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Alltel / bill for old account

1 Raleigh, NC, United States Review updated:

I changed my number with Alltel because I moved from VA to NC. They told me I had to open a new account and that the old account was paid in full. Little did I know, as I made my payment on time every month for my new account, that I had been billed $179 on my old account. The bills were going to my old address. I did not receive one phone call from alltel during this time. Five months later, a collection from Alltel shows up on my credit report. I call Alltel and get them to change my old account balance back to zero, but that does not help the fact that my credit score dropped 100 points becuase of their mistake! Now they are telling me there is nothing they can do for me. They won't give me a credit on my bill or waive the early termination fee. Alltel screwed my credit up but they won't do anything for me! Their mistake is going to end up costing me thousands of dollars when I buy a house but they can't even waive my $300 early termination fee! Customer service doesn't care and is not willing to help. Me and my whole immediate family will be switching from Alltel when contracts run out.

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  • Sm
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    OMG... the exact same thing happened to me when I moved from NM to TX. I am now begining to prepare to buy a house. I checked my credit report and found 3 separate bad debts listed from Alltel. I have only had 1 account with them ever in my life. When I called the collection company that represents Alltel, they could not tell me anything about them except for the balances listed. They were $129.56, $1246.70, and $576.80. Not only that, but the account for $1246.70 had been listed on my Equifax report two times. The collection agency then billed me for $1433.70 and $663.32. After finally getting in touch with an Alltel rep, she told me that the bill for $576.80 was from 1996. I had never even heard of Alltel until 2005. The statute of limitations runs out at 4-6 years depending on the state it originated from. How is this account able to continue to show to be collectable? How is an account over 7 years old still able to be listed on my credit report? I still have been unsuccessful in getting an itemized statement from either Alltel or their collection company Afni. I have been told by the collection company Afni, that it is my responsibility to prove that I do not owe on these accounts. This is indeed an impossible request. I don't know about most of you, but I do not just walk into businesses and say, "I know I don't have an account with you, but just incase you may try to claim that I have a bad debt with your company, may I get an invoice showing a zero balance so I may prove in the future that I do not owe you anything?"

  • Me
      20th of Jul, 2008
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    Alltel uses extortion to gain financially once it has you in their system. They make up charges you don't owe, etc and harass you with repeated phone calls from voice mail systems, collection agencies and bogus credit reporting in order to suck the money out of your wallet. After receiving numerous harassing phone calls this weekend from their machine, one before hours on Saturday morning, I was fed up enough to look up the CEO's address/phone number to call him to see if he liked the same treatment. Scott T Ford of 22311 Highway 10, Little Rock, Arkansas 72223-4449, phone number (501) 868-7277 was not too pleased to receive several from me telling him about his harassment to me. I recommend you phone him personally and let him know what he's done to you. And anyone else who has just cause for grievance should also consider said same.

  • Ki
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    I have dealt with Alltel for more than 8 years. I decided to change service because my husband gets a discount at everywhere except Alltel. Now I receive a bill that claims I owe $200 in termination fees on each line. When I call them they claim that I made a verbal contract with them at the beginning of 2007. I know nothing about this, so I told the guy that he could either have the charges reversed or turn it over to collection. I have paid you on time for 8 years, I will not pay you for a supposed agreement that I didn't sign for. The phone number for the above poster will certainly come in handy for me...Thanks!

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