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All My Sons Moving and Storage / the business as a whole

1 13821 Diplomat Dr.Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:

All my sons is a horriable copmany to work for and move with. Lets start with the moving part...None of their employess are drug tested and they are only insured to move you once items are broken there is no insurance to cover your items. Read your contracts! Once they break your items it limits them to .60 cents a pound, so i.E. If you have a flat screen t.V. Which weighs about give or take 150lbs your only going to receive about 90$. This company makes millions of dollars a year and for thoes hard working people in the call center booking thoes moves some are getting paid 8.50, some 10.00, and some have been there for years and are still making 9.00. What a company huh? But there are people getting paid very well which would be the owners son making 12.00 an hour and he's salaried...Big ups to the head man in charge! Please before you think of moving with this comany do some shopping areound it the ethics of this company doesnt get you the un expected fuel sur-charge will!

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      8th of May, 2008
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    All My Sons - Terrible Experience
    All My Sons
    2337 Patterson Indistrial Drive
    United States
    Phone: 512-443-3700

    Worst experience with moving. All My Sons at Pflugerville gave me a quote with hourly rate but they sent drivers that do not know directions in town. The drivers got lost badly and ended up wasting 45 minutes at least. Also the drivers claimed they did not have the maps or even ADDRESS to the final delivery location.

    When I approached the manager for adjustment on the charge, the manager was very rude and challenged me on the situation. In total, I ended up wasting an hour and half of time. I wish I had never used their service and I have never posted any negative experience on internet but feel so strongly to discourage other people from using All My Sons. These folks are not honest!!

  • Cu
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    okay, so we can tell that you worked at the call center, we can also tell that you like so many others are pissed off that Ormando's son Julian makes more money that qualified personnel who have been at the call center for years. However, you must at least be a little more honest with your complaints. The name of the game in any business is profit. Name me one company completely dedicated to customer service with no interest in profits and i will show you a zebra with spots. C'mon people, moving is like anything else in life, you get what you settle for. If you are prepared for your move then it will go smoothly. If you are wanting the best moving company for the least amount of money then you are going to be disappointed every time. Be smart with your move, be prepared, if you are looking for cheapest move then go for the "beer and pizza" move, if you are going to spend any money then use your head, get an IN HOME estimate where a estimator comes out to your home and does a physical walk through. Here's the kicker...ANY TIME YOU GET AN ESTIMATE, GET A BINDING ESTIMATE. Key word is BINDING. That means obligated. Now, there is a loophole on the moving company's part, and that is 10%. A binding estimate is the estimate that they give you - not to exceed 10%. therefore if the binding estimate you are given is $1000.00 then GUARANTEED the most you will pay is $1100.00. So, if you happen to get a mentally handicapped or inexperienced estimator and they quote you an estimate to move a super walmart for the price of an efficiency apartment then the company is legally obligated to move you for that price (+ potential 10%.) Right there, estimate plus %10. If you cover yourself and get a BINDING estimate then no matter what the moving company has to eat all of the costs above and beyond that. Get it in writing and cover yourself by getting multiple estimates. If you are dumb enough to think that you are going to get Rolls Royce quality for Pinto prices then you have more problems than what you percieve to be a dishonest moving company. Truth is there are good and bad companies no matter what service or product you are interested in. Do your research, be prepared, and make an intelligent decision. Be an informed consumer. Ask as many questions as possible. The most important thing to remember is just like my father used to tell me growing up, " If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". There is no substitute for common sense. I have seen the innerworkings of this company and of course there are some things that are unpleasant and certainly disagreeable. However, I have also worked for 2 other moving companies and trust me, there is most definetly worse. Just use your head. In my personal opinion a lot of people look at moving like ordering a pizza. " I want this and I want it here in 30 minutes." This is just not how the moving industry works. Sad but true. Logistics plays a large part in this equation. The facts remain, the more prepared you are for your move, the better off you are going to be. If there is something that you can handle yourself, do it. Save the heavy lifting for the professionals if that is what you choose. Tip: weekends and especially the end of the month are busy times. If at all possible try to avoid these times when moving. You stand a much better chance when moving mid week of getting a PROFESSIONAL, QUALIFIED crew at this time. And this kills me to say this having worked at the call center, but if you call the 800# or use the internet to contact this company you will get a highly trained but inexperienced call center rep. while their are people there who are qualified and actually know things about the industry and the REAL process necessary to ensure that a move goes smoothly, most are ###ed phone monkeys who are paid minimally and will say whatever it takes to make the sale. Ironically, this company does not even pay commission. You would think that unscrupulous sales people would at least be making good money for intentionally or unintenionally misleading or misquoting customers, not the case. In some instances the person you get on the phone will tell you whatever it takes to make the sale. These are not good people to talk to and the folks that actually spilled blood sweat and tears into this company hate them too.

    Question: Would you ever buy a car without seeing it or test driving it? Of course not. Don't ever accept a quote over the phone. Protect yourself. Now having said that, please understand that this company on a local basis is actually quite excellent. Check the local office. Make sure that it meets your needs. There are some locations (nationwide) that i would never call, but there are some locations that I know that the owner has heart and soul invested and honestly cares about the customer and their move on an individual basis. Most locations are acceptable, others are not. do your research, be prepared, and above all - GET AN IN HOME ESTIMATE THAT IS BINDING.

    Good Luck America!

    Now, I hope i have enlightened those who have no experience with this industry how to protect themsleves a little bit.

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