Upon discussion with aa agents, it was determined that they could not get us to mry (our ultimate destination) that day, but could get us to sjc. Before

Leaving for sjc, I asked 2 agents at aa whether aa would reimburse the car rental charge I would have since I was

Going to have to drive from sjc to mry. I was told by both agents that the airline would reimburse since it was a

Mechanical problem and they could not get us to mry. They

Informed me where to file the reimbursement. I sent in

Appropriate documentation of the approx $130 car rental

Charge, and exchanged 3 emails stating my argument with aa customer service

Reegarding such. The airlines refuses to refund claiming

They have no such policy. They offered 10k advantage miles

For the overall hassle of the rebooking along with other

Problems they caused during the trip, but miles are not

Cash. Two different employees lied to me or were unaware of

The policies.

continental connections

Del palmar here, sitting at my timeshare in mazatlan complaining about these continental connections that the airlines force us to take. Don't you see that the continental connections are just a fraud and scam to take our money and time?
I just flew down to my timeshare last week, and boy let me tell you. These airline companies really have us by the you know whats. You mean to tell me I can't get from ny to my timeshare in mexico direct? I can only take a continental connection through some hub airport.
This is 2010 and by now you should think that the airlines would be better serving their customers. I've been coming to my timeshare for about 15 years, and each year the direct flights are fewer and fewer. Now, good luck getting to the timeshare direct.
So marie and I had our continental connection in houston, exchanged our money and paid an awful commission. There's a good business to be in. Just exchange, buy and resell money for large commissions and exchange fees at the airports. Anywhere there's tourists, set up a little kiosk and start to exchange, buy and resell money for large commissions and exchange fees.
I think it's cheaper to exchange, buy and resell money for your vacation in the mexico, the large commissions and exchange fees are even larger. So we do it before going to the timeshare.
The flights to the timeshare was reasonable. Crap food, and eddie murphy in a fat-suit movie. But marie let me have the window seat and one of her green pills. I only looked up from the view to order a gin and tonic, which I know from past experiences, goes really well with her green pills.
By the time we got to the airport in mazatlan, I was ready to get in a cab and head for my favorite taco stand on the way to the timeshare, but I pressed the red button. For anyone who hasn't been to mexico before, customs has a different system than ours (anyone with a tan).in mexico, you press a button and if the light goes red then you go off to get searched; green and you can proceed. Marie pressed green, but they searched her too.
Of course they didn't find anything because there wasn't anything to find. You can get anything you want in mexico anyway. What would anyone really be smuggling into mexico?
I'd love to see about one of those timeshare jet companies for my continental flights without connections. That would be a worthy investment to get to the timeshare in mexico more often. The grandkids would love that, boy let me tell you. See all their inheritance go to that one purchase. Just think of the look on their faces.
Sorry kids, i'm you wanted to go to college or something, but you know how grandpa hates a connecting flight.

  • De
    DelPalmar May 29, 2010
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    Continental Connections are Death of Airlines

    Continental Connection within North America are an inconvenience for travelers. Why is it impossible to get a direct flight in North America? Continental connections are the reason and this is my complaint.

    Continental connections for North America are such an inconvenience for the traveler that they’re frustration extends beyond complaints to a love to hate relationship with flying. The airlines force its clients to make connections on continental flights just because the airline’s best interest is in protecting their bottom-line, instead of offering convenience to the average business flyer.

    The airline industry is operating on a dinosaur business model that hasn’t adapted since the 80’s. The airlines pack passengers into some of the largest planes on the market and fly to the airline’s hub forcing the passenger to make a continental connection. A hub is an airport where a specific airline sends all of its flights and passengers must change planes to get to their destination. The airline then offers few direct flights unless you happen to be traveling to that hub’s city.

    The arrival of timeshares or timesharing in flight plans came with the introduction of continental connections. Timeshares when referring to airports and flight times has to do with finding a time for a once-delayed flight to take off. Having already missed its narrow window of opportunity to depart for whatever reason, the airline must find a new time for the plane to depart. Often an airline is affiliated with an alliance of airlines, and the alliance will find an upcoming departure of one of its flights and arrange with the airport tower to timeshare the departure time with the two flights. The tower doesn’t complain about the timeshare agreement because it earns the airport a commission from the transfer of the missed departure time to the timeshared departure time.

    The timesharing agreement is done to avoid having to pay the airport to assign a new departure time for the flight, a costly expense with time at a premium at continental airports. While there have been no reported aviation accidents due to timeshare flight plans, the danger of something happening exists because the two timeshared flights take off so closely together. The passengers rarely, if ever know about the timeshare agreement for the flight plans. At the risk of sounding ominous, a crash is almost inevitable if the airlines maintain the practice of timeshare departure times from delayed continental connections. Without continental connections on flights within North America, the instances for delayed flights will decrease and the timeshare agreements for flight times would in follow the same pattern. My complaints to the airlines would also stop if continental connections ceased to exist.

    Larger planes have a lower cost-per-passenger for the airline when the flight is fully booked, and the airline must sell each seat for the flight to be profitable. The margin is for profit is extremely tight when the airline uses the massive Airbus and Boeing super jets that sending a flight with less than 80% occupancy is a loss for the airline.

    It was the 1980s when the airlines began to streamline operations and adopted the practice of continental connections through hub airports. The death of direct flights in continental North America and the appearance of connections gave birth to my complaints, like a phoenix rising rising up from the flames.

    Continental connections in North America shouldn’t have to be the norm. One only has to look to Europe and see how the continent’s many airlines operate. Few airlines in Europe operate on the hub system and continental connections, giving passengers more direct flight options and fewer continental connections. Probably no complaints from Europe’s frequent flyers, especially the business traveler with multiple flights weekly and few if any continental connections.

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  • De
    DelPalmar May 31, 2010
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    Have you ever wondered why airlines make you travel through a hub airline and make a Continental connection? Why are there no direct flights within North America?

    It all started in the 1980s as airlines began to streamline their operations and flights. Some 'genius' at the airlines came up with the idea to reduce Continental direct flights and only offer Continental connections, making travelers fly through hub airlines.

    Did they care about the needs of the travelers who are left without options? It's doubtful that they did anything more than just ignore our complaints.

    I have a timeshare in Mexico, and although a lot of people on here have timeshares with lots of complaints, I have no complaints about my timeshare vacation club. I guess we got lucky with our timeshare.
    Marie and I go down to our timeshare in Mexico twice a year for a month at a time, traveling from upstate New York. Our closest airport is Buffalo but we sometimes choose Toronto because it's bigger and often cheaper to fly to our timeshare in Mazatlan.

    Each time we fly, we are forced to fl into a hub airport and change planes. We fly down to Mexico a couple times a year to our timeshare and you have to plan a day just for traveling! Other people in our timeshare complain about the same thing. We all seem to travel a lot for our age, and experience the same issues.

    Is it impossible to have a direct flight from one major city to another in this continent? Connections are the norm and most people are used to this. I remember the golden age of aviation, when you could smoke on a plane. And most of the flights were direct flights and few Continental connections. It was before the time of mega-airports and traveling was less stressful.

    I understand the airline industry is taking a hit with the economy, and what will that spell for the average flier? Well, mergers are expected and routes will decrease.
    More Continental connections as the airlines will fall back on the only business model they know of. Which isn't really the only business model.

    Look at Europe's airlines. Between the lot of them, most cities have a direct flight .. No Continental connections in Europe. Maybe Marie and I should get a timeshare in Europe and take one of those fancy trans-atlantic flights with the fully-reclining seats for two.

    That's not a half-bad idea. Are there any reputable timeshares in Europe?

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awful customer service

I had a flight on american airlines going through miami to dallas and aa failed to look at the time between these flights, because of the time for customs and security there was no way for me to make my flight. The counter person told me it was my fault for not checking all the way to seattle. Which I did not know about. I made it from miami on a flight that landed at 9:05 to connect with a flight that left at 9:00. The counter person told me that sometimes the flights are delayed and I might make it. Well I arrived at the gate at 8:53 and the plane had already pulled away from the gate. Aa new my plane made it to dallas at 8:40 and that I was on the flight. Aa decided to send the flight out early anyway. Because of aa I had to spend the night in dfw. The service manager would not even offer to put me up in a room for the night.

  • They should have rebooked you and paid for a hotel... assuming everything was on one ticket. But if you purchased separate tickets for each flight, then you are on your own and they are not responsible - regardless if the flights are on the same airline.

    If you purchased ONE ticket with all the flights, then you will need to contact AA and demand compensation for a missed flight and all the expenses you incurred while you were overnighting in Dallas.

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unaccompanied minor policy/ children left alone!

January 3rd.
My children, daughters (16 and 12 years old) were left at the gate of their flight by the american airline escort! The children are supposed to be with "an escort" at all times, until they are transferred to a stewardess on thier flight to assist them in boarding the plane. The left sand diego and arrived at dallas for a 1- 1/2 hour layover. The were left for over an hour before my daughter called me from her cell phone (with a dying battery) to tell me that thier flight was cancelled. I asked where the escort was, she said that she left an hour ago. What! Oh my goodness! I called american airline right away. Stayed on hold for 17 minutes, got an agent, on hold for anoth 10 minutes, then finally transferred to a supervisor that simply stated that "they should be in an unaccompanied minor waiting room"? Exactly! That is what I tought! Well, I didn't know that gate my girls were at... Nor did they! They dropped my daughters off at 11:45 left them at the gate, and the flight was not due to depart until 1:30 pm. They would have been sitting there, without supervision for almost 2 hours before the flight would depart! I hardly think that leaving them at the gate would account for being "responsible for all paid unaccompanied minor". The supervisor thought it was okay to say that they would remain at the gate until thier next departure which was at 6:45 pm. What! I say, so it's okay to let them sit there at the gate for anoth 4 or 5 hours? Yes mam, she says. You mean to tell me that you are not going to take them to the unaccompanied minor room? She puts me on hold... Okay, somebody is going to the gate to pick them up now and take them to the room. Thank you! And says, there are also several other children waiting. Oh, now I am really worried. And so should the other parents be.
Be wary of american airlines unaccompanied minor program!!! They are not monitoring your children!
Will follow up with thier resolution.

  • Ic
    I. CAROL JOHNSON Jul 14, 2011

    This terrifies us - Our 12 year old Bonnie Henrikson is traveling from Huntsville Ala to Moline via OHare Tuesday July 19th - we've paid to have her accompanied.
    Is what this poor mother went through going to happen to her? We expect better than GREAT service from you. She has a 2 1/2 hour layover at OHare - We understand she will be taken to a special room. Will there be food there? Will there be an attendant there? We expect American to pay strict attention to this youngster at all times. PLEASE.

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  • Hi
    historygeek4 Aug 24, 2014

    Same thing happen to my sister. But the flight was cancled and rescheudld for th next day. a flight attendant was the most helpful and let my sister stay in her room for the night

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  • Gi
    Giliane Sep 02, 2014

    My daughter, 12, was left just last week at Fort Lauderdale airport alone. She was flying from Charlotte, NC to Port-au-Prince Haiti... with an escort, or so I thought. When she boarded in NC we were denied the right to pay the unaccompanied minor fee. After that, they got their info wrong and were saying that my daughter (who holds a Mexican passport, but is of Haitian descent and lives there) needed a visa to go to Haiti, which is completely false... She was taken off the flight to Port-au-Prince and left in Fort Lauderdale. I called her on her cell and ask her to let me talk to the people that were "handling" (they did nothing at all) the situation and I heard how she told her she would not talk to me. After a while, the call got cut and my daughter started texting me that she was afraid and that the people from AA wouldn't talk to her or explain what was happening. Until one man (the only nice AA employee that I was in contact with throughout the whole nightmare) passed and saw her crying and asked what was going on, gave her his number so she could text it to me and I was able to talk to her. After he tried "fixing" things, obviously te plane left without her and she was left alone in Florida without her mom. Their solution was to put her in the next flight, there was none until the next day. They had the "wonderful" idea to leave my child in a hotel room with two stewardesses (people I do not know). Thank God I have family in Miami so I called my uncle and his wife and they went to get her and the next day stayed with her until she got on the plane. I had to send a copy of my Haitian birth certificate (which I sent in less than 5 seconds through my phone) and I was never informed this was all they needed to let her in the plane to begin with. After the horrible situation, she told me she will never travel alone again, which will be a big problem since I am a single mom that works and sometimes needs to send her for vacation with family on her own. They were irresponsible and mean and all they did was give her two 100 vouchers that clearly state that by using them I can't make any claim or complaint against AA and what happened on her flight... I will of course return those tickets and seek advice. My daughter is traumatized and I felt like dying the whole time this ordeal lasted. Be really careful before sending your kids thinking the airline will be responsible enough.

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  • Wine Is Good May 06, 2016

    What frightens me is all these mothers who act all concerned about their kids online but have no problem dumping them off to strangers and depending on them to babysit their kids in an airport. I would never let my kid fly alone.

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