Aldo / the poor service received regarding my vip card

Johannesburg, South Africa

[protected] MS Dlamini i applied for a VIP CARD and was success and I went to Cresta mall for activation a week ago on 01 May 2017 when I got to the store i was told to shop around and come back later for my card and contract. When I later got back to the store i was told that the contract was not available and I will be called on my phone as soon as it was available. Till today no response until I called the store and was again told it's still not available and that I could go to clearwater they will definitely help me. Today I went to clearwater and was told they could not help me as my card was activated at cresta, I told the lady helping me I will not go there and she suggested they will make means of getting the card to me. She was very helpful. I am very disappointed at how the matter was handled by creasta store. The fact that I wasted petrol for nothing, driving almost 60km is very unfair. Maybe when they looked at me at aldo cresta mall they just saw stupid who don't deserve to be issued an account.

May 7, 2017

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