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All My Sons Moving and Storage / Damaged and missing furniture!

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My furniture was picked up in NY on [protected] and delivered to my in-laws house in Ohio over 2 months later after a scenic tour through a warehouse in Florida. The movers intimidated my poor mother-in-law into paying the balance of the move, which was $500 over the estimate (how hard can it be to figure out the cost of moving 10 pieces of furniture from NY to OH?) for everything in advance of unloading the truck, which they did only to find that the couch was missing, the chairs damaged and the leather footstool has paint on it. Oh, and no refund, just a smile and a wink – “fill out the claim form lady, we’re out of here”

Nothing was wrapped as their web site claimed it would be, the Westchester County Location that we contracted with has gone out of business. Their main office has been of no help and is trying to wash their hands of the entire situation - and their less-than-helpful web site does not even have a mailing address on it for my attorney to contact. I wish I was a newspaper or TV station, I bet then they would give this situation some attention.

Never, Never, and I repeat... Never use “All My Sons Moving and Storage”. Move it yourself, throw it away or burn your furniture in bon-fire before you use these guys, you'll have less aggravation in the long run.

How is it possible they can get away with this...

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  • Mi
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    Ive used all my sons before and i have never had any problems with them. most people think that ams could move their stuff for free. or just have pibbaly crap to complain about the moving company. read all the forms you recieve before signing any thing. most of the stuff you people complain about is just ludacris. If you think they are doing some thing bad on the job, STOP THEM, CALL THE OFFICE SO IT CAN BE CORRECTED. PUTTING A COMPANY DOWN BECAUSE IT DIDNT GO YOUR WAY IS JUST WRONG. movers are there to move you out. if you tell them where you want your furniture they will place i there and reasemble your items. most of the time the complaints about moving companys are false. people might be having a bad day and deside to pick on them.

  • Ed
      21st of Sep, 2008
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    Ms. Thang must work for All My Sons!

  • Ji
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    We had much of the same thing happen to us. We moved from a house and just was putting everything into storage. They packed a truck too small to get everything and proceeded to the storage unit. When I cam to settle up the stuff crammed in so thick I couldn't see if everything was there or not. After we moved the items out of storage we found may things broken, and a number of things missing including the four leafs to our dinning room table that was an antique. When I called to find out where the balance of our things were I was informed that the company had gone out of business and all things that were in their storage facility had be auctioned. I HAVE USED SEVERAL MOVING COMPANIES AND WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. The last move I used day labor and supervised and nothing was broken and did it for about 1/4 the cost.

  • Gu
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    worst company you have dealt with huh, clearly you have never used a military mover. i am in the U.S. military and have of course been required to move on multiple occasions. having been a boyscout i believe in being prepared. the more prepared you are, the better the move will be. I also worked as a mover for about a year prior to being recruited so i do have a minimal amount of personal experience dealing with customers and their complaints. Moving is a stressful time for anyone. whether you have to move due to a death in the family, being downsized, relationship troubles, etc, it can be a stressful ordeal. A lot of people will simply not be happy no matter how you treat them, their household, or their belongings. If there is something wrong in life or there is something wrong with their move they will automatically blame the movers or the company that employs them. Let's face it people, if you tell a mover that you don't have a lot of stuff, or the stuff you have is incredibly easy to move and it is not then it creates problems. When i worked for movers in my earlier years i was a jack of all trades. I would quote the job over the phone if necessary, do a physical on site estimate if necessary, drive the truck if necessary or move the stuff, you guessed it, if necessary. Some customers have a tendancy of lowballing the company over the phone as to what the ACTUAL amount of stuff they have is. For some reason they think that if they say they only have 4 rooms worth of stuff and they really have a 4 bedroom home full of stuff that the quote given for the lower amount is the cap for what they have to pay. If you give the company the impression they are only moving a minimal amount of stuff then you can not be surprised that they will show up with the idea that the job will not take too long. If you know that your job should really be a 4 or 5 man job then you certainly cannot take it out on the company and more importantly not the guys on the truck for your misleading information. If you give a dishonest impression then the original quote is null and void. there were instances where i would quote the job, move the furniture, and deliver the furniture myself. I would have customers straight tell me that the person on the phone didn't tell them this, didn't tell them that, promised them the world, etc and this was not the case. There are certain additional charges depending on what state you live in. Some states charge for specialty items such as a grand piano, grandfather clock, pool table, etc. others don't. If you have specialty items that require special attention then either move it yourself or pay a SPecialist to move it.

    But i digress, my point is this- most complaints you see online towards movers or their employers are from idiots who did not do their research, didn't know how to communicate with the moving company concerning their moving needs, or from people who just had a really bad month, week, day whatever. And above all, if you have a problem with the company, fine. do not take it out on the guys on the truck...most of them are hardworking men just trying to support their families. others are crackheads, theives, criminals, or just plain incompetent humans. do your research but please place blame appropriately.

    I have used this company on several occasions and I have had absolutely no problems. However, I always move as much as i can prior to move day, I get an estimate in writing and I am prepared for such additional expenses as packing materials, fuel surcharge, minimum amount of hours, etc. Use your head people, do your research and be prepared. Ask questions, get answers, and don't settle for the runaround that phone reps who aren't even in your state are willing to hand you in order to make a sale. trust your gut and expect what you pay for. Insure your belongings if you like them and handle whatever you can handle on your own, this leaves less room for damage and/or error on the movers end. know exactly what you are getting into before obligating yourself. oh and for any ### who does not understand that the company gets paid PRIOR to offloading the truck please get this through your head that this is an industry standard. ALL REAL MOVING COMPANIES DO THIS. it ensures payment. I don't know how many times customers tried to feed me that no other companies do this.
    This is how it works:
    Depending on the situation but normally it takes ABOUT as long to unload as it does to load your items. therefore when the company asks for payment prior to offloading it is to ensure that they receive payment. adjustments are made to the bill accordingly once the move is completed. So, if you have any worries as to be ripped off then here is another option.

    Most moving companies do not accept personal checks. (for good reason, if you have no money for rent then there is no reason for me to believe that your check is going to go through)
    so, when shopping for the move, you have multiple estimates of course. the only way to get a true estimate is to have someone come out to your home and do a physical evaluation. when this person comes out you can explain to them that you do not have any credit cards, you don't believe in them. chances are they will push for cash and cash only then. if you call a month or so in advance and build rapport with the estimator - especially if you negotiate and lead them to believe that another mover is going to get your business then you can get them to agree to a personal check. (please note that this will not work at the end of the month)
    therefore, you write the check at the time of offload and if everything is not to your satisfaction then you simply cancel the check once the move is over and the crew is gone.
    NEVER insult the crew on the move if you like having all of your stuff or if you like having all of your stuff intact. this is the way of the world, i don't like it either.

    Again, please do your research and be prepared for the unexpected.

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