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Complaints & Reviews

moving 1 bedroom apartment from winnipeg

This is a terrible terrible company. They take your stuff and won't tell you when they're delivering it. I regret doing business with them. Save yourself some trouble and contact a better company.
They were supposed to deliver my shipment on 20th. Today is 24th and no shipment yet. I keep calling them everyday. The guy told me I would receive the shipment by the night. That happened every single time I called them. No one in the company gives me an answer of where my shipment is. Its lies after lies after lies.

Moving items

On October 29th, 2016, arrangements were made for a Two Small Men with Big Hearts moving truck to attend a residence in White Rock, BC. They were to pick up 3 items and move them to a storage locker but 10 minutes away. They were advised at the time that they must be there around 2:00 pm as I had no access to the storage locker after 4:45 pm. The truck arrived to the residence at 4:10 pm. It was evident to me that of the 3 men that arrived, two of them were drunk. One had difficulty walking and had slurred speech. The other had difficulty walking and was slow to respond to my questions. He was belligerent and challenged me as to why I was asking which one of the group was the driver of the truck (for obvious reasons). As time passed by, realizing that they could not meet the required timeline to move the furniture, they decided they would leave. They initially attempted to charge me for the standard fee to attend which was in excess of $125.00. I declined and then they exclaimed that I had to pay something. To get them off the property, I paid them $40.00 cash and they left. Subsequently, I made a complaint to their head office in Edmonton and described the scenario along with the attempt to get money from me, then readily take the cash I offered. The respondent said that she would bring it to the attention of management for action. Being a long time business owner myself, and knowing how we would and should handle a complaint of this nature, I expected a followup call from a member of their managment team. I never did!

Over the past many years, I used this company to assist with our business endeavours. Given the manner in which these men used up my time, were poorly presented by intoxication, and by all attempts extorted me for some money, and finally never receiving any sort of correspondence or response from a member the company's management team, I will never use this company again. My suggestion is that one exercise diligence when deciding to use this company.


Overcharged, intimidation, lack of professionalism

I was overcharged for a poor service. Employees kept demanding tips at the end of the job. I was charged a...

Moving company - not trustworthy, unethical behaviour etc

Moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to another 2 bedroom apartment within same city (Kingston Ontario). Date...

Kingston Other

Damaged furniture during move

We hired this company for a move from Rycroft to Grande Prairie on Sept 28, 2015. They were four hours late...

Grande Prairie Movement & Delivery

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rip off artists

I used this company because they were on a list from my real estate agent of companies to use. I phoned and...

damage to all furniture

This moving company damaged all the furniture they moved of ours. We are taking them to court to cover...


your right two small men with big hearts is a very corrupt company most of their profional service is bad the reason for that is most of their staff are either fresh out of prison such as brent in toronto as well as the owner of ottawa branch len these guys are bolth ex cons most of the guys they have working are drunks or drug addict their truck do not meet the standards of being road worthy the guy dont care about your move just how much they can soak you for so any one looking to use these guy well you in for a lot of headaches and beware of them stealing as well ive used them to move and lost 1000 in photography equipment as wellas had furniture damaged and the compinsation i got for the damaged furiture was 6 cents per pound what kind of insuranceis that ????????please be aware of these guys they are scammers from the get go

Update on my move, Nov/06

Hi all future movers and past people who have been ripped off by this company,

I have been doing some checking and found a great update about Two crooked men and all their other affiliate company names they hide under.
Under the Ontario government website Consumer Beware,

Jeff Green and Brent Witte have had a host of charges brought out against them on March of 2009.


Intentional delays, damaged furniture and so much more

Included below is the email I sent to their Head Office in response to the really bad service I recieved while moving on Saturday August 15th, 2009.

"I am utterly disgusted with the service we received for our move. We were pretty understanding when the movers did not show up at the scheduled time on saturday, as we understood (only after contacting the head office location) that they were unable to empty the moving vehicle the previous night. We even overlooked the fact that we did not receive a call from the movers to let us know they were running behind. However, the following that occured that day is totally unacceptable:

1. Upon meeting the movers, it was evident that one of them had been drinking heavily the night before or earlier on that morning.

2. The amount of time it took for the movers was ridiculous! It took them 9 hours to complete the move when it was estimated to be 5 hours. I realize this is an estimate, however, when I moved into the apartment 2 years ago, it took the moving company I had gone with 5 hours (and with only 2 movers). I expected that it would be comparable.

3. Alot of standing around - the movers would stand in the vehicle and discuss which items to move when there where many items available for moving that did not require 2 men. I do not know if it is your company policy to move everything with a dolly, however, there were many boxes moved in with a dolly that I (as a female) could have moved myself in half the time it took to struggle with the dolly up the steps. This was a complete padding of the hours worked.

4. The movers were smoking in the vehicle where my stuff was stored! We are a non-smoking household. This is disgusting! If I wanted my stuff to smell like cigarettes, I would smoke in my home. Although we are not asthmatics, our cat is extremely sensitive to smoke. My landlord, from the place I was moving out of, witnessed the movers going for a smoke in the storage area almost everytime the brought down a load from my place. My boyfriend and myself witnessed the tail end of this behaviour when they finally made it to my new location. I can understand the movers requiring breaks, but it should not be everytime they move down a load. This is a waste of my time and money. Now my stuff has been contaminated.

5. Damaged goods & property - One wall in particular in my move-out suite has a about a 4 inch black sctrach as well as numerous scratches and marks in the elevator. My small filing cabinet has a dent and large scratch on the bottom side. As well, my futon frame has scrapes all along the bar. I realize there are bound to be bumps and scrapes in moves, it should be minimal. So in addition to the time and cost of the move, I am now responsible for the repairs in my suite and have damaged belongings. The only reason this is on my list of complaints is because I do not feel that they even tried to minimize the damage occuring or attempt to prevent it.

6. Children playing on our belongings that were outside the building and waiting to be loaded. We came back to see how much longer the movers were going to be around 3pm. At which time, when we were pulling into the parking lot we watched in disbelief as two children were climbing on our property and there was no-one in sight watching our stuff. When we went to speak to the girls to ask them to stop, their father (Farris) came out of the vehicle. Children should not be in the way when people are moving. My property could have been damaged by their carelessness or they could have hurt themselves.

7. Unprepared - the movers did not come prepared to remove doors, etc. I had to run around between the two properties to attempt to find my own tools to have the door removed. I expect when I am paying someone to do a job that they come prepared.

8. Lacking common sense - these movers did not have common sense. When we moved into our old apartment (the move-out location on Aug 15th), the only item that did not fit in the elevator was our couch. However, the movers insisted on taking my boxspring and futon frame (in addition to the couch - which I knew would not fit in the elevator) down the stairwell. These items fit when moving in... why didnt they fit while moving out?! This was just another excuse to waste more time as they did not try very hard to get it to fit in the elevator.

As someone who works with difficult customers everyday, I know the results of giving good customer service versus giving really crappy service. All of these points contributed in some way to all the additional expenses of having chosen your company to conduct my move. Not only did I have to pay more for the extended time it took for these guys to do the job, but I am also paying for the damages sustained during the move. I am extremely disatisfied with the service recieved. I want to know what you will be doing so that no other customers are taken advantage of the same way that we were. If proper steps to reconcile this matter are not taken, I will be demanding the cost of fumigating my belongings and will be acquiring legal representation if needed. This is absolutely unacceptable. I should not have had to pay more than the estimated quote as it should not have taken 9 hours to complete!

I anticipate your immediate response to this matter."

PLEASE!! DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR MOVE! I can not stress this enough. I have not recieved a response back and will be getting a lawyer if they dont get back to me.

  • Ch
    Christian Ferstl Nov 06, 2009

    Dear Soupy,

    I am sorry to hear about your move!!! If you read though all these complaints you will see that you will never get any responce to your letter. I have also delt with this crooked company and did not do my research and learned the hard way. I would just chalk it up as a learning experience, contanct the BBB in alberta and let them know so they can keep track of it. Also be detailedled in your complaint. other than tring to sue them in civil court there is not much you can do, sorry. I have been through all the steps in the past such as you, and i wasnt going to waste one more cent on them in court. Now i just make it a point to go on all these consumerwatch sites and let them know my story to help stop other people from going through what I did.

    Good Luck,

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Liars, thiefs, never returned calls,

Located in Winnipeg Manitoba. I moved to BC August 2008, my belongings were with Two Small Men with Big Hearts in Winnipeg, they were to transport within 7 days, it took 1 month. Before I left I went to the lot to add a couple of items that the movers said were too much work for them to take and I should leave them behind, I said no they come with me, they left them and drove off. A table hockey game and laundry baskets! Well, as small as the lot was they couldn't find my stuff -why? It was moved into a storage trailer on site!!! Always excuses. Oh yes and I had to follow the movers everywhere through my house because as they moved items anything with cords attached or a remote, instead of wrapping them up with the unit they just pulled them out and dropped them on the ground whereever they were at the moment, indoors/outdoors where ever. They told me what to take and what I should leave behind - behind for who? All of my furniture was dismantled into the smallest of pieces, and arrived that way to BC -when it finally got here. I was told by the movers delivering my items that they personally didn't dismantle things so were not going to put anything back together. No one even kew what went where or looked like it was a piece to what item. Wpg office said it should not have been done when I finally got one of them on the phone. One of the movers commented when carrying in one of my couches they it was so comfortable and asked me if I was willing to sell it to him cheap for his brother? WHAT! He is supposed to be carrying my stuff on checking out if it is comfy and a possible purchase for himself. It still had tags from the store on them, and they marked it on th paper as worn!!! Immediately I noticed my blue leather ottoman for my living room set gone, I called the movers directly they said yip it was in the truck under blankets and would bring it on the way back from Vancouver, I never saw either again. Well I tried myself, but besides missing most of the screws, bolts, springs and some of the pieces, it was a lost cause. Surrey (head office) said that I signed that everything arrived so to bad, I didn't have a claim -to get a life and move on, yelled, screamed, insulted me and told me to call the RCMP and complain to them. (what was I supposed to do, i was alone with these 2 guys in my new kitchen and they said they weren;t leaving till I signed that items arrived. I was horrified. I called Wpg back, now this is going on months already, the secretay apologized -as the guys were always away from the office, Finally I got ne of them when i called private umber asking about a moving estimate -funny he was there for that! He gave me a personal e-mail address to send pictures of missing items, like my blue leather ottoman (from my living room set) -and how was I supposed to do that it was missing. Tried the e-mail address and it bounced back undeliverable. Many boxes did not arrive, and many had 2 stickers on them instead of one. Wpg did nothing but ignore my calls "out of the office sorry". The bikes were dismantled, tires flat and frames bent, picture frames broken, stand up lamps broken and scratched, and they still won't pick up this bag of clothes that came to me in a black garbage bag that belongs to someone else. They lied about everything starting from the original delivery date, so we slept on air mattresses and sat on 2 chairs that I bought at Walmart for 3 weeks! I made calls, sent multiple e-mails (which I was finally told were found in their junk mail), -guess that is where customers e-mails go after they sig on with them, junk. I and family members had contacted Surrey which was totally a dead end with that loser from claims yelling and screaming at me. I will tell you that this company is a sham and that any comments you may hear complimenting them were probably made by them!!!
I will never ever ever recommend these guys to anyone.
Oh yes, it is great that they lost most of the legs to my blue leather couches too, so I had phone s under them to level them, they said that they were in a box with the screws and cords-well guess what -that was one of the boxes that didn;t show up!!! And since one of my kids desks had the legs pulled out instead of the crews removed -the whole wood was destroyed and my child now does homework at the table!
Do NOT, EVER use this company!!!

Resolved Bad service

I have just recently moved from Toronto to Barrie. Prior to my move I was checking out all the opinion board...

Good Guys

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving... I recognize the fact that this is a complaint board but I really...

Lack of honesty and integrity

this company has over 600 unresolved, unanswered complaints/lawsuits in Ontario alone - while the owners live in luxury. Don't be fooled by the sugary coated reviews shown - they have their own reps submit good stories to cover up the negligence, illegal double credit card billings, thefts. You are only a dollar sign - they don't give a crap about you or your contents. Ever wonder why loads are shifted between offices and delayed indefinitely, then show up without electronics and other specific valuables? It's no accident. They are on the bottom for a reason. They don't even treat their own office owners with honesty - just rip off and steal what you have worked hard for. Do your homework. Don't keep these guys in business. They will only continue to scam and thieve. There are many other great moving companies out there. Use them instead.

  • Te
    TeeTime Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We actually filed an official complaint against the Toronto office for their dishonest practice and have now been advised by the Consumer Protection Bureau that they will be charged. Anyone else wanting to provide sworn statements against this branch should contact the Consumer Protection Bureau of Ontario (they really do work).

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  • Qu
    Quimbly Mar 08, 2010

    I wish I had read all of these comments before I hired TSM Moving Ltd. (Total Service Moving), also known as "Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving".

    TSM Movers Ltd.:
    - Improperly explained and misrepresented their insurance policies before the move began
    - Almost completely destroyed our downstairs stairwell while moving a couch
    - Damaged a number of furniture items
    - Overcharged by several hours (i.e. charged when no work was being done)
    - Movers exhibited unprofessional, unethical behavior
    - Office agreed to accept complaint, but later lied and said I had submitted my complaint too late

    Have you seen their BBB rap sheet?

    Avoid at ALL costs!!!

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Double billing scam

Re. Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving I, and my friends - a couple - moved in August using this company...

I Love Two Small Men With Big Hearts

I really like the professional friendly service I receive from Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving. Our Company specializes in relocating seniors, and we have used this company for over 100 moves without incident.

  • Wi
    William Apr 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see that this person who "LOVES" these crooks must also be part of there stealing from us elder folk.
    I would love to see and get the names of this umm so called ( 100 ) moves these idiots moved.
    I made a mistake using two small dorks with pockets full from theft and my god did they distroy our life time items that we worked so hard for.
    I put in a claim in there main THEFT pool in Toronto not even 5 months ago and have been lied to, cursed to, even told to F off and hung up on.
    This Jeff Green fellow is the most ignorant person i have ever spoke to, and then i find out he is the MASTER theif.
    TO ALL US OLD FOLK, stay away from this company and all there pot smoking theifs.

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  • Ch
    Christian Ferstl Aug 21, 2008

    This must be another one of Jon hidden names. This is not TSMWBH moving company. This is a scam!!!

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  • Mo
    Mover Watcher Oct 26, 2008

    Man these are funny post's from "Damage Control Dept." in Toronto and across Canada.
    Pot smoking/Crooks/thief's pretty much covers the majority of the employees and staff there.
    They are bad, but if you're not wise enough to catch the problem here or on the other complaint boards, then maybe you will get lucky and actually get 2 honest hardworking fellows from this company... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Sorry, I was really laughing there.


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  • Qu
    Quimbly Mar 08, 2010

    Please review all comments on this site about TSM Moving / Two Small Men... for the real truth:

    TSM Movers Ltd.:
    - Improperly explained and misrepresented their insurance policies before the move began
    - Almost completely destroyed our downstairs stairwell while moving a couch
    - Damaged a number of furniture items
    - Overcharged by several hours (i.e. charged when no work was being done)
    - Movers exhibited unprofessional, unethical behavior
    - Office agreed to accept complaint, but later lied and said I had submitted my complaint too late

    Have you seen their BBB rap sheet?

    Googling also reveals a CBC article about their shady practices:

    Do yourself a favor and AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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Exceptinal Service

A Great Move, Exceptional Service, From Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving. In June of 2007, my company...

Franchise scam!

This company represents itself on the internet in Canada and the US as a franchise with 'franchise...

This company S*cks!

I booked a 5 ton truck for my move a week before the move. I called the day before the move to confirm that a 5 ton truck would be showing up to move me, the woman on the phone assured me it would be there. They showed up an hour late, with a 2 ton truck. I said, what the heck, where is my 5 ton that I booked, the guys said, we don't know they just tell us where to go and we go. So I called the office, the woman told me that was the only truck available. I asked what happened to the 5 ton truck that I booked, she said, there was nothing in her notes to say I wanted a 5 ton truck. I tried to argue with her and she said, well you know, we aren't the only movers in the book; why don't you just have someone else move you and hung up on me. Then she called her drivers and told them to leave. I had to call her back to get the men to return with my elevator keys, she sent them back, I asked them what was up, they said, she called and told them under no circumstances were they to move me.

So there I sat with my apartment all packed up and no truck to move. I called Top Movers and luckily they had a truck available and they sent it right over.

I would suggest that no one ever used Two small men with big trucks... they suck.

Dispute in Moving Charges

The company has our things in storage and we cannot get it out cause they want to charge the estimate price not the real weight. Also it has been a night mare right from the start .
Who do we talk to where do we go?
Linda and wilf sagel

  • Bi
    big john222 Jan 16, 2010

    the person whom owns two small men is jeff green he and his wife cheri have a beatiful house in schonberg ontario they are the one whom own two small men the company is run by ex cons and drunks as well as drug addicts and they also steal from their customers but you did sign a contract releasing your goods to them so it is a catch 22 you need to file with the bbb as well as call the ontario provincial police or the rcmp and file a theft by conversion charge

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