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move from dallas to corpus christi

I called and talked to Joe the sales at All My sons in Dallas. Gave him the pickup address and drop off address. He said he would charge me a flat rate of $2, 200 plus labor at $104 pr hr which would make the total about $2, 500.
The next day AFTER they took my $500 deposit their followup guy called and said now its going to be $3, 100 plus labor in Corpus. He also said the balance would be charged in Corpus once they unload.
Now the morning of the move and once they get my daughters stuff on their truck they call and demand FULL payment and said they will also charge for labor in Corpus.
Beware of this company. The fact that they supposedly are the Dallas Cowboys moving company says ALLOT about the Cowboy organization.

household goods held hostage

We contracted with All My Sons Moving in May 2018 for a mid-June move. 'Richard' was the sales rep. We toured...

local move - 2 for the price of 3

Crew arrived on time. 3-man crew and a 26-ft. truck. The 3rd man is apparently only the driver and paperwork guy for the most part though its advertised that its 3 movers. The driver first made a point of saying "he was tipped so well from a fellow coworker"., Then the driver said that we are essentially estimated at 4 hours but if I'd like to work something out between him, he'd be happy to oblige so I wouldn't have to pay so much. They failed to pack everything from the initial house that was pack able by leaving some stuff in the garage and the kids bikes, and bar stools, lamps, a closet of packed boxes, etc. I was told by the driver they were out of space in the 26-foot truck, but they didn't pack anything into the last 8 feet. I was told this was because of the stack of packing blankets since I didn't have any furniture they couldn't use them and therefore couldn't pack around them. Anyway, it took them almost 3 hours to load. Granted, it was only 2 guys loading. The 3rd guy is the driver that I had to do the walk through with and told him what all needed to go. But he wasn't inside directing what needed to go.
When we got to the other house 11 minutes away I had a friend follow them b/c I couldn't leave quite yet. I gave her a list to tell them where to put the first few things. Anyway, when I got there the driver said I had an hour left and that if I'd just let them unload it all in one place it wouldn't go over my hour by much. Needless to say, it took 2 hours to unload. Ridiculous period! Some stuff was supposed to go directly to garage and then I agreed to the main floor from the front door for everything else and that I'd take whatever upstairs. The driver would stand at the front door while the other two guys were unloading. He would then pile 4 bins onto a 4-wheeler and roll them to the main room. He'd started by just unloading them all into the center of the room instead of stacking them neatly around the walls. so, I started sorting them into neat piles so that the dining table could come in and other bins that I knew were on their way. If the driver didn't need to pee or be so dramatic about dying of thirst (like my 6-year-old), he might have actually been a help. But he was slow and useless. I finally started separating the 4 bins he would stack and tell him to take all the clothes to the master bedroom, between the front door and living room. But he would still wheel all the way to the living room. The other 2 guys started carrying in bins directly and he told them to stop and stack them on the little dolly. It took FOREVER. needless to say, I started asking where some items were and they either couldn't tell me, or they'd wound up in the garage when I clearly directed they be inside. or I found out they'd toss them to the side in the garage at the other house. Oh, and in the process of the driver stacking his 4-wheeler with boxes and bins, he would drop boxes. And when he would carry one box in, he would toss it down. (Assuming b/c it's fairly light that it's not breakable I guess. I don't know what was going through his head but I felt bad for the other 2. The driver asked about an item I had and I said I would sell it for $150, and he said "That's all I make in a day, so I can't afford that, but the other guys only make $10 an hour, so they're worse off." Well, I tipped the two guys $25 each and gave the driver $5. I told the other two that if they chose to share it was up to them. I called back the company and gave them my honest review since the first call from them was while I was still signing paperwork. I told him I paid for 3 movers, not 2 and a supervisor. I felt cheated since nothing really got moved to where it should have even with the extra hour at $145 per hour. So far only one box of dropped antique bottles has been found to be broken. If I had to use this company again, I would recommend the 2 who earned their money, but I' don't think I will use them again. This was a test for a cross country move I need done and unfortunately the driver and over payment left a bad taste. The folks at the office were very nice and made me think I was going to have an awesome experience, but again I'm hiring "Professional movers that couldn't play Tetris if their life depended on it". The experienced and hardworking guys were in the "worker role". The tired and complaining guy was the driver/director.


They decide to cancel on the day of our move & Donte did not want to provide the next available date for our move. With this attitude of his it is likely we will not get moved by them. This is a total inconvenience and insensitive of Donte to think we should wait days before moving us. He needs training and should never be left alone in the office.


Thursday, july 21, 2016

My mother retained the all my sons out of richmond, va to move her three bedroom apartment to a similar apartment 30 minutes' drive away in fishersville, va. She was assured that, with a team of four men, they could pack her, load the truck, drive the distance, unload the truck, unpack the contents of the boxes and help her setup house, and leave with the broken-down boxes and packing materials in one day for $1600. The con-artist who talked to her on the telephone assured her, in response to her doubts that all of the above could be accomplished in one day, that she was hiring a professional team: all she had to do was lable each room "bedroom 1," "bedroom 2" and put signs up in the corresponding rooms in the new, empty apartment, and they would take care of the rest. Like idiots, we took them at their word. They were crooks and criminals. They arrived late in the day (2 pm), were surly, slow, and rude — one was so anti-social she was actually afraid of him. They packed the boxes poorly and slowly, running the clock. They mislabeled the boxes, and kept asking my mother where they should go in the new place, even though she had hung up corresponding signs as they directed her to do. She ended up having to pack alongside them just to hurry them along. They didn't leave the apartment until late at night, and then extorted a second payment — another $1600 — before they would unload the truck on the other end. They didn't finish moving her until 1 a. M., making noise the entire time. They dumped furniture in the wrong rooms, barely setting up the beds and not even bothering to push furnishings or boxes up against the walls. They didn't unpack a thing or take any boxes/trash out with them. I saw the mess they left, and we will have to hire movers just to correctly move the heavy furniture in the new place, as my 76 year old mother and myself cannot move these heavy items ourselves. It will take us weeks just to locate our goods in their mislabeled boxes. I have never been so angry or felt so victimized, cheated, and robbed. They may as well have held my mother up to gunpoint.

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stay away from all my sons for a move

We had George Hoffman from All My Sons in Minneapolis come out and give us an estimate. The guy seemed very honest and forth right with a good bid so we hired them after a full examination of our property. They sent 4 people to do 6 peoples work. We moved one city block and it took them 14 hours. They showed up later than promised and left at midnight. As they got tired they got sloppy and damaged many expensive items which they will not stand behind even though they came to the house twice and admitted to causing the damage. As they got tired they also just started stacking things in the garage which meant we had to double move things ourselves. We moved on July 1st, after much back and forth they sent a final offer today September 17th which will not come close to covering even one damaged item. They did not offer insurance. I have moved 12 times and have always been offered insurance. I was told they do not offer insurance, you have to ask for it. The bid was over $1, 000 low. I could go on and on...Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from these people. DO NOT trust the sweet talking estimators.

overcharged & misleading quote

I wrote an email to Mark Clair the owner on 8/28/15. Although it was quite responsive before the move, he ha...

overcharging and misleading quotes

I was given a quote of $400 by two different people from this company but after my furniture was on their...

took my phone and refused to give it back

Im Glad I didn't hire this company to move my valuables. On 12/8/12 while heading from my apartment...

I wouldn't trust them with my valuables

On 12/8/12 while heading from my apartment out to my car I dropped my cell phone. At this time this company was moving a woman into the building next to mine, which I pass by on my way to my car. The moving truck was parked across our sidewalk on the way to the parking lot and right behind my car. I came back from an errand and first checked the sidewalk on my way back to my apartment and then my apartment and then began to track it with Apple's find my phone app. which showed it was still on my street so I walked around outside and called my phone trying to locate it to no avail and after about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and 24 calls to my phone and came back inside to track it again and now that the moving truck had left the area my phone first tracked to North Haven and last tracked to Stratford within 4 minutes of where this company is located.

I talked to the woman who was just moved in and she originally gave me the wrong contact info. so I spent 3 days calling and emailing the wrong people. on Tuesday 12-11 the neighbor who used this company found me and told me she originally gave me the wrong info and then provided me with this companies name and phone number. She said she called them on 12/8 and toldthem that the employees had left with my phone. Their answer was Oh we haven't heard anything. She also left the moving companies number with my rental office on 12/8/12
I called them @ [protected] one of a couple numbers on their website and was told it would be looked into and someone would get back to me. My neighbor then came back with the number she used to contact them.

After waiting for two days I called them @ [protected] and was once again told they would talk to the drivers and get back to me. I waited until Friday and then posted a question on the business page of the company which got the attention of the companies owner/president of record Frank Fatigati of Fountain Inn SC, because I received a call from [protected] which is the phone number for All My Sons Moving and Storage of Greenville, Inc.. I called him back. I explained that his men were here when I dropped my phone and that my phone tracked on my road up until his truck and employees left and then the tracker followed it to the area of where the business is located. He stated that they did have my phone but it was not stolen because the driver found it and then looked around to see if anyone was in the area and when he didn't see anyone gave it to his helper and they drove away with it. He then proceeded to say if you dropped a dollar you wouldn't expect to get it back would you and to tell me how he lost 3 or 4 phones that he never got back. A dollar doesn't have my name listed inside it's settings and that I called my phone over 20 times while his employees were on our property and the display read ICE1 so they were given plenty of opportunity to pick it up and tell me they had it but no they decided to take it back to Stratford and keep it. He refused to mail my phone and said I could go pick it up if I wanted it I called him back + told him I would be there on Monday 12-17, he said they would be there all day. I called in the morning to verify their address and was told once again they would get back to me and once again nothing.

I then emailed the company page and got a response from a Barry C. the manager in Stratford to email him at [protected] and got a response from a William Cosey @ who said " Barry forwarded me your email. Listen I would like to resolve this issue for you. I did speak with our team member and he mentioned that the phone is no longer in our possession. Can I send you a check for $50 to cover the cost of your insurance deductible?" My response was $50 wont do a thing for me that phone was just purchased in September I got it for $99.00 because I had a trade in, it was on sale and I was eligilbe for an upgrade and I paid $25. for the otterbox that was around it. I had to pay $219 + tax for the replacement phone and was required to add a ghost line and sign a new two year contract at 9.99 a month for two years (roughly) 240.00, a 36.00 dollar activation fee and 39 for my new otterbox so they cost me more like $658.00.

Although it may not be illegal to walk off with someones property because they dropped it near you
it should be anyone with half a brain can figure out who a smart phone belongs to as the name is right in the settings and there was ample chance to pick it up and return it the 20+ times I called it while they were here and had my phone on them. Maybe its just me but I find disturbing that a person in such a business and their employees would have a finders/keeper attitude. Just where does one draw the line about what is "found" and what can be kept. I personally would never hire a business with this attitude to be in charge of my valuables unattended but that is just my honest opinion
Well surprise surprise just spoke to my neighbor who was moved in by the idiots who took my phone and once she unpacked she was missing quite a few items when she called to ask they be brought to her they told her she would have to pay the full moving fee all over again what a bunch of shysters

added fees and tardiness

All I would like to say is please read the reviews for this company, and believe ALL you read! I have already wrote as much as I can stand by filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs! And would like to also say-- DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS MOVING in the Wichita, Ks. area-- U will be here filling out a complaint due to added fees, which includes travel time, fuel charges, DOT surcharges, and much more than what it was figured for you to pay!

poor service

In May of 2012, I contracted with All My Son’s Moving for a residential move of approximately 200 miles. During the move, I witnessed one of their employees drop a hand cart full of kitchen boxes down a flight of stairs. Breaking glass was heard and there was obvious damage. The items were moved to my new residence, and several items were found not to have made the trip. I filed a claim with their ‘claims’ department and filled out the appropriate paperwork. Among the broken items was a wedding gift cake platter, glass pitcher, along with scratches on several wooden items. Missing was a bucket and wringer, and a shelf to a family heirloom bookcase. Several calls to the company concerning the missing items were fruitless. My claim with their insurance company resulted in their offer of $5.39. Yes, $5.39. I think I paid more than that to have their claim form notarized (mandatory according to them). Their insurance liability according to AMSM is .60 cents per pound. So it appears they estimated I lost or had damaged nine pounds of goods.

I would not recommend using this company to move a dog crate. Use them at your own risk. I will not recommend this company to anyone, nor will I ever consider using it for myself.

  • I have moved cross country 5 times with family of four. Always used Interstate Carriers and was always offered the opportunity to purchase as much insurance as I wanted. The 60 cents is a manditory minimum if the client does not purchase any in excess. The good part is I only lost one item and was standing there when a mover dropped and broke a fifth of Vodca. Not bad for the packing loading unloading and unpacking. I always figured my possesions exceeded 60 cents per pound in value. Figure 30, 000 pounds which for me was all our posessions. That is only $18, 000 in coveage. Replacement on my household would easily be $80, 000 to $100, 000. I figured the extra insurance was part of the cost to move. If you were not offered the additional insurance they won't have the required waiver of add'l insurance. This issue can easily be resolved with the help of the Dept of Transportation. Balls in your court to ask for the waiver. Good Luck.

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Moving Disaster!!! All My Sons was supposed to arrive at 1:00 pm to move all of my belongings to my new house. By 3:30 they hadn't arrived and hadn't even called! When I called them they said their truck broke down and they couldn't move me until two days later! My guess is that they had overbooked the day. They were not willing to discount my move to make up for my inconvenience and were rude on the phone! Don't ever use this unreliable moving company. This was a nightmare!

  • Ki
    Kim Aug 26, 2008

    Absolutely terrible service. This is the first and last time we will ever use this company. They charged additional fees that were not discussed before hand, i.e fuel surcharge and a fee to pay with my credit card. Do not use this company! They will try to turn a small move into an eight hour ordeal. Save yourself a lot of headache and go with another company.

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All My Sons Moving & Storage of Sarasota / Bradenon FL I supplied an inventory in advance, and my quote wa...

bait and switch!

I think the fact that it cost $495 for an in-town move of a piano and a couple of armchairs speaks for itself. They gave me a quote based on travel time + move time ($375) and then called me back less than 24 hours before the move with a different story about "minimum hours", without mentioning the implications for the quoted cost. They entered all the new costs on the paperwork after receiving signatures.

The movers themselves were nice guys, but the guys on the phone were shady. They were unwilling to rectify my complaint and were rude. Do not use them!

terriable service

1st off I booked this company one month in advance and two days before the move the company calls and says they can not make it on the date we had agreed on and would be one day late. OK no biggy. I got a truck and started moving boxes and figured I'd let them move the big stuff. Well that was the wrong discussion. They were not professional movers as they damaged just about every piece of furniture we had including a very expensive leather couch for which it looks like they dragged it on the ground as it ended up with several rips. My overall experience with this company was horrible and will never use or recommend this company again.

do not use all my sons movers

We used All My Sons Movers to move our furniture and belongings from a three bedroom apt. to a four bedroom...

poor service, hidden charges

I hired this company to move me from one house to another, I was assured that it would be three very professional guys doing the move, well when they arrived two of them spoke no English, they damaged furniture, broke statues, vases, and on top of that they went off and left a dresser in one of the bedrooms behind, the guy that did speak English called a brother to get a washer and dryer that i was getting rid of, mind you that I'm on the clock being charged 130.00 per hr, this guy helps his brother load his pick up truck on my time.When i reported this to the company along with all the damages, furniture left behind and poor service, i was informed by a Anthony Nitta that he would be sending me a $300.00 check to cover the damages and for the inconvenience, well at this posting i still haven't received a check .I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone if they approach you turn and run as fast as you can

they didn't show up to move us!

Look elsewhere for your movers ... they called me the morning of the move to say they weren't coming because the truck broke down. I didn't believe this excuse because there were trucks at Ryder available to rent and they avoided that with yet another excuse. Either they didn't have the man power or they chose to take a higher paying job.
The person calling was unapoligetic and unsympathothic and offered no assistance at all. Truely one of our worst business experiences!

damaged/missing items & refusal to resolve

Use extreme caution before using All My Sons Movers in San Antonio. They rely on a slick sales team, an undeserved BBB rating and DO NOT DELIVER as promised.

We contacted All My Sons Moving company in San Antonio to assist with our move from San Antonio to Dallas, Texas. Pick-up was scheduled for Monday, in San Antonio and delivery in Dallas on Tuesday. Initially a representative from All My Sons recommended a 2, 600 sf truck to handle the move from our 3 bedroom, 2, 350 sf home in San Antonio. A week prior to the move I confirmed the move and expressed my concern on “size”, indicating that I had quite a few plants on the patio that I wished to relocate to Dallas. An additional 2, 600 sf truck and an additional man was added to the move. I was assured that all items would “fit”. No mention was made in any conversations regarding damage to belongings, property, insurance options or theft.

They arrived as scheduled and proceeded to load the trucks. The crew was a bit “surly”, but appeared efficient and hard working. On the initial “walk through” of the property it was explained that we wanted to move the plants on the patio, and that there were boxes prepared for them on the patio and that they could even be stacked if necessary. It was understood that they would load the plants as spaced permitted and there was no liability for the condition of the plants in the move. The first truck was loaded and moved down the street and they proceeded with the second truck. As they finished with the second truck we were informed that they were “running out of space” and would not be able to take all of the plants as we had asked, but that they got most of them. They did load about 1/3 of what they were asked to move in the last truck. They left to start the drive to the DFW area and we were left to do some final clean-up. There was a walk-through of the house to see that all of the boxes were loaded with the crew; there was no walk-through of the detached garage or property perimeter. About two hours after they left we were finishing up and did a final walk-through of the entire property - - including the detached garage and perimeter. We were very distressed to see that left so many plants, and took their word that the trucks were packed as tightly as possible. It was quite exasperating to see that someone had moved a 100 ft hose that was next to the gate to a lower tier on the patio where it was not moved. Unfortunately there was not much that could be done at that point. (There was not room in our vehicle to fit the hose, therefore it had to be left for the new owner which was not our intention.)

Our understanding was that they crew was to drive from San Antonio to Dallas Monday evening and park the truck in a secure warehouse overnight owned by the company. We proceeded to make the same drive several hours later, spending the night in a hotel and proceeding to the closing on the new property early the next morning.

The trucks arrived in a timely manner as soon as the closing was completed. Both trucks were backed up to the new house and opened. We were very distressed to see that one truck (the first one loaded) was not full. It was not packed tightly and there was more than enough room in the open area for all of the plants (and hose) that was left behind in San Antonio. We took their word that there was not room when in fact there was more than enough room. At this point we felt deceived (and lied to) but just wanted to get everything unloaded and situated in the new house.

The crew was much more personable and on the surface more than willing to help. The kept reminding us that they were moving “professionals” and would be happy to place the boxes and furniture where desired. All appeared very good on the surface. They were friendly and efficient, getting the trucks unloaded quickly. Psychologically we reconciled the fact that we had been mislead on the truck being full and the plants (and hose) that we were forced to leave in San Antonio was a small price to pay because they were really going out of their way to help and be efficient and not damage anything.
The issues surfaced once they left. Walking through the house it was discovered that multiple walls had paint scraped off, also multiple door frames were dented and doors chipped. (Note: This was a NEWLY constructed home that has never been occupied.) Unfortunately this was not the end of it, only the beginning…

1. Multiple boxes had been “crushed”. Consistently each “crushed” box had been “hidden” behind a stack of other boxes that were in good shape in three different room.
2. The ceramic weight in the base of a pole lamp had been broken and put back together with masking tape. This was discovered when the lamp was picked up and the ceramic base fell to the floor in pieces with strips of masking tape attached. By disguising the damage with masking tape the damage/breakage was “secreted”.
3. A television in the master bedroom was placed in the Armoire and the door closed. When the door was opened it was discovered that the entire plastic base had been broken off along the front in jagged edges. Again, the damage was “concealed” - - pattern developing here!
4. Severe scratches to a burgundy leather chair. Where was the padding or wrapping?
5. All items in the household have now been unpacked. In the process there is a minimum of two boxes that left San Antonio that did not arrive in Dallas. I do not know where the boxes disappeared in the process. I do know that the boxes were packed (one was handed to one of the crew in the San Antonio home as a “final” box to be put on the truck. He took the box from me as I finished placing tape on the box.) One box contained kitchen materials. It is known that that there was a box with three colanders and two omelet/crepe pans (and who know what else). After everything was unpacked I had no colanders or omelet/crepe pans. The second box, the one that was taken from me personally contained clothing. Trying to be efficient, I did a final load of laundry in San Antonio, placed the laundered items in a box which was handed to a member of the crew. This box contained roughly 20+ pairs of underwear that had been freshly laundered. After all boxes were unpacked there was no underwear except for that brought in an overnight suitcase. Where and when did the boxes disappear is unknown, though I highly suspect that the truck was not secured overnight, thereby leading to the disappearance of the boxes. This is negligent and downright theft. When will I discover what else is missing? I have even gone so far as to call the new owner of the San Antonio property to confirm that these items were not left behind. According to the “new owner” the only items that remained were the unexpected plants and hose.
6. As a final “slap in the face” the movers “kept” my broom. I know it was loaded on the truck as a member of the crew asked if I wished to keep the brooms out for cleaning in San Antonio. They were informed no, as I had a canister vacuum that would do the job required so the brooms were loaded on the truck. After everything was unloaded and the movers departed there was no broom in the household.
The experience has been unpleasant and I feel very deceitful and disappointing. There was damage to the property. Items were broken and the damage concealed. Items that were known to be loaded on the trucks in San Antonio did not arrive in Dallas which is nothing short of theft.


The response from All My Sons Movers was to refer the matter to their insurance company. The requirements of the insurance company to file a claim are totally outlandish and impossible to fulfill. They ask for photo’s of the damaged goods which is easy to provide, they also ask for dated receipts for all damaged and missing merchandise. This portion of the request is unfeasible. Without this information the claim cannot be processed.

How can it be expected that I have dated receipts for everything in my household? This is totally unrealistic. Who has a receipt for every piece of furniture or lamp purchased. Who has a receipt for every single kitchen utensil? Who has a receipt for every piece of underwear they have purchased, even in the past six months! Very, very few individuals can meet these absurdly strict requirements. If one cannot meet the requirements they are absolving themselves from any responsibility saying it is between the customer and the insurance company. At no time was insurance ever discussed in the moving process, especially not to say that if you wish to make a claim for any item you must have the dated sales receipt! Some of the items were gifts and I do not have receipts, for others, keeping a dated receipt is not reasonably expected.

All My Sons Movers have also totally failed to address what I feel is the most severe issue - - - the “missing” boxes. The items were on the truck when they left San Antonio and were not unloaded in Dallas. One particular box was removed from my hands by one of the movers and carried to the truck. This is the last time the box or the contents have been seen.

The items were in the custody of All My Sons Movers. What happened? I know the trucks were parked overnight, supposedly in a “secure company owned warehouse”. The doors were not locked when the trucks left San Antonio, nor when they arrived in Dallas. Common sense indicates that the missing boxes were removed by an employee or someone who had access to the “secure company owned warehouse”.

I continue to be totally unsatisfied with the response of All My Sons Movers of San Antonio. One of my concerns has not been addressed at all. The other was answered in a manner that is impossible to receive any satisfaction.


  • Cm
    CM1986 Sep 29, 2010

    Document everything, snap pictures and take the company to small claims court and get your money cause if they won't do it, the court will.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 28, 2010

    I am posting everywhere I can to warn people about USAA and their horrible treatment of customers (members) - USAA Mortgage is run by mexican immigrants, I am totally convinced of that!! Our VA Mortgage Processor, could not communicate well at all (and I think she cursed out my husband in Spanish) therefore, I will tell everyone I know AND the VA loan center about how Veterans and their families are treated.

    I applied alnong with my husband for a VA Refinance a month ago. My husband is 100% disabked as a result if service in Afghanistan- a grenade exploded under him during a "sweep". He is a grunt, an infantryman and would die for his country- and he almost did!! Anyway, our VA Processor kept telling us he has to pay the 3.3% funding fee. Then, she changed her mind and said no he did not. She refused to accept any paperwork from the VA with his rating. This incompetant dumbass mexican lady put us through hell and back! It finally came to the point that our lock expired not once but twice on us. Had we gone through with the USAA refinance, we would have had another half a percent tacked on to our rate.

    I am thinking that this malicious treatment has to be criminal or fraud. I find it hard to believe that a fortune 500 organization would be so "politically correct" in its hiring to reflect the large mexican american population in TX without regard to skill or merit. I understand that they have a consumer reporter on KENS 5 in SA. I have contacted him and they will be airing an expose on USAA Mortgage Services in early Feb 2011.

    I want to vomit when I think of the bad people there.

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