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Item never shipped

I ordered 4 pairs of shoe online on 31-Dec-09. I received 3 pairs but the last one never get it. So I tried to call so many time and the stupid answer machine never get me to talk to actual customer service. I was tired of calling and waiting, so i sent an e-mail to the store about the missing pair of shoe on Jan 25th 2010 but I didn't get any response. I tried to call the customer service again on Jan 27th 2010 and finally the lady answer the phone. She said that the shoe is shipped but there is no tracking number. She told me that she sent the request and someone should find out by Friday of the same week... I got nothing until Feb 8th, someone sent me this email:
"Dear Lani
Thank you for writing to aldoshoes.com.
We are sorry to hear that you have not received your SELIGA items.
While verifying your file, it was brought to our attention that you have already spoken to one of our agent.
Please let us know if we can assist you further.
Thank you for choosing ALDO.
Sincerely, "
What kind of business is this... :(
This doesn't solve my problem. Either send me the shoe or refund the my money back. I don't think i want to order shoe online from this store... bad bad bad

  • Kh
    khiggins57 Oct 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought and paid for boots. Was assured by sales rep. that they would be delivered to store in 3-6 days. Bought Friday. No problem for receipt by following Thursday (birthday). Now I learn that they mean 3-6 business days (not counting weekends although they are open for business). The 3-6 days does not begin until the order is processed (1-3 days). In my case the order was not processed for 6 days, and shipping will be at least another week. Poor service to promise you one thing, get your money and then send you to head office where they state that non of those dates are true. Way to take the money and run ALDO. Lying to get a deal is not very professional.

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awful, awful, awful

Aldo is awful! I thought it was simple - return a pair of unworn shoes in the original box with both the...

sub standard customer service

For the past ten years I have been both a devoted, as well as, a very satisfied Aldo customer. However, I am...

Resolved refusing to return refund

I purchased 7 pairs of shoes on the Aldo website. The website had them incorrectly sized for the United States and when I ordered what was to be size 10 US was actually size 9 US. I immedately called to have them return and order the correct size. I return all 7 pairs of shoes January 28 have tracking numbers to varify. I purchased the 4 pair that they had in the US correct size an was charged for those also. I have been attempting to receive a refund for the seven pairs of shoes for 10 days an have not. I have been told on several occassions that they would return my call in 24 - 48 hours and it has not happen, I have spoken to supervisors and yet no one will refund my money - even though they have varified that the order was returned. I have contacted the corporate office and I am still waiting on a return call which has not come. I am constantly transferred to different people who dont seem to be able to help me. What ever you do - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY - if there is a problem and you expect some type of assistance or a refund you can forget it. I have spend about 5 hours attempting to get approximately $300.00 refunded to me God only knows if I will ever get it - yet they have the shoes - any place else in America that would be STEALING !

  • An
    Anna12345 Oct 30, 2009

    yeah I ordered my boots prolly a month ao and still havent received them I emailed Aldo and I was told they were delivered 2 weeks ago. My question is WHERE ARE THEY bc I dont have them, on the ups report is says 'signed by INSIDE' what die sthat mean? no one signed it and they prolly left it by the door and someone mustve taken it.. I asked for a refund and they sayd they need to have an investigation with the ups. I WANT MY $$ BACK and I swear to God Ill never buy anything from them ever again!!

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  • Re
    reaper1 Dec 11, 2009

    You both are idiots. Comment one, call the customer service number and they will start an investigation to find out why you didn't recieve your shoes. that is UPS's fault, not Aldo's.

    Complainer: Why didn't you return them INSIDE A STORE? Much safer as well as they can ship it directly to your home. Much easier to get a refund in a store as well.

    Both of you are idiots.

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  • Ka
    Kay1989 Dec 29, 2009

    I am having the same problem I have no aldo store in my area (before reaper 1 says a sarcastic comment) and i have emailed them on several occassions. My shoes have never been worn and are currently sitting in the box in my room. Aldo shoes = ridculous won't order from them again!!

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  • Bl
    BlackSwan Jul 07, 2013

    Aldo claimed they send me my shoes and I have received them which is complete lie. I never received them so I called the 800 number and complained to customer service they opened an investigation with UPS to find what happened to them. God knows of they're refund me or not. It's too bad in 2006 when I started shopping at Aldo it was so much different then it is now its just ghetto and the products are beginning to look all 'bling bling' and it's just not my style. I'm gonna start shopping somewhere else.

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Resolved bad service

Just wanted to share my unpleasant experience with Aldo this weekend. I went to the Easton location in...

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To:BBB My daughter purchased a pair of shoes form Aldo on line when she received them. They did not fit...