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All My Sons Moving & Storage / local move - 2 for the price of 3

1 Canonsburg, PA, United States
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Crew arrived on time. 3-man crew and a 26-ft. truck. The 3rd man is apparently only the driver and paperwork guy for the most part though its advertised that its 3 movers. The driver first made a point of saying "he was tipped so well from a fellow coworker"., Then the driver said that we are essentially estimated at 4 hours but if I'd like to work something out between him, he'd be happy to oblige so I wouldn't have to pay so much. They failed to pack everything from the initial house that was pack able by leaving some stuff in the garage and the kids bikes, and bar stools, lamps, a closet of packed boxes, etc. I was told by the driver they were out of space in the 26-foot truck, but they didn't pack anything into the last 8 feet. I was told this was because of the stack of packing blankets since I didn't have any furniture they couldn't use them and therefore couldn't pack around them. Anyway, it took them almost 3 hours to load. Granted, it was only 2 guys loading. The 3rd guy is the driver that I had to do the walk through with and told him what all needed to go. But he wasn't inside directing what needed to go.
When we got to the other house 11 minutes away I had a friend follow them b/c I couldn't leave quite yet. I gave her a list to tell them where to put the first few things. Anyway, when I got there the driver said I had an hour left and that if I'd just let them unload it all in one place it wouldn't go over my hour by much. Needless to say, it took 2 hours to unload. Ridiculous period! Some stuff was supposed to go directly to garage and then I agreed to the main floor from the front door for everything else and that I'd take whatever upstairs. The driver would stand at the front door while the other two guys were unloading. He would then pile 4 bins onto a 4-wheeler and roll them to the main room. He'd started by just unloading them all into the center of the room instead of stacking them neatly around the walls. so, I started sorting them into neat piles so that the dining table could come in and other bins that I knew were on their way. If the driver didn't need to pee or be so dramatic about dying of thirst (like my 6-year-old), he might have actually been a help. But he was slow and useless. I finally started separating the 4 bins he would stack and tell him to take all the clothes to the master bedroom, between the front door and living room. But he would still wheel all the way to the living room. The other 2 guys started carrying in bins directly and he told them to stop and stack them on the little dolly. It took FOREVER. needless to say, I started asking where some items were and they either couldn't tell me, or they'd wound up in the garage when I clearly directed they be inside. or I found out they'd toss them to the side in the garage at the other house. Oh, and in the process of the driver stacking his 4-wheeler with boxes and bins, he would drop boxes. And when he would carry one box in, he would toss it down. (Assuming b/c it's fairly light that it's not breakable I guess. I don't know what was going through his head but I felt bad for the other 2. The driver asked about an item I had and I said I would sell it for $150, and he said "That's all I make in a day, so I can't afford that, but the other guys only make $10 an hour, so they're worse off." Well, I tipped the two guys $25 each and gave the driver $5. I told the other two that if they chose to share it was up to them. I called back the company and gave them my honest review since the first call from them was while I was still signing paperwork. I told him I paid for 3 movers, not 2 and a supervisor. I felt cheated since nothing really got moved to where it should have even with the extra hour at $145 per hour. So far only one box of dropped antique bottles has been found to be broken. If I had to use this company again, I would recommend the 2 who earned their money, but I' don't think I will use them again. This was a test for a cross country move I need done and unfortunately the driver and over payment left a bad taste. The folks at the office were very nice and made me think I was going to have an awesome experience, but again I'm hiring "Professional movers that couldn't play Tetris if their life depended on it". The experienced and hardworking guys were in the "worker role". The tired and complaining guy was the driver/director.

Nov 13, 2017

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