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Albertsons Grocery Store / servicemen

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I've been shopping at your store at 8410 Farm road in Las Vegas, NV for the last ten years. I liked this store because it's clean and spacious and I can usually find everything at an affordable price. I'm there every week and spend about $200-$300 in groceries for my family. The checkers are the nicest people but the floor personnel need training in customer service. One time I needed some juice a stocker was putting up and I asked if I could get one. He huffed and looked irritated I was bothering him. I was kinda taken aback that he'd act that way. I was at the service deli to ask for a sandwich platter and the woman there told me to go to their website instead. I went out of my way to order that at the store and there wasn't even any other customer there at the time. I'm surprised she acted like I was a bother instead of helping me! This was on previous visits. I don't normally worry about it because I understand that they are busy. But this has gotten to be a normal thing now to feel disdain from your employees. Today was the last incident and I'm kinda irritated now. I went to the non food area to get some formula. The female stocker was right there next to the locked case and she said she has the key. I asked for her help and she told me to get the item also available at the front counter. I don't get it. There was a perfectly good one inches away and she has the key, why send me to the front? I was with a crying baby and a toddler and I just needed help. I have twenty other things on my mind to do Why give me an extra step?i don't know what's wrong with this store but there's a perfectly good Smith's next to me and I can just as well go there instead. I've been a faithful customer and I've never complained or put up a fuss. But now I'm just plain insulted! I hope you speak to your people about being nice. Going out of their way to be lazy or insolent just isn't right. That kind of experience stays with a person.

Nov 4, 2016

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