Altech Autopage / 3G data

toermalynstr, springs, South Africa

I have been with altech autopage between 6 and 10 years with no complaints on cellc or may i had to upgrade after my data and cell contract came to an end.because i have contracts with cell c and altech i took both my stick to the store so they can check the card no`s to pinpoint the stick under their contract.a very long episode in a few sentences.2 persons worked my contract, went home nothing worked went back they gave me a wrong size card, lady was on leave send me to their other branch sandton city.they loaded my card came home it did not work, my first bill came (on my history i spend on average R600/month)it was R2100.I went back 2 more people worked on my laptop saying they will do settings, went home, battled to get on to internet, used other stick, second bill came R60 less than june.I went to altech h/o complaining my laptop was not working right with my new stick and i dont want to take it back to the stores.they worked on it and the next bill was R3100.I have lost total faith in the abillity of altech staff and locked my stick in the safe.I will not have another month like this.if i know i can trust anybody at altech i will let them sort my problem, but after reading this blogg can i trust anybody, maybe the MD?i dont know if the stick is corrupt or faulty but i am to scared to trust anybody at altech-maybe i must take another contract with cell c.anybody brave enough to check my acc history my no is 1.[protected]
my name is willie botha

Sep 01, 2015

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