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Pawnee, OK, United States Review updated:

Someone else has access to my emerald card. It is being used somehow. There are transactions that I did not do. How does someone else get access to my card. I am the only one who has ever used or even seen my card. It has never been out of my possession.

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  • Ta
      3rd of Dec, 2012

    Unfortunately, in our modern society thieves can gain access to your credit and
    debit cards. There are various methods. My advice is for you to withdraw all remaining
    funds from your Emerald card and file a dispute over the charges you did not
    authorize. Good Luck.

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  • Ma
      7th of Jan, 2013

    H&R Block Emerald card--- I receivied a letter in the mail, which turns out to be a statement. Someone got a emerald card in my name, and took out a cash advance of $400.00, so I called the bank number listed on the statement, it just rang and rang then turned into a busy signal, after contacting the toll free number, I told the gentleman on the other end my problem, some (using my id), applied for a card in my name, and took out a cash advance for $400.00, dollars, he told me I could make payments, shocked I told him I anit paying jack, and lets take it to court, he put me in touch with the bank, some dizzy woman told me, this never happened before, I told her I was not going to pay jack, and if they did not clear this up I was going to raise hell. She took my info, then told me to claim down she had her car stolen, sympathies I told her, but your insurance will take of it, not my problem. I am still getting letters thanking me for using their service, I am still not paying jack, I do believe H&R Block is the cause for my identity theft, someone jacked me for my refund, and now I have to wait for the IRS, sort it out, so I get my check, H&R Block, is truly a scam, I wonder how many others have gone through this, its a scam.

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  • Ta
      18th of Apr, 2013

    Marco, open a bank account and have your refunds direct deposited from now on.
    That is the safest way to get your refund. Good Luck!

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