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When booking with other airlines ONLINE, they allow you to book for free since YOU are doing all the work and their staff doesnt get involved. Thats all fine and GOOD.
With ALLEGIANT, they HIDE a BOGUS "Convenience Fee" of $ 17.00 on every ticket in amongst the other GOVERNMENT fees.

CONVENIENCE FEE !?? Convenient for WHO? Well, its convenient for YOU TO DO THE WORK and for them to CHARGE YOU A $ 17.00 FEE for doing it (while they do nothing)..well actually not nothing...they DO find time to INVENT more FEES for things such as PICKING A SEAT..Not a GREAT seat, NOT an exit row seat...any SEAT..You pick it YOU PAY !! and then lets not het into BAGGAGE FEES !!... BAH

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  • Fr
      Apr 16, 2012

    I had no idea about this hidden "convenience fee" until I read your complaint. I just booked 4 flights, online, and have paid an extra $40 for the priviledge of doing so!

    We also tried to book the $88 flights from B'ham to Vegas, only to be told that there was only ONE SEAT LEFT AT THIS PRICE! Well, we tried splitting up the bookings to see what would happen, and miraculously, more $88 seats appeared - until we tried paying with the same credit card, and the whole site shut down on us with an error message that they were experiencing INVENTORY DISCREPANCIES! I'm convinced when we put in out CC info, red lights started flashing at headquarters and the Night Attendent dove for the Kill Switch. Whew! We almost gave the same family more that one $88 seat!!! This is larceny and false advertising. Don't [censored]ing tell me that you are "out of" $88 seats, when in truth it's ONE $88 seat per family. To enact my revenge, I am NOT paying for seats together with my children. I'll just announce at the counter that some other passenger can take care of them for a couple of hours, they're really annoying. (they're angels!) My bet? I'll be sitting with my kids FOR FREE!!!

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  • Se
      Jun 25, 2012

    I used to praise Allegiant airlines when they first opened in Mesa, AZ for efficient travel to rural states like Montana. I was a great advertiser for the airline. Over the years their prices have gone up, they nickle and dime you, and the service is getting terrible. Today I dropped off family with small kids and a handicapped grandmother. The ticket agent named Alexis in Mesa screwed up the tickets so they were turned away at TSA. They returned for a fix and she never even apologized. Furthermore, she didn't want to provide a gate pass so a family member could assist with the children and handicapped grandmother. Then, to further the insult, no effort was made to assign seating for the children so they could be "near" their parents. Also, they stopped family boarding as well... I will NO LONGER be using Allegiant Airlines. Due to their horrid service, I will now be flying Delta, American, Alaska, or the best airline (Southwest) and driving to Montana from Boise or Spokane.

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  • Ke
      Aug 16, 2014

    Of all the fees that they charge, the one that pissed me off the most was the fee to pick your seat and because of that, I will never book a flight with them again. I have NEVER heard of an airline charging anyone for choosing a seat. I was half expecting them to charge me extra for a pressurized cabin.

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