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Complaints & Reviews

bad customer service & attitude

I bought two pairs of boots on aldo.com. and they are just not comfortable. all i wanted was to return it. But the store assistance and Manger (Steven) just had that very bad attitudes towards us. There are nothing wrong with my boots, except there is tiny rock stuck underneath the bottom, and they insisted that i have worn those outdoor. Also, because I have tried both pairs in my room, in which my floor is not as clean as Aldo's. So they ensure that I have worn these boots outside, which I never did. I want to return those pairs of boots because they made up by cheap materials and they hurt my feet after i tried them. I would have kept them if they did not hurt my feet so bad, and make me so uncomfortable. It leaves me no choice but returning those boots. The main customer service also email the manager (Steven) but he never called me to solve the problem, and when I called him, he kept arguing with bad attitude.

worst experience ever!

Do not shop here! At least not the one on 5th ave
This past weekend i went to the store on 97 5th avenue and had the worst experience ever. We had terrible customer service but i decided to still buy a pair of boots. Big mistake. The salesperson was extremely rude and when i got home, there was only one shoe in the box. I did not get upset because everyone makes mistakes. When i called the store back, instead of apologizing, the salesgirl accused me of trying to steal a single shoe. She was very ### and kept saying she brought me both shoes. At every shoe store, the sales associate checks the box to make sure both shoes are in the box and are the proper size. I was getting very annoyed and asked if i could return the shoe and she said that i could not. I told her i did not appreciate her accusing me of stealing. If i wanted to steal, i would not have all the details of the transaction and one shoe. Five minutes later she found the shoe and said she would out it on hold. In all this time, she never once apologized or admitted she was wrong.
Overall, aldo has definitely lost a lot of customers because i definitely have told everyone to avoid shopping there. Hopefully they will change their customer service in the future.

never again

I bought a pair of boots at Aldo online, received them only to notice that the seam was not sewed. I went to an Aldo store to see if they could be repaired, they took the boots and said it could take 1-2 weeks and they would call me. 2 weeks later no call, I call them, they haven't been sent out yet. Two more weeks go buy no call, I call again, oh now the boots can't be repaired! So a month goes by and no one tries to contact the customer to let the customer be aware of the situation, or send out merchandise to be repaired after 2 weeks. On top of that they didn't have that boot in stock and couldn't order me another pair and when I decided to get a different pair of boots they didn't have those either and also couldn't get them from another store. They couldn't refund my money so they gave me a gift card for the amount of the boots, only to use for in-store purchases only. The next day I look online to see the original boots I wanted in my size, that they said they couldn't order. Needless to say ALDO'S BOOTS ARE TRASH AND THE PLACE BLOWS. NOW I KNOW NOT TO WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY ON SUCH A ### PLACE WITH SERVICE THAT SUCKS. Thats ok cause I love to buy boots and most certainly give my business to such a rip off place. THANK YOU!! :)

bad business

I am very displeased with the bad business at the Aldo Store at Town East Mall. On Thursday July 22nd I went back to the Aldo store to buy the Sandford shoes in black because I had purchased the brown pair on Saturday and thought they were beautiful. I was completely appalled when the sales girl tried to up-sale me the sole pads for shoes again. I explained to her that the shoe did not need it because they had rubber sole and she replied that she didn’t know. I showed her my receipt and one sole pad and told her that I had purchased the Sandford shoe in brown on Saturday July 17th and I was up-sold non slip sole pads upon my purchase and the sales guy applied them to the shoes at the register and must have thrown the package away. When I wore the shoes to work on Monday I noticed one sole pad on the floor but the other was gone it had fallen off unsuspected. I was very upset that I was sold non-slip stick-on sole pads when they were not even needed. I figured I would hold onto my receipt and when I went back to buy the black pair I would tell them and show them the one sole pad I had and they would reimburse me my money back. The sales girl spoke to a gentleman named Luis I don’t’ know if he was the store manager, He was rude and somewhat argumentative and refused to reimburse my money because I didn't have both sole pads and I didn't have the original package. He said I should have been told that you have to leave the sole pads stick for 24 hours before you can wear the shoes. I was tempted to not purchase the second pair of shoes that day but I still did because Aldo had beautiful shoes, however, I don’t think I want to shop at Aldo anymore. I purchased two pairs of $80 shoes and they sell me a pair of $5.49 non-slip stick on sole pads that I don’t even need and then they refuse to refund my money back when they didn’t even stick on for one wear.

I'm not drunk I just bought really poorly made shoes - aldo shoes

I used to think Aldo made really high quality shoes but that was either incorrect or quality has really taken a nose dive at ALDO. I bought a pair of heels from aldoshoes.com they came in about a week, which is fine. I tried them on, I liked them, all was well. I didn't get an opportunity to wear them until a month later (three days after I threw out the packing slip). From the very begining I thought something was wrong I was finding it hard to keep my balance and I had to concentrate on walking to not fall. Well low and behold my heel broke in the begining of the night like it was made of gum. I wish I could post a picture, it's a joke how cheaply this shoe was made. I don't know how many steps I took before it broke and I weight maybe 120 pounds I didn't crush the poor things. I was sold a poorly made product and the only thing I've gained from it was a night of wobbling around the nations capital and a pair of shoes perfect for a gimp

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rude, ignorant sales people

l have always had good customer service from Aldos for the last five years when l shop at any of their stores in Chicago, especially at their Bucktown locations on milwaukee avenue.However, my latest experience at their store in Lincoln park located at 2044 North Halsted, chicago on Saturday the 9th of October, 2010 was shocking in how blatantly racist the salespeople were in my opinion.l wear a combination of BCBG, Arden B AND Zara and my shoes are either predominantly from Akira or Aldos, and on this day, l was dressed(like l normally would)in BCBG/Zara and Aldos boots, this apparel load-down is to give you an idea of how l normally present myself, so the attitude from this people was definitely not because l was looking shabby, it was only because they were obviously jealous and Racist.l entered the store after l had shopped in my other favourite store 'Arden b' and l got weird looks from these three odd girls and only one salesperson said 'hi' to me only after l got close to her as l was looking at a shelf beside where she was standing.None of them offered to ask if they could help me find what l needed.Five secs after l came in, two male or/Male and female(not sure about the 2nd person) Caucasians walked into the store and the greetings, welcomes, jokes, the sucking up, and ### kissing and little friendly chats started pouring in from all the corners of the store to them.When l heard all that behind me, l walked straight out, l also took my $600 with me to spend on shoes at Akira, it may not be a lot to some people but it was mine and certainly not going to the store while those ignorant beeyaches were working that shift.l bet you after all that sucking up, they ended up not buying anything, which is normally the case!Good Customer service is the only way to great sales, first sales lesson.

staff were rude with my daughter

Hi! I had gone to the premium outlet to change a pr of shoes that i had bought earlier. The sales rep was very rude to my 5 year old daughter as she was running about the place, i understand it was not right. But it is not what u say, its how u say it is very important. She was more busy flirting with her co worker and trying to impress the guy. She was the supervisor.
I live in jamaica and we go go to florida every year as we have our time share over there. The id no#[protected]
My email is [protected]@hotmail.com
Tel no#[protected]

staff were rude with my daughter

absolute garbage

I spent three years of my life working my tail off for this company in Michigan. I was definitely passionate about Aldo, and their business standards as a whole, but that quickly diminished once I learned the truth within the company and their employees. Every single store manager, key holder, and associate was trained to basically make your life a living hell. Every actual hard working person in that store, such as me, was under appreciated and completely belittled. I spent every day being harassed by my store managers. I stayed long hours and came in on my days off, just to help those idiots out and I got nothing in return. By far the worst experience in my life, I will never, ever be apart of such crap again. Cannot believe I stayed as long as I did, I guess I truly thought my passion about the company itself would override everything in the end, but it did NOT!

DO NOT take interest in this company for employment, it is not a team of compassionate, honest people. They will almost eat you alive.

leather boots ripped!

I purchased a pair of black leather boots from Aldo. Upon wearing them, I stepped up onto a curb and the whole front of the boot ripped. All along the seam where the toe bed is. I purchased these boots at the end of the season last year-but havent worn them until this season. I do not have the receipt or box, just the boots that are brand new! I paid a lot of money for these, and I have never had this happen to a pair of shoes/boots! This is absurd. Poor quality and make. What can I do? Who do I contact? Help!

leather boots ripped!

  • Ms
    Ms dee Dec 15, 2009

    So i wanted a shoe i seen in the store the sales woman amber assisted me with this shoe bringing me a size 39 which was to small. She told me she could mail a 40 to my house since my heels were hanging out the 39. Today when ups came the shoe size was the same i tried on in the store. I called the store manager all he said now that i'm in another state is he didnt know what to do. This store can really brush up on their customer service skills.

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  • Tr
    Truthfullyspeak Nov 06, 2014

    Worst return policy, save yourself the trouble and buy shoes elsewhere.

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horrible customer service

From my experience more often than not Aldo/Aldo Accessories has horrible customer service. Earlier today I...

poor quality, overpriced, uncomfortable

I've only had three pairs of shoes from Aldo. The first, boots with 2" heels. Fine for the first 5 mins, extremely painful afterwards. A friend who lent it, had to walk home on bare feet on pavement! Braving the possibility of glass and other nasty stuff was more comfortable than wearing their shoes!
The second pair, after learning my lesson I bought on sale. They fit well and looked good but I had to return because again, they were too painful. Last pair were winter boots that were extremely heavy and clunky. Having learned my lesson, I only look at their shoes to see which styles I like and then hunt for different brands.

  • Ja
    james3600 Aug 01, 2011

    Bought a pair of mens leather oxfords from Aldo, The sole for some reason split horizontally after a month. Then after 6 months one of the heels broke away from the shoe. Terrible quality for the price - Stay away!

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  • Al
    Aldo Crap Jun 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As of May 2016, Aldo still make the worst shoes I've ever bought in their price range!
    £100 gone to waste! I will never buy Aldo again.

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  • Pr
    ProudCanadian Jun 25, 2016

    The quality is poor but the service is worse! everytime I go in and ask for a size I'm made to feel like I am disturbing the staff. Like, how dare I interrupt their conversation about someones boyfriend and what he said.

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  • Is
    Isishe Jun 08, 2017

    Shoes lasted only couple of months then discolored, torn, split all of the bad you can think of. Will never buy cheap quality, over price

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  • Cl
    Client22 Jul 12, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Aldo sells poor quality shoes.
    Their 90 days warranty is nothing.
    Your normally worn shoe will wear off after 4 months and they will claim it is not a manufacturer's fault.
    I wore their shoes only inside so they should last at least 2 years or like my Rylko or Badura shoes - 5 or more years.

    I will never buy from them again.

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half of the shoe sole disappeared after 4 uses

I bought a pair of white flats on sale and wore them only 4 times within one week (walked only on hard wood floors and once on pavement). Half of the shoe sole is already gone. In addition to that, they get scratched really easily and a part of the side of the shoe is already completely worn out and you can see layers of what the shoe is made of which looks a LOT like cardboard. I would LOVE to get my money back even though they were on sale. Will attempt to return but it will probably be useless judging by other reviews here.

their online facility is ridiculous

I bought 2 pairs of boots from Aldo online. Despite filtering the website for my size, with the first pair they waited 10 days to inform me they did not have my size. Disappointing, and would stop me using the website going forward as obviously the stock is not accurately reflected on the website. The second pair were an absolute nightmare. They advised me that UPS would be delivering the boots at last, 3 weeks after I bought them. I waited and no boots arrived. After a week nothing had still arrived. I tried e-mailing them 10 times but no one got back to me. The reference number for UPS they gave me was not valid. I tried ringing Aldo's customer services but after 45mins on hold gave up twice, i finally got through on the third attempt to be told they had delivered them to a store in a different county instead, as UPS did not have my correct address. My address was correct on the confirmation e-mail so if that was true, then Aldo gave me my incorrect address. At this stage they offered for me to collect them from the store, but it was miles away. I asked for a refund and was advised I would see it across my account in 10 business days. After 12 days I rang them today to be advised that it still had not been processed internally, and would be shortly, and then I would receive my fund in a further 3-5 working days. So I will not receive my money back for over a month from the time I asked for a refund, and that if they keep their word today. I have been chasing this order now for over 2 months and I yet to either receive any boots or the money for the 2nd pair. I sincerely regret ever going near their website. They keep using the excuse of 'The Holidays', but I do alot of online shopping and I have not had any of these nightmarish scenarios with other retailers. If you've fallen for a pair of their shoes, do yourself a favour and order them in store. Their online facility is ridiculous.

  • Wh
    Where is the quality May 09, 2014

    Aldo shoes use to stand for quality, when they were made in Italy, but now they are shoes that don't last very long, since being made in China. They should sell Aldo shoes at Walmart, at a much cheaper price, to match their quality.

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do not do business with this vendor

I ordered a pair of boots online from ALDO that turned out to be too big. They came in a box, within a bag, and that bag apparently had the 'original' receipt taped to it. I threw away the bag without realizing that, thinking there would be a receipt and packing slip inside. However, there was no other paperwork in the bag, or the box with the boots. I now want to return the boots, but the store will not accept them back because I don't have the receipt that was on the outside of the bag. the store advised me to return them online. when I attempted to do just that the online site would not process my return. Every time I filled in the data and clicked continue it put me back to the original return page and won't give me an RMA. so, you cannot return the boots online, or at the store because the store won't accept my online receipt and credit card statement showing that I was charged for the purchase. The ALDO site shows that returns are "easy to get" and good within 1 yr of purchase, but that is clearly not the case. apparently there is no way for me to get my refund. I consider this to be fraud. furthermore, the phone number for the local store disappears when you do a web search, & there is NO, I repeat NO WAY to get a telephone number for customer service. DO NOT do business with this vendor. I have been a faithful customer of ALDO's for years and will NEVER buy anything there again. they have lost a customer permanently.

  • Al
    ALDOCustomerService1 Sep 20, 2011

    Hi deegirl,

    We're sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact our Customer Service team so we can help you return your boots: www.bit.ly/contactaldo.

    ALDO Customer Service Team

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I will never ever come back to this brand

I bought the product 'Sharmaine;: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/boots/ankle-boots/69806184-sharmaine/97 two days back (Powell Street, San Francisco) and while I was buying it, the sales person advised me to purchase 'Elrorice': http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/accessories/shoe-care/comfort-fit/66620130-elrolice/0 for my boots to maintain a firm grip against platforms and put them on on my new boots.

The next day, I noticed some strange marks/cuts towards the heel and took the boots back to the store for exchange. Now since they already had those Elrorice on my boots, they would not exchange it saying that 'once i put those elrorice on, they become final purchase.

I feel miserably cheated with $140 + $5 for those boots by getting those accessories on w/o letting me know that they would turn into final purchase.

This is the first time I bought something from Aldo and will never ever come back to this brand.

And needless to say - the leather on the boots starting wearing out in a day!

I booked 3 pair shoes online, but received only one

I booked 3 pair shoes online, but only receive one pair and they did not notice me they can not send me the others, until i call them. if i did not call, they won't refund me too.

  • De
    Delores Lightbourne Mar 26, 2010

    I ordered two pairs of shoes and a bag from Aldo and I only received one pair of shoes.I called customer service1-800-869-5913 number and all i got was a recording, . after i gave the tracking number and my zip code i was told "your order was shipped March 26 2010".wrong! At this point I want my money back or what I paid for i also paid an additional $20 for express deliveryi will never order from Aldo again poor customer service.

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bad customer service

Hi, i would like to make a very important feedback about one aldo staff working in singapore, at suntec city named mindy who doesnt know her products well, and she definitely is not a customer service oriented and very unhelpful, she even argued with me. When i asked her if the watch can be adjusted, she said no. Does it has a service centre she said no. How do we adjust it, she said she doesnt know. When i asked her how are we gonna buy if you know nothing. . She said customer still buy. So what happen if customer bought it and she has problem changing the straps. . And she said she doesnt know. The best thing is, she's in charge of the store. How is this possible? I have a receipt, dated 25 / 02 / 2010 @ 12:44:16. Watches code : 1) (Middough - 81) 31 - 14 - 1 [protected] s10 (White&gold) , 2) (Berry - 81) 31 - 14 - 1 [protected] f09 (Metal matte silver with rubber and leather straps)

Please acknowledge this and do something about this. Thank you.

  • Re
    RetailMngr Apr 07, 2010

    Youre acting like you are buying a Movado watch. Yes, she could have been a little more polite(but you're probably exaggerating as most people do) but for a $35 watch, you are expecting way too much. Common sense would tell you that you can't adjust leather straps also

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  • Li
    Lisajayne33 Feb 02, 2011

    I was offered a £20 gift voucher when both heels fell of the boots I purchased! I'd only had them 10 days! Terrible customer service, it's a joke!

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horrible quality shoes

I am very disappointment in Aldo Shoes. I purcashed a pair of McMickle dress sandal for a ball on Valentine's day 2009. When I returned home that night it was very late so I placed the shoes back in the box. A week later my mother asked me to show a cousin of mine my shoes. When I took the shoes out of the box two rhinestones were missing off one shoe and one off the other. I purchased these shoes from Aldo's at the Streets at Southpoint 6910 Fayetteville Road Durham, NC 27713. I spoke to the manager whose name is Raja and he indicated that if they were worn he could not replace them but he would e-mail the home office to see what he could do. He did call me back and requested that I bring back the shoes to see what they could do and I appreciated that. I took the shoes back and was told that they would give me another pair of shoes but if the rhinestones came out of these they could not replace them. The salesperson by the name of Miriam suggested that I take some nail hardner and spread it over the rhinestones before I wore the shoes or take them to a shoe repair person to seal the rhinestones before I wore them.

I am so disappointed that I don't know what to do. I informed her that I have purchased many shoes with rhinestone's in them and the rhinestone's did not fall out and I did not appreciate purchasing a pair of shoes and having to repair them before I wear them in order to secure the stones.

I will never purchase anything from them again. The shoes did come with two screws for the heel of the shoes but know rhinestone's that could be replaced. Apparently the stone's are needed if the shoes were only worn once.

got the shoes back and have not returned my money

I purchased 7 pairs of shoes from there website. The website was incorrectly size for the United States so they were all to small. I called only to find out that four pair came in my size. I order those four and received return receipts for the other seven. Once they received the other seven they would refund my money. Well that was a month ago. I have been calling for the last two weeks attempting to obtain a refund. I have called an spoken with several people - they say they will return my all in 24-48 hours however thta never happens when I call back they act as if they dont know what I am talking about. When I call the extention that I spoke with prior too the keep saying that they are working on it. I have spent over five hours attempting to collect a refund an they have finally refund $66.15. I am waiting to hear from the department manager who happens to always be out in order to get the remaining balance. I will NEVER order from them again on line. It is stealing for them to get the shoes back and not return my money. As far as I am concerned they are theives. I spoke with Julie at ext 2706 she never returned the call. I spoke with a young lady at ext 8982 she of course never return the call. This company is UNBELIEVABLE

management do not care about misleading sign

Their were boots on a clearance rack with shoes and boot that said $19.99 everything looked to be on sale when you when to purchase the price was not on sale it was full price... (in very small print not visible unless we got on the floor and looked very closely at the sign it said from) as you will see the photo shows. They were very rude about this... This really seemed like a bait and switch... I would not have even looked at the boot if they were not on sale (they were children's boots and it being the end of feb who would have not known they were not on sale when you see a sign like that) Management was rude and did not care that their signage was misleading.