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all my sons moving & storage - repeat customer with perfect moving

I'm a customer of All My Sons Moving & Storage, and an extremely satisfied customer at that. Since this is a complaints board (which is just sad when there's no room to encourage positive thinking), I'm here to complain about the people complaining about a moving company that is simply a God-send. I understand that damages are definitely worthy of a complaint and scheduling conflicts occur with any moving company across the board, but I can't help but think some of these complaints are the result of a naive customer. Read the fine print, people!!! Ask questions!!! Most moving companies ask for payment in advance and before unloading. Its how it works!! My story is below, and its hard to believe I'm talking about the same moving company that these other reviews mention.

Thanks to a snafu with our mortgage company, the house we though we were buying from my sister was in fact put up for auction. This left us with about 2 days to get packed, find a new home, and move our family of three there. My wife was in hysterics, and we googled "West Palm movers" to find All My Sons at the top of the list.

We didn't have time for an estimate, as we were already trying to throw our entire life into boxes. Needless to say, we were frustrated and scared and upset, but our moving representative was great about reassuring my wife. They scheduled our move with no problems with a 48 hour warning. When it was clear that we could never pack everything in time, they sent out movers the next day to pack up our belongs. Two movers packed our four bedroom home in mere hours (I'm not sure of the exact time, but it was far faster than we'd been going).

When it was time to take our belongings to storage, one of the movers (Randy...Andy?) reiterated the storage process. All My Sons uses vaults in their facility, and we basically just had to watch them load the truck, then wave goodbye.

We moved into our new place a few days ago, and what we've unpacked is still in one piece. They use heavy quilts to wrap furniture, and everything came back looking like it should. The rest of our stuff will remain in their storage as we look for a new home, and I couldn't be happier about that. All My Sons really won my respect and trust. I hope others that have had a similar experience will come out and say so instead of dwelling in negativity. I know I'll post this review where ever I can.

damaged and missing items

If you like any of your belongings or ever want to see them again, the DO NOT use All My Sons moving and...

damaged furniture

This was supposed to be a very simple process. Moving ONE piece of furniture (a cherry TV/stereo cabinet...

Resolved avoid them

To anyone out there searching for a moving company: please avoid All My Sons Moving of Connecticut. These guys are thieves. Literally.

I employed their services for a local move (they actually contacted me) and was thrilled when the woman on the phone told me that "We have had 0 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau." Shame on me for being so trusting. As it turns out, they have 14 complaints on record. I thought she sounded like she was reading from a script. It sure sounded great at the time.

Three men arrived (at a cost of $170/hr.) to assist with the local move. They began ambitiously, but soon they slowed to a crawl. I was working alongside them and anxious to have them finish ($170/hr., remember?). Needless to say, I didn't have time to inventory all of my belongings. If I had, I would have noticed more quickly that not all of my belongings which were loaded onto the truck were offloaded. I was robbed.

The real nightmare began when I attempted to get an answer from the company (the manager & owner). What I received was insulting. First of all, it took the state of Connecticut, the Better Business Bureau and several other agencies hounding them to get them to even acknowledge that I existed. I am still in the midst of 'dealing' with these imbeciles & am simply trying to warn anyone who is searching for a moving company to avoid these scam artists, thieves, etc.

If you want to pay 3x more than anyone else will charge for a local move (that's how much more it was than all estimates), then these are the guys for you. If you want to have your property stolen & damaged, then these are the guys for you. If you want to deal with dolts that do not understand the meaning of 'customer service, ' then these are the guys for you. Avoid this company at all costs. I should have.

All one needs to do is to conduct a simple internet search. I should not have been so trusting (when they initially contacted me with their 'scripted' bull) and should have simply 'googled' their name. This would have been enough. A fancy website and full-page yellowbook ad do not make a business. This should usually be a sign that a business has something to hide & is simply giving the appearance of being professional. Trust me. They lack all professionalism and integrity. I found out the hard way.

  • Lw
    lwilson75167 May 14, 2009

    If you are thinking about using all my sons moving & storage do yourself a favor... Don't! Here's my story.
    When I contacted all my sons to inquire about letting them handle our move, I asked specific questions regarding their ability to handle antique furniture because I have several precious family heirlooms. They assured me they knew how to handle them and my antiques would be handled with the utmost care, so we scheduled the date and time. On moving day (March 1, 2017), when the movers arrived they required me to sign documents for services before they started. During our walk through I pointed out the antiques, and one in particular (My grandmother's china cabinet) and asked them to be extremely careful when moving it because it is very precious to me and I did not want it to get broken. They again reassured me that it would be well cared for. When they got ready to move the china cabinet, they broke the curved glass completely out on one side before they even got it on the dolly. My husband had told them how they shoud move it to prevent breaking any of the glass, but they ignored what he said. The way they were trying to load in on the dolly it was going to break no matter how careful they were. I was devastated!! But they again reassured me that their company was covered and they would take care of it. After the move was complete I had to pay them for services rendered and at that time I got the information from the movers to file the claim. When I received the claim form from their claims department I completed the form and included a repair estimate for $485.00 and pictures. When they finally responded they offered me $120 but in order to receive that money I had to sign a document agreeing not to say anything bad about their company. I was so offended and upset and did not sign the document. And $120 was such a long way from paying for the repair it wasn't worth it to take their "hush money". I have since contacted another company to get another repair estimate and it was a great deal higher than the first one. As it turns out, there was a little calculation regarding their coverage in very small print on the paperwork the movers had me sign. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and they didn't help me get it resolved either. All my sons does not care about the customer or the customer's belongings... They just want your money. Their movers are not "professionals" and obviously do not have the proper training for handling delicate or antique furniture. I will never trust them with my valuables again!
    Damaged in waxahachie, texas

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  • Mo
    Monica E. Sep 05, 2010

    This is one of the situations that my husband should have listened to me and not hired these guys and went with some one like Two Men and A Truck.

    Before the actual move took place, I received a call from Ambrose at about 7:30 in the evening asking if I could change my appointment time around. So in other words I had to accomodate for them because they had some "truck issues" so I had to change my moving time from 12/1 to 8/9 in the morning. It all seemed ok in the beginning until they had tried to switch the rate that we were told from $95 and hour to $115. My husband who is not in the area decided to give the owner Ambrose a call to because my husband had set up the move with him in the first place. Ambrose told my husband that he was going to have the movers change the rate back to $95 and that issue seemed to be taken care of. Besides the actual moving of the of furniture and belonging which was done decently, there was the issue of gratuity at the end of the job. Take into consideration that I was by myself on this move with these gentlemen because my husband is not in the state. So when at the end of the job they basically began demanding gratuity and talking to me in a condescending tone about how gratuity works, and his example for me was how in a restaurant you would give a waiter tips. I told the worker who dealt with the paperwork that if I could put some thing on the paperwork used to pay the bill that I would, but he told me that gratuity is something seperate. I even let them know that I did not carry cash with me and that is a big reason why I paid with a credit card. After that statement they even suggested that I must have something to give them like a personal check or something. During this whole situation I felt really uncomfortable especially it just being me and three men demanding for gratuity, because of that I was glad that my small children were not with me. In the end I do not see myself or my husband hiring this company again for any type of moving needs!

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  • Th
    the true story Mar 15, 2011

    let me start by saying the sales man was very profesional, and sold the company well. The rest that followed was more than disturbing. The "professional movers" that showed up were punk 16-18 year old tatood kids in plain street clothes and skater shoes. Had they not been driving the 1970's moving truck I wouldn't of let them in. They proceeded to listen to rap music with foul language and terms in front of my family, and literally destroy my house.
    They SHOVELED cabinents and drawers into boxes. They simply wrapped a blanket around my $3, 500 58" tv. they layed my cherry wood furniture flat on the truck floor. They tracked mud and dirty through out my house. They folded and stuffed my $300+ suites and other dress clothes into regular boxes "no garment boxes". Multiple shampoos and chemicals were broken and spilt in the boxes since they were just piled in.

    The wood work at the new location was beat to shreds. Most the furniture was scratched. My king mattress torn, my 1936 oil painting wasn't bubble wrapped causing a 1" rip in the canvas, although a painting from "bed bad and beyond" that had a $10.99 sticker on the back was. My x-box kinect sensor was thrown into a box with DVDs and is now trashed.. bottom line I could go on and on about how ### this company is. On top of that THEY CHARGED ME AN ADDITIONAL $500 WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE on my card for "misc. trip charges". What happened was the dumbasses quoted me to the wrong town. I corrected them and paid the correct amount to the correct town. Apparently they really wanted that additional money. On top of that I heard the two young boys talking about how bad they hated their boss, and that they had to unpack all day, and then drive 9.5 hours back to there origination to work the next day!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!

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  • Su
    sucker0 Apr 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a moving experience last Friday. When our upstairs television died, we decided to replace the one we had in the living room with a larger one and move the existing unit, a piece assembly with a large center section and two side units, upstairs. Simple, right? What could possibly go wrong with that plan?
    As a larger set would not fit into our entertainment center, we found a modest cabinet credenza (and a TV) and put them into our living room. The credenza’s weight made this a difficult process, so we decided to hire some moving professionals to get the old unit upstairs.
    Monday, I called a company, “All My Sons”, and we agreed that they would be just the people to move the old unit upstairs. They promised to be at the house first thing Friday morning in exchange for a $50 deposit. On Tuesday they called and said they needed a $50 deposit. I reminded them that we had taken care of that the day before. They said they had had a computer problem. They confirmed that they would be out between 8:30 and 9:00 on Friday and would call to reconfirm on Thursday.
    Friday came along without further contact. So did 9:00. And 10:00. So I called them and asked if they were having trouble finding the place. I was told that they weren’t having any trouble and had us scheduled for that afternoon. After a certain amount of discussion, they discovered that one of their crews had just returned from Texas and could come right out. “Right out” in mover talk is about two hours, but eventually they got there.
    They got to actually moving stuff after about 15 minutes of signing their papers and within about 45 minutes they had almost everything moved, lacking only the center unit and one side piece of the entertainment center. For the next hour and a quarter they tried to get the center unit to go up the stairs. Incredibly, even my help was not enough. There is a tight fit and less clearance than desirable at the bottom of the stairs and they couldn’t figure out a way to turn the corner. It almost fit and they kept trying until we eventually agreed that the unit was going to need to be lifted over the stair railing. They declined to do this, saying they would need more people, but they took the other side unit up there.
    Then they figured out the bill. Then I talked to the owner, Jeff (or some other “J” name). As they had not accomplished their task, he grudgingly agreed to reduce the charge by about $50. By an incredible stroke of luck he was going to have a four man crew in Cabot on Sunday and was going to send them over to deal with the remaining piece. Since they were going to be in Cabot anyway, he was going to waive any travel time, and he was going to only charge for actual time, rather than the two hour minimum. Almost too good to be true -- my problems were about to be over!
    Then I asked him what he was going to do about the damage done to my wall. He felt that he should have known about the damage before he agreed to the reduction. It was not clear to me why, but apparently they had $50 of “oops” money built into their charges and this was now used up. We agreed to address it when the other crew came on Sunday.
    At this point, it will probably not come as a shock that no one showed up on Sunday. So, to recap, they showed up late on Friday, didn’t do the job, damaged my wall, charged too much, and flat out lied about Sunday. As the company’s ads stress that they have been in business with four generations, I assume that they have rather loose requirements for their franchisees. We certainly have a loser in Little Rock.
    Not being a moving professional, I can’t explain why this wasn’t done before trying to move the unit, but the next day I took the shelves and out. They were quite heavy.

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avoid this company

I certainly wish that I had taken the time to research this company before employing their services. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time and too trusting in them when they initially contacted me. The woman who contacted me (sounded like she was reading a script) told me that they had no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Wow, an impeccable record. Why should I even bother checking? Well, I have since checked them out with the BBB (as well as filed a complaint) and they have 14 complaints on record. Quite a jump from 0, wouldn't you say?

Allow me to share my moving experience with you. To put it simply: I was robbed. Yes, literally. The movers, or at least one of them, whose services were costing me $170/hr. seemed to have helped themselves to some valuable items. Bear in mind that it was an extremely hot day, and I was working alongside them. I did not have the time to inventory all of my belongings. Several items were placed on to the truck and were not off-loaded. This constitutes theft. Unfortunately, the owner and manager of this company seem to feel differently.

Upon realizing that a theft had occurred, I phoned the company immediately. I was told that they would get back to me. Well, they didn't. I phoned again and was once again told that "they would call me back." This went on for about a week or so. These people simply don't give a rat's #. Once they're done 'courting' your business, they move on and look for their next prey.

I contacted the local BBB, the state of Connecticut, as well as numerous other agencies, websites etc. This is what it took to finally get them to acknowledge my existence. The response I received from them, regarding this grievous occurrence, was far from satisfactory. To be honest, it was insulting. All I was told was "... you signed the papers..." A release of responsibility. That's all they were looking for. Well, like I said, I was working hard that day and wanted the movers to be done as quickly as possible ($170/hr., remember). Needless to say they did not finish quickly enough (3x the estimated price), but I was all too happy to sign anything just to get them off-the-clock.

This has been a nightmare. I'm actually not quite sure as to what has been worse: dealing with these imbeciles, or having my property stolen. To anyone out there searching for a moving company, please just take the time and do a little research. Sometimes all it takes is to conduct a quick internet search & hear what people have to say. I should have. Avoid this company at all costs.

  • Di
    DirtBagPro Jun 10, 2010

    These pieces of sh*t stole from me as well. I had them pack up m belongings and store them in storage unit. I was gone overseas for several months, so I did not discover this theft until I returned and unpacked my things. This is unbelievable - I have moved several times before, and these guys were by far the worst. In addition to the theft, they will bill you a higher fee than quoted, and the unprofessional movers will consistently remind you to tip them (and how much to tip the). I concur with a previous poster - AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

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Resolved bad service

On approximately July 31, I engaged All My Sons Moving & Storage (4330 E. 48th Ave., Unit B, Denver CO 80216...

moving expenses

I called All my sons moving company and explained that the first moving company did not show up. I explained...

never showed up

They said they were coming between 8:30-9:00 AM with three men.The move was in Boca Raton, and was basically down the block. They didn't show up until 4:00, and was with 2 men. I called them all day, and when I told them I was going to lodge a complaint, they said they would not come at all. At that point I called another company (White Lion) who said they would be there first thing in the morning, and they were.

All my sons were completely unprofessional, dishonest, rude, and made my move a nightmare. Luckily, the company that bailed me out was totally the opposite, albeit twice as much money. I can only say... you get what you pay for.

  • Sa
    sarah spero Oct 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just used these guys three times to consolidate into one home and they were great! They gave me one price and stuck to it. Ofcourse, we were completely honest with them over the phone. They gave us an hourly rate and they stuck to it. I understood that 8 hours @ $100= $800. I am no rocket scientist either, but I understand time plus materials. Most working people do.

    All My Sons is the best.

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shady billing practices

I scheduled my local move (12.5 mi) via their website. Someone called and confirmed that they would send one...

damaged and missing furniture!

My furniture was picked up in NY on [protected] and delivered to my in-laws house in Ohio over 2 months later after a scenic tour through a warehouse in Florida. The movers intimidated my poor mother-in-law into paying the balance of the move, which was $500 over the estimate (how hard can it be to figure out the cost of moving 10 pieces of furniture from NY to OH?) for everything in advance of unloading the truck, which they did only to find that the couch was missing, the chairs damaged and the leather footstool has paint on it. Oh, and no refund, just a smile and a wink – “fill out the claim form lady, we’re out of here”

Nothing was wrapped as their web site claimed it would be, the Westchester County Location that we contracted with has gone out of business. Their main office has been of no help and is trying to wash their hands of the entire situation - and their less-than-helpful web site does not even have a mailing address on it for my attorney to contact. I wish I was a newspaper or TV station, I bet then they would give this situation some attention.

Never, Never, and I repeat... Never use “All My Sons Moving and Storage”. Move it yourself, throw it away or burn your furniture in bon-fire before you use these guys, you'll have less aggravation in the long run.

How is it possible they can get away with this...

  • Mi
    miss thang Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ive used all my sons before and i have never had any problems with them. most people think that ams could move their stuff for free. or just have pibbaly crap to complain about the moving company. read all the forms you recieve before signing any thing. most of the stuff you people complain about is just ludacris. If you think they are doing some thing bad on the job, STOP THEM, CALL THE OFFICE SO IT CAN BE CORRECTED. PUTTING A COMPANY DOWN BECAUSE IT DIDNT GO YOUR WAY IS JUST WRONG. movers are there to move you out. if you tell them where you want your furniture they will place i there and reasemble your items. most of the time the complaints about moving companys are false. people might be having a bad day and deside to pick on them.

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  • Ed
    Edd Bergman Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ms. Thang must work for All My Sons!

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  • Ji
    JimandJanie Aug 12, 2009

    We had much of the same thing happen to us. We moved from a house and just was putting everything into storage. They packed a truck too small to get everything and proceeded to the storage unit. When I cam to settle up the stuff crammed in so thick I couldn't see if everything was there or not. After we moved the items out of storage we found may things broken, and a number of things missing including the four leafs to our dinning room table that was an antique. When I called to find out where the balance of our things were I was informed that the company had gone out of business and all things that were in their storage facility had be auctioned. I HAVE USED SEVERAL MOVING COMPANIES AND WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. The last move I used day labor and supervised and nothing was broken and did it for about 1/4 the cost.

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  • Gu
    gunny sgt Sep 07, 2009

    worst company you have dealt with huh, clearly you have never used a military mover. i am in the U.S. military and have of course been required to move on multiple occasions. having been a boyscout i believe in being prepared. the more prepared you are, the better the move will be. I also worked as a mover for about a year prior to being recruited so i do have a minimal amount of personal experience dealing with customers and their complaints. Moving is a stressful time for anyone. whether you have to move due to a death in the family, being downsized, relationship troubles, etc, it can be a stressful ordeal. A lot of people will simply not be happy no matter how you treat them, their household, or their belongings. If there is something wrong in life or there is something wrong with their move they will automatically blame the movers or the company that employs them. Let's face it people, if you tell a mover that you don't have a lot of stuff, or the stuff you have is incredibly easy to move and it is not then it creates problems. When i worked for movers in my earlier years i was a jack of all trades. I would quote the job over the phone if necessary, do a physical on site estimate if necessary, drive the truck if necessary or move the stuff, you guessed it, if necessary. Some customers have a tendancy of lowballing the company over the phone as to what the ACTUAL amount of stuff they have is. For some reason they think that if they say they only have 4 rooms worth of stuff and they really have a 4 bedroom home full of stuff that the quote given for the lower amount is the cap for what they have to pay. If you give the company the impression they are only moving a minimal amount of stuff then you can not be surprised that they will show up with the idea that the job will not take too long. If you know that your job should really be a 4 or 5 man job then you certainly cannot take it out on the company and more importantly not the guys on the truck for your misleading information. If you give a dishonest impression then the original quote is null and void. there were instances where i would quote the job, move the furniture, and deliver the furniture myself. I would have customers straight tell me that the person on the phone didn't tell them this, didn't tell them that, promised them the world, etc and this was not the case. There are certain additional charges depending on what state you live in. Some states charge for specialty items such as a grand piano, grandfather clock, pool table, etc. others don't. If you have specialty items that require special attention then either move it yourself or pay a SPecialist to move it.

    But i digress, my point is this- most complaints you see online towards movers or their employers are from idiots who did not do their research, didn't know how to communicate with the moving company concerning their moving needs, or from people who just had a really bad month, week, day whatever. And above all, if you have a problem with the company, fine. do not take it out on the guys on the truck...most of them are hardworking men just trying to support their families. others are crackheads, theives, criminals, or just plain incompetent humans. do your research but please place blame appropriately.

    I have used this company on several occasions and I have had absolutely no problems. However, I always move as much as i can prior to move day, I get an estimate in writing and I am prepared for such additional expenses as packing materials, fuel surcharge, minimum amount of hours, etc. Use your head people, do your research and be prepared. Ask questions, get answers, and don't settle for the runaround that phone reps who aren't even in your state are willing to hand you in order to make a sale. trust your gut and expect what you pay for. Insure your belongings if you like them and handle whatever you can handle on your own, this leaves less room for damage and/or error on the movers end. know exactly what you are getting into before obligating yourself. oh and for any ### who does not understand that the company gets paid PRIOR to offloading the truck please get this through your head that this is an industry standard. ALL REAL MOVING COMPANIES DO THIS. it ensures payment. I don't know how many times customers tried to feed me that no other companies do this.
    This is how it works:
    Depending on the situation but normally it takes ABOUT as long to unload as it does to load your items. therefore when the company asks for payment prior to offloading it is to ensure that they receive payment. adjustments are made to the bill accordingly once the move is completed. So, if you have any worries as to be ripped off then here is another option.

    Most moving companies do not accept personal checks. (for good reason, if you have no money for rent then there is no reason for me to believe that your check is going to go through)
    so, when shopping for the move, you have multiple estimates of course. the only way to get a true estimate is to have someone come out to your home and do a physical evaluation. when this person comes out you can explain to them that you do not have any credit cards, you don't believe in them. chances are they will push for cash and cash only then. if you call a month or so in advance and build rapport with the estimator - especially if you negotiate and lead them to believe that another mover is going to get your business then you can get them to agree to a personal check. (please note that this will not work at the end of the month)
    therefore, you write the check at the time of offload and if everything is not to your satisfaction then you simply cancel the check once the move is over and the crew is gone.
    NEVER insult the crew on the move if you like having all of your stuff or if you like having all of your stuff intact. this is the way of the world, i don't like it either.

    Again, please do your research and be prepared for the unexpected.

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damage to furniure and insurance follow through

We moved from one end of Georgia to the other, when Randy the representative came to our home to discuss the move he asured us that the movers were professionals. The All My Sons office we were using was out of Bluffton S.C. therefore all his movers were schooled and skilled to handle high end furnishings.
This being the case we were sure our not so highend stuff was in good hands. All the furniture in our home was two and a half years old or less, now every piece is scuffed, nicked or gourged. The back of the china cabinet looks as if someone put a foot thru it, the dining room table has a deep gouge and the console table leg is completely broken in half where the mover fellout of the truck and landed on the table.

In August we received a letter from ALL MY SONS (AMS)wanting us to settle the claim for $300.00, they indicated this was a generous offer after reviewing our claim. The console table cost more than that not counting all the other damage.

We purchased extra insurance with We Care Insurance through the mover on the day of the move. They have not been helpful at all. Four months after the move they finally sent a young man to look at the furniture for repair, he could not or would not tell me how these repair would be done, he said they would not be perfect but would be satisfactory, yeah to whom. I ask for a copy of the report he was sending to the insurance company and was told i was not allowed to have that, he also told me at the time that he could not repair the china cabinet or the console table.

Today(oct.25,07) i spoke with the insurance company rep. who at first told me she had not received a report on the damages, when I told her who came to the house three weeks ago she put me on hold for about 5 minutes while she talked with AMS. She came back and said the insurance had be nullified because I underestimated the value of my furniure by $20,000, but they would do the repairs if I send a check for $358.00 to them, I asked for a itemized list of the repairs to be done and about the replacement value of the non- repairable pieces she had no answer for that. I did not undervalue my furniure so I called and spoke with the office manager for AMS and I have yet to have an answer to any of my question and I still have scuffed,scratched, dented ,gouged , busted and broked furniture

  • Da
    David McCurdy-Waterhouse Nov 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have having the same problems with AMS movers from MD. They moved my stuff into storage in March and when it was finally delivered in July, the furniture was damaged and it was even confirmed with the delivering agent that it was picked up that way. I have written to the President of the Company in MD twice, both letters sent FEDEX and I still have not had any response. It was a 10K claim and they offered me $306! I returned the cheque with the letters to the President and still have had no response.

    This has been the most frustrating move I have had in the last 4 years.

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fraud and cheating!

When we used All My Sons to move from Boise to Illinois in May 2007, it was a horrible nightmare! First, they quoted us a rate of $6900 and then held us up for $10,547 before they unloaded in Illinois! We didn't expect the quote to be cast in stone, but we sure didn't think it would be that much more. We had more damage and missing items than we have experienced with any other moving company. Their careless and irresponsible packing crew put beautiful stained glass windows into regular cardboard boxes with no paper or padding of any kind. We unpacked to find them badly broken. It will require several hundred dollars to have just the largest window repaired, if the antique glass can be matched. Their packers did not bother to seal bags of flour or sugar before tossing them into a large box with other groceries. Flour and sugar were embedded into every crevice of everything to the extent we just had to throw out the whole box. That was worth at least $100 or more. Likewise, our bathrooms were packed in similar manner - bottles and jars were tossed into boxes without tightening the caps, wrapping them, or anything. We opened the soggy boxes to find everything permeated with olive oil products, soap, and other liquids that had spilled. Those boxes had to be thrown out. Another $100 or more. Even our lampshades were ripped to shreds and we had to pay $133 to replace them. Our 6 month old computer desk was completely demolished and we had to pay $650 for a new one. This had nothing to do with All My Sons packers, but it was part of the damage associated with choosing this company to move us. We never received many items such as the brand new sealed 5 gallon pail of rose water we had in the office, the whole case of protein water that was in the kitchen, and the Texas Longhorn skull that was on the back porch. All we received of the skull was one horn. Many other items were never received as well, such as our heavy duty push broom that their packers used to sweep out their truck. We discovered their packing crew did not even list all the items they packed on the inventories, therefore according to their contractor Bekins Van Lines, those items don't exist! We paid $87 plus shipping to replace the rose water, and the skull, which was a gift from our son, is not replaceable. However, if you were going to buy one, they run $400 and up. We filed a claim with Bekins, who sent us a check for $27 to cover all the damages and missing items. I called Bekins for an explanation and was told they have closed their file! This is not acceptable. The last week of August, I called All My Sons and spoke to Trevor about all the damage. I left a message for Brian (the owner) to call me back so we could work something out, but he did not return the call. Since it was the careless actions of the substandard All My Sons packing crew who caused the majority of the damage sustained, we believe we are entitled to a refund of a portion of what we paid for the packing. We paid in excess of $2000 for the crummy packing job, part of which was charged by All My Sons, and part of which was charged by the Bekins driver to finish the job that All My Sons did not complete. We filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Boise, asking for a measly refund of $1000 to partially compensate us for our losses, but All My Sons did not respond to the complaint as of this date, which is the response deadline. The Federal Motor Carrier Association also requested that we file a complaint with them, so that will be forthcoming. Obviously, these guys are going to leave us no choice but to hire a lawyer to sue them for deceptive trade practices. In the meantime, we will continue filing complaints all over the internet and we will not stop until we are fairly compensated.

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    Becky Sep 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I used All My Sons in Aug 08 and had a bad experience with them also. I hired 3 guys and only 2 showed up. They charged me more than they said that they would. Also, they only brought one dolly to use between the two of them, so one guy was usually watching the other. Very slow. At the end of the day I went to pay and they told me that it would be an additional 3% if I paid by credit card. Also, because I was in a hurry to move, I asked if the same two guys could come back in 2 days to finish moving my things and they said they could. They ended up standing me up and never showed for the 2nd appt. I ended up hiring Advanced Movers 336-7412 and was VERY pleased with them. Had I hired them the first day it would have only taken me one day. Not to mention they were cheaper than All My Sons.

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    Tammie Apr 10, 2009

    That Sounds Bekins Not All My Sons !

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    Tammie Apr 10, 2009

    My Experance Was quite different, the crew they sent me was clean and moved me in less time then another company called crosstown . All My Sons will make any moves for me in the future

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poor service!

All my son's moving was hired by myself for a short distance move which would take a 15 minute drive from my storage unit to my new home. They were 2.5 hours late because the driver did not speak english and could not find his way around. I had to have him follow me everywhere so he wouldn't get lost. They sent a three man crew and they filled up the first "small" truck load and followed me to my new home. The men (who did not speak any english), began unloading my belongings. The driver was trying to get me to sign papers with a total amount due on it that was not in our original agreement. My mother who was paying by phone with a Visa card said she would prefer to pay for each load as it was delivered. That would ensure a fair payment on both behalves.

The driver called his dispatcher Jeff Scott who became enraged that we did not want to pay for the work before it was completed. In all of my personal experience I would put a deposit and then pay when the work was complete. Mr. Scott refused to reason with me and screamed at my mother and me repeatedly.

Mr. Scott told his driver to pack up the rest of my belongings and take them to their lot. They stole my stuff!. My lifetime of irreplaceable memories (my dead daughters ashes for one), pictures, family heirlooms and my military uniforms. They refuse to return my stuff.

The Attorney Generals Office investigated my claim and suggested that we try to put aside our personal differences and come to a happy medium. I agreed and called Mr. Scott. We arranged to have my belongings delivered again and we would tender payment when the truck was unloaded. He sent the truck out and the three non-english speaking crew called him and asked Mr. Scott what to do. He adamately repeated that they would NOT deliver the truck contents unless they were paid first. I said no. They packed up their truck and left again. The next day I saw one of their trucks unloading in my neighborhood. I approached them to see if they were unloading my stuff. One of the drivers was wearing the hardhat that my son inherited from my finance when he died the previous year. At that point I knew that mine and my children belongings had already been picked through and taken. Our hearts have been broken... not for the stuff but our precious memories that took a lifetime to get. Now I have no uniforms, my daughters ashes are long gone and my dead finance's belongings are also gone. His tools, hardhat collection, gifts that he gave me over the years... all gone.

Resolved horrible experience!

We were moving only 4.4 miles, but thought it a good idea to let professionals handle the big stuff. I saw...