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I had been a loyal customer for 5 years. I placed, on average, one order per month in various amounts. In my 5 years of dealing with Amazon I never had a problem with them.

On May 18th I ordered something from Amazon for my laptop computer. My order was processed and I received the item on May 22, 2007. A few days later I receive a letter, dated May 24th, from a collection agency named Certegy Payment Recovery. They also called my office with an automated dunning message.

Apparently my credit card had expired and I had not updated the information. No one from Amazon ever called me, sent me an e-mail or a letter or made any attempt to resolve this issue before handing me over to a collection agency. A simple e-mail or notification that there was a problem with my payment, and I would have taken care of it immediately. Instead my credit rating and my good name is placed in jeopardy by a bunch of thoughtless, di**less as**ole who can not give a slight courtesy to a long term customer.

I called Certegy and they told me that they had no information apart from a referral from Amazon of my case. I called Amazon and they told me to call Certegy. I wrote an e-mail to Amazon customer service 2 days ago and the scrotumless immigrants working in Amazon's customer service have not even given me the courtesy of a reply.

I canceled my Amazon account and I will never use their service again. They will get their payment when I am good and ready to send it. I will show them the same courtesy that they have shown to me.

[censored] You!

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