Aldoreturn/exchange service

On 4th of February, 2017 I bought a pair of boots in Aldo (item: 23-05-01-Gerrade) for € 93, 98. On 24th of FebruaryI had to return the item, once that after a few uses the boot was completely damaged (photos attached) and I exchanged for the same model (the salesperson told me that it wouldn't happen again). On 8th of April I returned it again for the same problem - and I had to go to the store with the boots on my feet because I didn’t have another pair of boot to use. I exchanged for another model for € 83, 98 - they refunded me the €10, 00 in Aldo voucher (and I put the new boot in the store as you can see In the photo - I was talking with the salesperson and the manager without shoes, because I was wearing the only boot that I had at the time - the damaged Aldo boot) but after a few uses I couldn’t use it again because it hurts my foot (on the top of toe). I tried to have my money back today (28th of April) but the manager told me that I couldn’t return the item for the reason that I gave: because it hurts my foot. I am extremely disappointed with Aldo. For two times I had to exchange a pair of boot for damages and for the third time I tried to have my money back because I just can’t use the other model of boot once that I hurts my foot so badly that I just can’t use it! It was the worse experience that I ever had in a store: with the product and then with the customer care that the salesperson and the manager gave to me. I really want my money back (€83, 98) because is not fair that I can’t use an item for the simply reason that it hurts so much my foot. I would like to have a feedback of Aldo because is not fair that I am being injured several times for a product that I am not even using!


Apr 28, 2017

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