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Nine West - No shoes, no money and no resolve

This has been an AWFUL!! Experience. I pre-ordered shoes on 8/10/2021 that were supposed to be shipped 9/3/2021. Decided I didn't want shoes and tried to cancel order on website 8/23/2021. Could not cancel. Called to speak with customer service rep. Was on hold for over 20 minutes. Finally go a person and he could not cancel order. Was told I had to wait until I received merchandise and then return it. There is a "restocking fee" UNBELIEVABLE!! But they were going to do me a favor and waive the fee!! How freaking generous!! Fast forward to today 9/9/2021 no shoes! Called again to speak with rep, on hold for 15 minutes, only to have rep inform me that the merchandise's shipping date has been pushed back to 9/15/21. I received no updates on this order. Was told system can not send updates only when item is sent out for delivery. ABSOLUTELY LAST TIME I WILL PURCHASE FROM NINEWEST! The worse experience I've had buying online. I've literally given away $80. Nothing to show for it.

Desired outcome: No resolve

Nine West - Crossover purse

I purchased a leather purse a while back. It was a crossover body red purse with zippers. All of a sudden, it is peeling all over the place. I would've thought it would be leather and it wouldn't actually peel. Is there anything I can do about this or can I return it or exchange it for another one? Thank you I have a An option to exchange the purse?.
Thank you,
Lucy Vogel, [protected]

Nine West - delivery services

We received 9W emails of discounts but at the time to place the order the website don't work. We call to customer service line and the problem was that the company don't send anymore package to PR. On the website has option to send to Puerto Rico, but they said that 9W is no longer send to PR. We are US territory but not for send package.
Very disappointed. The option is you have any family on the mainland then send the package to them and resend from US to PR.

Nine West - order: [protected] affected items: mana ankle strap, tamara pointy toe

Placed order online on 10/09/19, selected 1 day delivery for $30.00 Per Nine west Site. Item was not delivered until 10/14 at night. Service I paid for was not rendered and thus I did not get shoes in time for my event. I need to return both items and I am being charged a restocking fee. I should not be charged a restocking fee. We are both located in tristate and even if it was shipped UPS ground.. normally the delivery is the next day. Nine West needs to update their web site with real time delivery options. They advertise and charge a high fee for 1 day delivery ($30) and they cannot deliver. I should not be charged restocking fee for their bad behavior. I should be given a full refund and not be charge restocking fee. In my opinion this is "highway robbery".

The shipping is listed on their website as follows:
UPS 2nd Day Air 2 Business Days Delivery typically by end of day $15.00

UPS Next Day Air Saver 1 Business Day Delivery typically by end of day $30.00


Nine West - shoes

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Hanan Helal
Date: June 13, 2019 at 13:24:58 GMT+2
To: [protected]
Subject: My shoes from Nine West

Dear ;
I am a guest for your group, I buy many items from your stores, but is not possible that I buy shoes from Nine West from almost one year ( as I haven't of course the receipt) and when I wear it in the feast for the first time, I found it cutted after one hour of wearing!!! Is possible???
Which has make for me embarrassment between my family

I am going to your store in Arab Mall ( Mr. Mahmoud ) and has take it to show it to the brand manager ( Mr. MOSTAFA Mohamady) .
But so sorry to hear that the brand manager say that he cannot do nothing and the problem is in my storage and say to give me the mail and I sent the problem!!!
- first if the problem in storage : so is not mine, is your storage as is not possible to buy the shoes to wear it less than one year and throwing it !!
- I think that Nine West is a brand, so how you manage the problem by this manner ( curless) unless I am your client .
- with this shoes I have buying 3 boats and I have wear only one of them for 3 times, so when I wear it I will found cutted ???!!!
-How the brand manager take the problem by this manner ???

Kindly find a solution either you replacement or take my money .
I can search on my statement bank ( from the net ) the amount of the shoes .

See below the cutted shoes .

I wait your quick response
Best regards

My name : Dr. Hanan Fahmy
My mobile : 002-[protected] ( Egypt)
My mail : [protected]

It is clear that is not weared, only for few hours !!!

Sent from my iPhone

Update by Nouna270264
Jun 14, 2019

I have sent the complaint to complain site in Egypt but I haven’t received any response

Nine West - sandal damage

Dear Sir,

I bought a Sandal from Nine West Muhallab Kuwait, around one year ago, I wore it Ocassionally, as it is high heal.I found the sandal get damaged by it self from down. I went to the shop they said it is old that why it is damaged, if you see the photos you will know that i didn't use it that much, and it was not cheap to be damage that quick.
The manager told me he will send Email to UAE office about the case, and if they accept to repair it, it will be on my coast. This is not acceptable from shop like NIne west, as i am a regular customer. Please i need a solution.
Nisreen Shaarawi
00965 [protected]

Nine West - pair of nine west boots

I purchased a pair of black leather boots from your outlet in Debenham's Lakeside in December 2018; they were a Christmas present. I did not start wearing them until Christmas Day so only just over 4 months ago.

I am very disappointed with the quality of these boots. They have literally fallen apart. The design of the boots has two straps on the outer side of the boot. One of the straps broke on the right foot boot and the soles have already worn through. I have purchased footwear many times and have not experienced anything like this.

I would appreciate it if somebody could come back to me regarding a replacement pair or a refund. I have proof of purchase and I have attached photos. My email is [protected]

Kind regards

Kelly Robinson

Nine West - bags

Hi, firstly I would like to say that I have always bought Nine West products but the last 2 bags that I bought I noticed the leather starts to peel off within a few months.
I am really disappointed with the quality of the product because I save for months to buy these bags which are very expensive and for This to happen within months of purchasing them I am really upset. I think that if you are not going to use good quality materials to make these products then don't sell them at ridiculous prices.

Nine West - shoes

I've have 5 pairs of shoes by nine west that the heel or sole have completely come off and one pair the leather is peeling away from the shoe. I did not think anything of it until the third pair that...

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Sep 28, 2018

Nine West - nwrocha shoe

Hi there, I bought a pair of the above shoes and have only worn them a few times. I pulled them out of my closet... they are still in the box and the inside of the shoe is peeling like skin. I put...

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Nine West - purse

Pulled my purse down from the shelf and found cracks in the leather on the sides and front. I am quite surprised because I felt your brand was of upstanding quality...I have only used this bag maybe...

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Nine West - shoes - soles cracked

Hi... I've been a faithful consumer of Nine West products for numerous years. I've always been happy with the quality until I purchased a pair of shoes that soles cracked after a short amount of...

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Nine West - my 3 pairs nine west shoes were lost!!

Order# E1493302

- 5 Dec 2017, I ordered 3 pairs of shoes.

- 19 Dec 2017, my package was delivered but it was lost.

- 6 Jan 2017, I sent email to Nine West. Your staff replied my email but it is not helpful.

- 8 Jan 2017, I have checked with FedEx. It appeared that my package was sent via FedEx SmartPost Service which is without signature-required. How do you guarantee my package will be safe after FedEx left? I do not think that this can be acceptable. In addition, it is not my responsibility that I have to waste my time to contact local authority or my credit card company because this is your mistake. Therefore, I would like to request Nine West to resend my order #E1493302 with delivery options of signature-required as soon as possible. If they were sold out, I need to get the full refund.

Nine West - ordered shoes a month ago and still no refund

Ordered 2 pair of shoes over a month ago. Have provided tracking information to customer service and still no refund. Company shipped items in separate boxes so also wants to charge $7.50 per shoe to return. I have called CS numerous times requesting a manager callback; still no call back.
Nine West shoes and CS department have been horrible these last few years. Will never buy there again and advising you to be careful when ordering from them. My advice is to buy shoes anywhere but there.

Nine West - this not a complaint-crazy request

I ordered these shoes so long ago its unreal. They are the baddest pair of shoes I own. My husband told me recently to close my eyes and put them to rest. Will you consider bringing this color and style back just one more time?
I don't know if you remember this shoe its been so long. I know its a long shot but reconsider this style and the color. light grey patent on top with a platinum heel.

Nine West - did not receive my goods

-I placed an order on 25th November -Paid $74+ to have it shipped internationally -Did not receive a shipping confirmation -Went online to check order - it gave me a message "this order does not...

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Nine West - shoe and heel very bad quality

NINE WEST -high heels shoes -The quality is very bad, after 7 times of wearing them, the heel is broken and no possibility to fix .At the store were i bought the shoes, they did not want to help...

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Nine West - handbag

The handle of a Nine West handbag bought in Dec 2016 in Ballito, South Africa, cracked. Bottom piping is broken. NINE WEST not lasting ONE year?

I have photos but cannot emailthem to Edgars, they take only online complaints. I also doubt if Edgars will answer any complaint, as I see many other complaints are not answered.


Gail Janse van Rensburg

Nine West - tote bag

The straps are completely falling apart. This was a gift from this past Christmas. The rest of the bag is in like new condition. Is there any way I can get a replacement or repair for this bag. I...

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Nine West - shoe-timeshare black

On April, 2016 I ordered 3 pairs of your Timeshare shoe in 3 different colors. Also, if you check my order history with your company, you will find that it is quite extensive. Nevertheless, the heel...

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