Amazon.comrefund for ebooks I accidentally bought by "one click" mechanism

Review updated:

Spent 45 min with the company on phone last Friday, being transferred 3 times. Said I would get refund for these ebooks, but has not appeared on Amazon card. Emailed and whomever answered it says "I've checked the previous correspondence but I'm unable to get the information for which books you would like to receive the refund."

I am not spending another 45 min on phone. I want the refund, then delete Amazon account, and all dealings with Amazon forever.

What a terrible [email protected]!!!

  • Updated by Complainant21930, Feb 23, 2017

    From the site: Note: 1-Click ordering is always enabled for digital video, Kindle books, MP3s, and other digital purchases.

    So how does that grab ya @Wine Is Good, maybe you'd better lay off the wine!

Feb 23, 2017
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  •   Feb 23, 2017

    You made the mistake so why are they the terrible company? The ONE CLICK function is not default, you have to enable it. So, go into your account page and click DISABLE ONE CLICK.

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  • Co
      Feb 23, 2017

    @Wine Is Good well thanks for the advice:) I was referring to their customer service. The last time I looked, I was still in America and still entitle to an opinion.

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  •   Feb 25, 2017

    My point is, if you make the mistake, then why is their customer service bad? Media items rarely get refunded.

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  •   Jul 21, 2017

    I intentionally enabled mine. The point is, the system TELLS you when you are looking books that your ONE CLICK is ON or OFF. So, smartass, you still made the mistake. And my wine consumption is not so much that I can not read what the hell I am buying.

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