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This airline will kill you with baggage fees. And they will charge twice and then deny. I can prove I paid for my son's baggage online and then the gate agent had no record of it when he checked in and forced him to pay again. When I caught what had happened I called the only number available and the agent stated that he would not have to pay on his return flight as there was a credit on his itinerary...what do you think happened...the gate agent on the return flight stated that his bags had not been paid for of course!...He paid again! So now Allegiant owes me/my son $70...I sent an email as that's the only recourse the consumer has and of course got NO response...So the consumer has no recourse but to wait for them to reply...CANNOT speak to a manager...My advise to you is DO NOT spend your money here! They are a SHADY company, ...this coming from someone who travels extensively for work and flies ALL airlines...Never have I been treated like this...

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  • Em
      Jul 06, 2012

    I'm total agree with the post above. I paid for expensive baggage fee and when they lost my suitcase and I have no clothes and no personal stuffs for my vacation. It been 3 days and I still not recieve my suitcase yet and of course not responds phone call from them. I called and leave meassge 100000 times a day to check on my bag and asked them to call back but no respond. This is a bad experience and bad customer service. I ever had be4 . And my advice to you is DO NOT spend money or fly ALLEGIANT AIRLINE on your vacation because they will ruining it.

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  • Pu
      Oct 09, 2012

    9:28 am 10/1/12
    I was flying out of Owensboro, KY. When we arrived at the terminal, the gate was closed. I was the only passenger in there at this time and had no luggage to check in. I walked up to the agent stating I had already checked in online (seat 4D), however, he would not look at me, totally non responsive. I asked if he could check the system to verify this. Looking away from me he said the system was already shut down, and there was nothing he could do for me.
    The man behind the gate, said I could not board. It was 9:28 am and the plane was due to leave at 9:50 am. He asked me where my boarding pass was. I replied that I had checked in online the night before using my phone. My sister's laptop had gone down and I was unable to print out a boarding pass. He said there was nothing he could do for me. All the while I could see that the plane was about 100 yards away from me with the door open. I told him I could show him that I had checked in on my phone but this fell on deaf ears.
    I was very upset as you can imagine. I called Allegiant and explained it all the while parked in front of the terminal, they said they could not help me and I forfeited my ticket money. I was sitting in the van along with my sister and brother-in-law who has Parkinson’s disease.
    On the same day, my sister bought me a ticket to go home to Orlando as there was an important meeting at my job the next day. We drove to the Evansville airport and paid $290 for a one-way to Orlando via Detroit on Delta. We discussed the business practices of the Owensboro airport with workers at Evansville who acknowledged that this was not the first time they had heard complaints about Allegiant out of Owensboro.

    I boarded the plane in Evansville at noon and did not get to the Orlando airport until 8:30 pm that evening.

    8:40 am 10/2/12

    I called Allegiant, they explained that Allegiant had paid to have that terminal built in Owensboro and those that worked inside also worked outside to load luggage. This was a lie as my sister can testify that the 2 people behind the counter DID NOT go out to assist with baggage. The person I talked to on the phone put me on hold so long that I thought she disengaged the call and then was told someone would call me within 24 hours. By the end of Wednesday, October 3rd, I knew I would not be receiving any call.

    Your business practices at the Owensboro airport are appalling. What is one to do in this situation? At a normal site they could have checked online to assist with a way to catch a flight. This would be GOOD customer service. Is this how you run an airline – to be turned away and travel to ANOTHER airport to travel? This cost me $144 plus another $290 on Delta. I demand a refund of my money

    Constance Pupkies
    824 Camargo Way Unit 208
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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  • Cn
      Feb 05, 2013

    Yes, is there no way to get this company fined for their duplicity, lying and incredibly poor customer service? I had the exact thing done to me - double baggage fees both ways - they give you an website to get your money back when you compain in person, saying they can't give credit, they can only charge. They are thieves and so open about it too! How is it they get away with this. I will NEVER fly Allegiant again.

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