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Aliexpress / cheating

1 India Review updated:

Hi all of you!
I find none like big cheaters like ali express joining hand with suppliers. My case history is this.
My order no: [protected]
Placed on 9th january 2012
Product : wifi booster 2w
Supplier : 1buycart co., ltd (No.504670 store).
Contact name : tu aiming / lu lu

1. After placing the order by making full payment, the supplier did not bother to respond me for a week time.
2. I suspected the fidelity of the supplier and demanded for fully repayment from ali express on 16th of january 2012
3. Finally she gave me a tracking no. [protected].
4. Even after 6 days the tracking no. Was not traceable.
5. Finally on 19th of january (10 days later) the consignment was picked and sent.
6. The consignment arrived on 20th january 2012 at bangalore / india
7. The consignment could not cleared from the customs for following reasons.
A. The items description mentioned as "controller" instead of "wifi booster"
B. The quantity of the items mentioned was "one" instead of "four"
8. The custom department charged usd 132 / - for declaring wrong description and wrong quantity.
9. Finally the consignment reached on 28th january 2012 at coimbatore / india dhl office.
10. To my surprise, when I opened the consignment at dhl office, the items were not the one we ordered. Instead of 2w, the
Supplier supplied 1w - 3 nos and 2w-1no.
11. I refused to take delivery of the product because of wrong supply.
12. I complained to ali express.
13. To my surprise, ali express, demands me to clear the consignment by paying the duty and pay another usd 132 / - to the
Supplier to proceed with the case.
14. How stupid is this. For a wrong supply I have to pay the duty and then pay another usd 132 / - to supplier again to proceed
15. No action has been taken by ali express for late supply, wrong supply and false invoice.
How cheating is this. I am already on the job of publishing this in international journals and media.
I request all the readers to be very alert before proceeding with alibaba. They are cheats. So far I have lost usd 344.80. I have not got the refund yet. They are playing fishy.
Good luck all of you for dealing with alibaba


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  • Ar
      15th of Feb, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Agree! I bought an item based on the ad, the delivered item was not as described, Aliexpress policy is to protect the buyers! that is not true, to get your money back Aliexpress demands all kinds of pictures, documentations just to make it almost impossible to get your money back! the only way I got my money back was to ask for help from my credit card! Aliexpress does not refund voluntary! another thing, I tried very hard to get somebody to help with the problem. all emails I sent were not delivered! the worst customer service I've ever experienced! the only email I got was rude, arrogant, I tried to reply it, the reply was undeliverable!!lost $34 to ship back the item!! stay away from from trouble!!!

  • Im
      7th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I thought that I would share my experience, so others don’t get stung like I did.

    On 11th November I purchased a phone, case and screen protector from Century Tech (AliExpress).

    I purchased from Century Tech as they had the shortest delivery time, (15-30 days. With a delivery guarantee within 35 days) As It was my birthday at the beginning of December, I added to the order comments that I would be very happy if this would be shipped for then (just under the 30 days).

    After 4 days of no reply, I messaged the seller, explaining i was very excited to receive the phone and asked when it will be shipped, I received a reply saying it will be shipped in 7 working days.

    After another couple of days I received another email, saying that they had 'built a shipping list' and stated 'Usually we will write 25$/pcs as mp4 player in the package try to avoid the custom tax' and asked if this was OK. I agreed and received another message to say my order will be shipped asap.

    By this point I was very excited, it had been 10 days since I had placed my order, so was expecting it soon. I noticed that the order had been updated with a tracking number, I checked and checked to no avail. Nowhere had a clue about this tracking number. Added to this, google informed me that the tracking number was for a Netherlands destination, being in the UK i found this strange. So again I contacted the seller, and this is the reply I got...

    'dear friend, actually we haven't sent your parcel yet.but pls don't the delivery time is almost over, we had to fill the tracking number first.or the order will be closed by the system.then we will send the phone to you soon and give you the right tracking number.thanks for regards.'

    I received no more communication from the seller over the next few days, even though I messaged on several occasions to enquire if the order had been shipped.

    At this point I was quite concerned about my order (and my money), so I contacted the online chat, and I was told that I could open a dispute but this Is common practice for sellers, and not to contact the seller any more?!?

    Over a month after paying for this order the seller has just sent me a message saying there is a problem with the manufacturer, and there will be a wait for my order!

    So, now I have no phone, I have missed out on some great sales, and I’m out of pocket.

    The seller is still selling on AliExpress, still a gold supplier, and is still conning customers. BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Gv
      7th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I stopped all my activities on Ali express. We have no control over them. They are real conmen. Beware !

  • Di
      1st of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Deleting your aliexpress account will hurt and really bring aliexpress to fall!!!
    I ordered from 4 different stores 4 different items - 4 troubles too much – unbelievable!!!

    I bought via aliexpress from 4 different stores 4 different items as follows:
    1. 25 pcs Led E14 5WATT - I received 25 pcs of 2WATT - wrong wattage.
    2. 20 pcs Led G4 5WATT - I received 20 pcs of 1, 5WATT - wrong wattage.
    3. 2 pcs Led H7 100WATT - I have not received - RI844352949CN wrong track number.
    4. 6 pcs LED G9 9WATT – I received 6 pcs of 2WATT - wrong wattage.
    My confidence in aliexpress is less than zero, I decided to delete my account, if anyone will do the same we will bring aliexpress to fall!!!

  • At
      18th of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I have bought an Letv Leeco Le 2 Pro Phone from the phone I received is OK but the store owner denying to give me the bill with phone name. They have mailed me a invoice, In particulars column they showed "Phone" and the weight of phone is 1 Kg mentioned. And when I asked them to mail me proper invoice they said "we have only one format and cannot mentioned phone name or imei numbers or model number", ... Alibaba and Aliexpress are just THUG nothing else.

  • Sa
      15th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Please update us the status of the below tracking number -

    1. RN639417346CN
    2. RK509285051CN
    3. RM717510761CN
    4. RJ806427244CN
    5. LP00056976911978
    6. RK504099300CN
    7. RJ831953030CN

  • Ro
      10th of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Order # 82554839139308
    I placed an order for a European Championship League Trophy on 3/7/17, I received the trophy on 3/24/17, it arrived broken, and sent an email to the seller. They said no refund or replacement. What in the world am I supposed to do with a broken trophy...I will not buy anything from again.
    They should at least send a replacement, it's not my fault that they packaged it inappropriately and it broke during shipping.
    Now I have to find somewhere to get it fixed and spend more money and the best part is that this is a birthday present.

  • Hd
      14th of Jun, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Here's me experience with Aliexpress. I had my account suspended then terminated 7 days ago. I contacted customer support 6 times to no avail. The first reason they gave me was: account temporarily suspended due to security reasons. After contacting the infamous customer support and promising to do their best, I got the second email with a new reason this time: My account is terminated due to violations of the order protection program. This happened and I'm an A4 buyer with 50 ongoing orders! Now I cannot dispute or leave feedback for any of them!! Simply theft!! Moreover, the fact that I returned the money to some of the sellers after a dispute/refund did not seem to matter at all. I did this voluntarily after receiving some of the disputed orders after some 3-4 months!! I still had respect and returned the money through another purchase and none of that mattered! I'm beginning to think that some of the highly rated/recommended sellers have close connections to AE management and are untouchable! I doubt their rating system so much after noticing that some of the most decent sellers are not highly rated at all. The funniest part was, they suggested I solve the problem by opening a new account to be able to buy more things!! As if I was likely to do that with 50 ongoing orders in another account and no protection what so ever!!

  • Au
      16th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I entirely agreed with all the complaints that have being made. AliExpress is in hand with the sellers & it should be called a "Seller protection program" not "Buyer protect program". I ordered a miniature car model for my kid & the seller sent it o a wrong address instead of the correct one. I doubt maybe they did really send the toy or an empty package by post. Bunch of thieves. When I opened a dispute order, they ruled in the favor of the seller saying that it has being delivered. Not mentioning whether it was to the correct address or not.
    & the infamous customer service sweet talks you saying that they will resolve the issue still to date. Amusing, isn't it? I hope Jack Ma is listening as this is entirely a business of thievery.
    I have never had such a miserable shopping experience. Never going to deal with Ali Express again.

  • Ta
      28th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    @A unhappy buyer The customer service lied to me as well! NO refund received after a dispute opened and followed up for 3 weeks! Money was given to Seller :(

  • Ts
      4th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    @A unhappy buyer Totally Agree - disgusting website

  • Ca
      23rd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I agree, The shipping can cost more than the ite, . pics are clear that it's the sellers fault and yet AliBlindExpress can't see that and ask you to return item at your own cost. No wonder these thieves are getting away with it. They send you crap and no that Alibaba is there to protect it's 40 thieves

  • Ca
      23rd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    AliExpress are a bunch of cheaters.

  • Ka
      30th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    They are cheaters but don't care because no one holds them responsible. I twice when on to the live chat and complained and explained the circumstance with all the details, twice was promised that they understand and will resolve, months later still no response. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. also i delete their rubbish emails but it keeps on coming, choosing unsubscribe does nothing. their like a plague.

  • Ta
      28th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    They stole my money too... the customer service team lies. Look at the name I spoke to in just 2 weeks:
    chat ID 2002000049448979 - .Gells and Rhea
    2002000046572188 for chat 2018.05.11 - Mimie 2002000047629150 for chat 2018.05.14 - Collen
    for chat 2018.05.21 - Caela
    for chat 2018.05.22 - Carina
    for chat 2018.05.22 - Morin Morgan
    2002000051769885 for chat 2018.05.23 - Savaigne
    for chat 2018.05.26 - Lenalyn
    for chat 2018.05.27 - Kelsey and .Winter
    for chat 2018.05.28 - Candy and Emma - Manager

  • Ts
      4th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    Yes this China shopping website AliExpress is unbelievably unethical and there is nothing the website does to guarantee customer satisfaction so the sellers get away with all the cheating. You never get your money refunded because the Protection and Complaints is a scam set up to make it impossible for you to claim your money back. The photos for clothes and the actual product are immensely different in quality but worst still the material used to make the clothes are terribly Cheap and plastic - yet they charge ridiculous prices. See below the dress that costs US80 but feels and looks like plastic so much so when you hold it up it does not even fold down like normal material!!!

    They are not interested in a genuine business relationship like Amazon or Bay and are out to make a fast buck. Worse they try to sweet tongue throughout trying to persuade you to get exchanges or coupons instead of returning money.

  • Su
      2nd of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    Aliexpress sellers are almost fraudsters. The pity is aliexpress customer care rep was telling aliexpress has a strong policy to punish mis-behaving sellers. But they work hand in glove and indirectly support the sellers and bullying the buyers.

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