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Billings, MT, US Review updated:

This happened on Thursday March 23 2017 at 511 Central Ave zip code 59102 in Billings Montana. I used the restroom and brought and carry my purse like any other girl would and I carry pretty much everything with me including my makeup my purse is huge, the point is that when I was done I was washed my hands and was looking in mirror l want to add no one was waiting for the mirror as I was using my makeup wipes for my face, as I was standing in front of the mirror one stall was being used by a employee, then (the rude employee) came in standing directly behind me and I can sense she's mad, I said there's a open one there pointing towards the toilet after about 25 seconds of her waiting (the second after I said that a customer came in using the other stall) and she rudely says I'm not waiting for that, then awkward silence and she says I'm waiting for the mirror so I completely move out of her way and she just stood there without moving then she proceeds to say that there are other places to do that and I was rude for doing this and I should go elsewhere and she said more rude, embarrassing things to me as another girl was in the stall I had only been infront of the mirror for less than 1 minute, before she came in, the rude employee then leaves and the customer comes out of the bathroom and says omg what she just said and did was totally uncalled for and rude I then starting crying from embarrassment and her belittling me, the customer left and I was alone crying and didn't come out because I was extremely embarrassed and for people to see me crying, about 3 minutes go by and I hear the door open and I knew it was her but she never came in, then about 5 minute after that she came in and used the restroom and I moved so she could use the sink, I said you have no right talking to me the way you did this is a PUBLIC restroom and you were very rude and she sarcastically says no I wasn't and said yes you were even the girl that came out of the stall even said how rude you were and how uncalled for that was, as I was telling her how I felt she sarcastically says stop yelling at me (I was not yelling my voice was shaky from crying ) and I say how would you feel, as she was leaving she says I've had complaints it looks like a truck stop in here and I said yeah right only 2 girls were in here (in the time frame of the incident ) I ask for manager at front desk Danielle came I told her what happened and all I got from her was I'm sorry this happened, I believe I know who your talking about, I will talk to her and have a nice day I said I wanted an apology from the rude woman and the manager never took my number to help me feel validated, I am completely embarrassed and feel singled out and picked on, I would appreciate your help with making me feel validated from your company . Thank you for your time!!

Mar 24, 2017
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  • Le
      Mar 24, 2017

    Get. Over. It. Stop being a sensitive little crybaby, when you started it.

    This woman just wanted to wash her hands. You were pigging up the mirror and the sink. The employee is right: you don't need to be touching up your makeup in ALBERTSONS! There is just one mirror, and one sink!

    Oh, the manager gave you a blanket apology. She is not going to say a word to her employee, because YOU are the one that looks and sounds like a psychopath... Especially if someone says that to you, and you become so hysterical that you cry. Whaaah!

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