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Ally Auto Financial Services


Bad Service and Dangerous Web Practices

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Ally Auto Financial Services
United States
So recently Ally bought or acquired...or whatever GMAC. I was never notified of the change until one day while checking my email I was notified of an outage that occurred on the GMAC (then changed to Ally) website from a company called Ally. I originally thought it was a scam and then after research found out that they had in fact gone from GMAC to Ally. Nonetheless, everything went on pretty much like normal. Then today while reading my email I noticed a weird notice from Ally about my "payment confirmation". I knew I hadn't made a payment online since I am auto pay and that it would have certainly not happened today. After opening the email I discovered the payment confirmation was for a different customer who I didn't know at all. In the email was the customer's first and last name, the last 5 numbers of their account (with stars and dashes which indicate the length and numbering of the account), the date and amount paid and the payment confirmation. Now granted this information won't walk me straight through a log in page but with some social engineering I'm sure someone could have easily called with the confirmation, stated that they couldn't remember their account number but had the last four/five digits, and asked if they could read back the card they used to pay because they think they typed it incorrectly yadda yadda. So then I got concerned that if I received this email...who might have received mine? How many others are affected. It had been a full 11 hours since the email was sent out with no outreach by Ally regarding anything likes. So I thought...maybe I was the only one. I decided to call Ally to let them know of the issue in case it could affect others. I had to call 7 times before I got connected to someone. Every time I called it would tell me that customer service was too busy taking calls due to their "new website" and would hang up on me! It was ridiculous...here I had a security risk and I couldn't even get a hold of a customer service representative. I looked at their site...no online chat, no email contact, just snail mail. Crazy! Finally, on the final try I got into the customer service cue. I would have sat there all day if I had to to get this security concern addressed. When I finally got a hold of someone I was told that they were aware of the issue and "not to worry about it". I didn't feel comfortable at all with the discussion and was surprised that if they were aware of it they hadn't sent out an email letting customers know about the situation and what to do if they are concerned. I kept pushing the concern I had with the CR and finally she asked if I'd like to be called back when they have the issue resolved. I of course said certainly. At that point she called the whole phone call resolved and asked me to stay on the phone for a survey. I skipped out on taking the survey.

Maybe I'm overreacting but I take the transferring of information very seriously as I am a web administrator and developer. All it takes is a CR not following the strict procedures and a little social engineering to get someone access to your bank account with the information "accidentally" sent to me.
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Ally Auto Financial Services - Customer service and extra payments


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N  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Funny story that compliments yours... I made an online payment as per my usual routine and then recieved an email that their site was down. I did not want to double schedule a payment once their site was back and pay double, so I decided to wait it out for a few days. I recieved an email saying I would not have to pay a late fee or pay a processing charge if I decided to pay over the phone. So, I called to pay by phone and, like you, I was promptly hung up on. (Real nice.) So I decided to wait it out and wait for them to call me, which they did. Last monday I paid them over the phone and had to fight with the lady over the processing fee and the late fee citing the e-mail. And she finally agreed. Tuesday the money came out of my account and I still recieved a call from Ally... strange. I recieved one on Wed. too which I decided to answer. After about 40 minutes on the phone we discovered they credited another account!!! How? I gave you my name, address, social, phone... HOW?!?! Anyway, we called the bank who processes their phone payments (JP Morgan Chase) and the woman there hung up on us! She said, she has a dfferent account number showing and just hung up. Thursday I recieved a call and she said they would handle it and not call me any more. They called Friday and I ignored (busy day). I gave it a few days due to the hoiday and spend 49 minutes on hold to get nowhere with the lady who just wanted to keep putting me on hold and kept telling me to call back. NO WAY I just waited forever to get you. So more than a week later my account is still not credited. Unbelieveable. This is customer service??? Yea right!

So now I wonder who has my information sitting in their email inbox. Hopefully someone like you. Great!
N  21st of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@ipayontime Wow WOW WOW!! This is explaining A LOT for me! I don't even know how to thank you for posting your comments.. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one they've been EXTREMELY RUDE TO!!
Not only did they LOSE MY PAYMENT on May 5th, 2017, how is beyond me, when I called their number thru their app and because it was a sat night I was sent to their 3rd party payment receiving partners WESTERN UNION, I spoke to a live rep that night at exactly 9:21pm pacific time and payment was made at 9:47pm, completed and sent by 11:56pm that same night according to automated information attached to my MTCN number that I received from western union on my e-receipt sent to my email.. when I got the call from Ally a few days later on May 11th, there was no payment received, according to their collection department! I was on the phone with them for over an hour! They (and I say they because I asked to speak to a supervisor after the cust. Serv. Rep repeated her script for a 3rd time getting us NO WHERE!) so both that cust serv rep and supervisor walked me through the process of send the now requested forms of a copy of my receipt and proof of the funds that came out of my bank account. I did both and gave them the proof of my payment and than they said I HAD TO GET ACTUAL CONFIRMATION FROM WESTERN UNION OF MY PAYMENT... so they (Ally financial supervisor in the collection dept) transferred me to western union and it was another automated system!! After I wrote dwn the info on exact transaction time
that occurred for that missing payment, I waited to speak to a rep and was hung up on!! After being on the phone for over an hr than being transferred and doing their job for them, got hung up on AGAIN!! I gave the supervisor another payment to be caught up if they had found the previous payment that same day before being transferred n hung up on.. I'm thinking ok good I've sent all paperwork requested and required thru their secure messaging center and my following month will be corrected... btw (it was late fees n whatever fees mostly too that I was paying) Than to get ANOTHER PHONE CALL LESS THAN A WEEK LATER by collection dept saying I'm over 30 days past due and I nearly cried..! I told him to transfer me right away to supervisor, I couldn't believe it was the same script and they couldn't find my payment and I said check yer notes!! Look at secure message center for what you asked of me last time!!! They r messing up my credit!! Now reporting me as 90+ days past due after I spoke to someone else another time in a different dept: PAYMENT INQUIRY DEPT!! I thought there's finally hope my account is gonna be sorted out and he really gave me confirmation that he'll fix all late fees and update my account and that he would call INVESTIGATIONS DEPT, to move it along and that he understood why I was hesitant to give more money until this "INVESTIGATION" is complete.. he was the 3rd person I sent the requested documents to thru their app's secure messaging center just before 4th of July big weekend.. he gave me his direct line and promised it will be resolved and that I should be expecting a call by end of week from him with results.. what results: I MADE THE PAYMENT, SENT IN THE PROOF OF PAYMENT AND PROOF THAT IT WAS TAKEN OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT!! I'm at a loss for words because today as it sits: I'm getting continued calls from collection dept that my account is now 90 plus days past due and he's not answering his direct line: Maurice in the Ally Payment Inquiry Dept! And so anlisa in collections has been harrassing me and I can't even find the words at how @ss backwards this company is and how dept is it gonna take to find my payment and when!!! How do I give more money to a finance co for my car payment when they've lost my hard earned money for a previous!!? Does this make sense at all to anyone!? What's the next step before they try to repo as she threatened ...?.. I have been so compliant and done everything I could and was asked to help them find my payment and she wanted to know when I could promise to make another payment so that I could be caught up with March!!? It was May when I made those payments to be caught up with April late fees!! and she kept giving me different amounts of what I owed as I stated exact amounts of what I paid since her call ...
N  21st of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
Filed report with FTC next is the police and omg!!! There's soo much tedious & time consuming steps to take and now I have to get life lock which I should've a long time ago!
A  26th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I recently bought a new car, and Ally financed it. I logged in to their website to register and make my first car payment on the loan, and their website locked up. I tried to log in again and received a message their site was down for scheduled maintenance. Odd to take down a loan website on the 15th of the month when most loan payments are due on the 15th and will be made on that day. I logged in the next day and entered my checking acct information to make the payment (with a late fee, because I couldn't get access to their website the day my payment was due). A month later, I logged back in (several days prior to the due date) and made my second payment (choosing the payment option I had set up using my bank account). Over a week later (days following the 15th after that payment was due). Ally called me to request payment noting it was past due. I told them I made it online several days before the 15th and received a confirmation after making the payment. They put me on hold and came back saying there had been a problem, and they were unable to process that payment because they couldn't access my bank account and they wanted me to make a payment over the phone with late fee. I declined and told them i would call them back ( I wanted to confirm the bank account no. linked to my ally auto account online, noting they had processed my first payment through the same account a month prior). I've attempted to access their website on 4 occasions since the call, to verify the bank account # they have; however, my user id is no longer valid, and I can't get into my loan account on their website. Ally has called me several times a day since I last spoke to them asking for payment over the phone with a late fee. These practices are an attempt to garner unjustified late fees and need to be stopped!
N  27th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I recently lost my job and was forced to take a job at less then half the pay as my past job. I called ally to make payment arrangements. The CSR approved a 60 day differment on my account. This was very helpful to my finacial situation at the time. I was sent a letter from ally with my payment arrangements for the next 90 days and my differment was approved.
3 weeks later i get a call form the ally collections dept, they told my I was late on my payment and added a $35 late fee to my account. They also told me that they were sending negitive 30 day past due on my credit report. I explained to the CSR I was told i was approved for a 60 day differment. The CSR said yes customer service approved the 60 day differment but the collections dept did not apporve and my account was reported late.

I am really disapointed in the management of ally, How does one dept make a payment arrangement and approve it then another dept can override the aggrement and cancel it 21 days later? My loan was with GMAC/Nuvell, then ally takes over and robs me for late fees and hidden charges. IMO ally is a bunch of crooks. I will never use ally for a loan in the future. my wish is for ally to fold and go under.
A  17th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Been battling Ally for a year!! They are ###s! Say they will call back, never do. Say they will send written confirmation of phone conversation, never d0. Won't provide an address where I can mail a certified letter of complaint, only PO Box. Why are we having to deal with customer service, or rather NO customer service. GMAC sent letter stating ALLY was just a name change, NOT!!! I have sent complaint to the Federal Trade Commision, and will be filing with BBB. Ally is HORRIBLE!!
A  13th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
These comments are the same expriences that I have had with Ally Financial Inc with the on line payments and getting phone responses from Ally Customer. They are real fast with tring to charge you more penalties and fee's which they cannot explain. Agree.. Horrible experience.
A  5th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Ally is horrible !!! We had an accident in our lease vehicle the insurance company fixed and they sent a letter at end of lease charging us for every thing we fixed they are terrible not organized and do not give a damm about the customer.
N  29th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
this place is looking for lawsuits. they are calling even when they have been told not to. they are calling at 7:00AM.they are hanging up when I try to explain something. they are calling 4 times an hr.
N  20th of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I purchased a vehicle over a year ago and decided to payoff the loan. My issue is getting the title in a timely manner.I paid over the monthly payment on time every time, Now they take their time sending me my title so I can sell the vehicle.I have a buyer but has told me If I don't have it within the week they will shop somewhere else for a car.This is absurd this is the 20th day of waiting for the title in the mail and they do not care, I was told now that DMV with a letter from Ally to prove there is free and clear will take another 6 to 8 weeks.What a joke Do Not Do Business With These People, flat out they do not care... I have called and talked with a supervisor and got the same cold shoulder, sir it in the mail. I am pissed off.
N  14th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have had financial problems for the past year. I called Ally and asked what they could do. I was connected to a team leader which i thought was a manager. She told me that I could extend my loan for two months and the fee would be $215.66. I told her I did not have it, she said borrow it from someone so i did and paid it on line. Come to find out it was never done and my car was repossessed with no notice what so ever. for being three months late which was only one if they had done their job and did the extension I paid for. This place is unbelievable no one speaks English, they have as much compassion as the wall. When I called to see why the extension was never done I got the run around, I was told until I paid all three months which two were to be extended they were not going to tell me anything. Here is the kicker, The man that towed it away told me not to pay a dime, because they are going to repossess it anyway. Unless it's exactly the amount they want. The harassing phone calls are off the wall and should be illegal any where from 6 - 10 calls per day one day I counted 13. Someone needs to put a stop to their shady dealings, I am angry enough not to let this go. If I have to go to every dealer in the state that I live I will make sure that Ally does not get their business.
N  13th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
Trying to deal with Ally is a terrible experience. I bought a 2008 Saturn Astra, Black Sapphire at Saturn North Bay, Ontario Canada. The total price for this car was $25, 660.90, 0% interest over 72 months. Things were going along very well with payments of $356.40. Then in July of 2011 I fell into some financial difficulties and went to a Credit Councillor. I was constantly in touch with Ally through all and finally asked the for a 2 month extension. It was approved and I had to pay $217, 00 in addition to my payments. Which remained at 0% . Again, thinngs went along well for the next year and a half. But during that time I had a double by-pass heart operation. Then I was in a serious accident where my girlfrien of 65 yrs was killed and her daught was put into a wheelchair for the remaining of her life. During all of this, THERE was no payment missed. In December 2012 I developed double pneumonia which lasted until the den of January 2013. During which time my Mother (94) passed away on January 19. Was unable to attend. I was able still to keep my payments up to date and on time util the end of March 2013, Then I got in touch with Ally (Cheryl Tizzard) my representative and asked for another extension and possible have my payments lowered. I was told NO to the exentions, but the could write up a new contract, but interest would now be applied. So I agreed to $277. a month for the next three years. The payments were to start June 28/13 and end June 28/16. However, this is where the problem lies. When the new contract arrived for me to sign, IT WAS TERRIBLY WRONG. It did not match up with the original sales contract, my sale price was $25, 660.90 andTHEY HAD THEIR OWN SALE PRICE OF $26, 040.40. I first contacted my credit advisor (Steven Agius) and explained to him what had occurred, I the couriered the 2 contracts down to him at Ontario Consumers Credit, which is located in Brampton Ontario, He got back to me and told me not to sign their contract as it was wrong. So I did as I was told to do. This contract was sent back and forth three times. Still not right. I should mention that the balance of the original contract from August 28 was $8910. Now UP TO DATE as of August 7th 2013. My car was repossessed and taken down to Brampton. Ally had gone back to the old contract which now, put me back three months. I can get the car back for the missed three payments and whatever extra monies might be charge to me. Now I was dealing with the collections department and a a very RUDE/ARROGANT man by the name of Mr Ainsley. Now, I should also say that, Mr Steven Agius was taking all of the problems that had occurred.
It was his suggestion that I don't sign the new contract and there is a law in place that. ONCE A CAR HAS BEEN 2/3 PAID FOR, IT WAS MORE THE BORROWERS CAR THAN THE LENDER. You can look that up. I fell short of 2/3 law by $153.00. Mr Agius has agreed to retrieve my personal belongings, as OCCA is alos located in Brampton. The whole sad STORY is the fact that I am being treated like a 71 year OLD lady and doesn't need a car anyway. I might also add that I am handicapped and my License is registered to the MTO stating that. Now Mr Ainsley knows that now I can't pay the back payments in one lump and that is the only way he will deal with this issue. I have twenty six days to come up with the money or the car goes to auction. Remember the BALANCE OWING ON THIS CAR IS ONLY$8910. I need my car to get around as I live in a very small town eight hundred people. The ar no buses or taxis. This is a village that consists mosty of seniors. I know this letter is very, very long but I NEED help. On the other hand I have resigned myself to the fact that I will lose the as a resul of Mr Steven Agius' advice, which I discovered at my expense is WRONG. Thank you so much, I hope you can help me in some way Lynda.
N  27th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
We bought our car in April of 2010, everything was going well until I had to have surgery. We asked Ally for a hardship due to the fact my wife's hospital bill was over 100, 000 dollars and we do not have insurance. They gave us a hard time, but after 2 hours with them on the phone they gave us a month hardship. Then about 1 year later, I was told by a representative of Ally that I can split my car payment into 2 payments in a month to help us will the $400.00 plus car payment . I did this and they reported my car loan late on my credit report. I called the Ally and the woman on the other end said to me, "you cant do this, who told you that you can do this, and to get your finances straight". I thought that was rude of this woman to say this to me. So, in 2013, I called to find out if we can get our interest rate lowered (13.5%). The person told me that "they would not lower my rate". I explained to this representative that I live in USDA housing, I have a disabled wife and step son with Autism. The representative laughed and still said no. Do not get an auto loan from this business.
A  13th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Idiots...on the phone calling 10x a day...they need customers services skills and compassion...they sound like a credit card company. Never again!!!
D  28th of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
@Lynda Cazau

"Again, thinngs went along well for the next year and a half. But during that time I had a double by-pass heart operation. Then I was in a serious accident where my girlfrien of 65 yrs was killed and her daught was put into a wheelchair for the remaining of her life. During all of this, THERE was no payment missed. In December 2012 I developed double pneumonia which lasted until the den of January 2013. During which time my Mother (94) passed away on January 19. Was unable to attend."

Perhaps you could qualify your bad luck with proof that the above is true. Didn't you claim your son had died in a motorcycle accident so you could get a cheaper flight to Quebec City, and in fact, had his obituary published by the Welland Tribune, when in fact your son was alive and his prognosis was good? I suspect you are lying about some, if not all of the circumstances, that led to your difficulties with Ally.
A  3rd of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
I will Never, mark my words, never deal with Ally Financial again. I've never complained about a company in my 42 year lifetime, until now. They mistakenly ruined my credit, now they are trying to say I owe them $2200 after completing our lease agreement for "wear and tear." I cleared the car with GMC and Ally still came back with these unreasonable fees.
Now after reading so many other similar complaints I can safely say, Ally, you have taken up way too much of my time and energy.
No more...
A  24th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
I will never use them again, had a problem with one of my accounts after 4 years for one later payment was corrected later fee was removed, but still reported it to my credit report, after so many e mails and calls they well nit do anything to remove, all they tell my the it was 30 days late and they cannot or will not done anything about, so much for customer sevicer

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