Albertsons / experience in store today

While checking out, it occured to me that the amount was incorrect i politely asked the cashier (Mary, no employee #) to check to make sure that my coupons had come off, i use the Just For U application every week and apply my coupons days before entering the store. I entered my coupons on Nov 30th on the app. The cashier became rude and said she did not know anything about it and called over the manager. I did not catch the male managers name but he was also rude and asked for my phone to prove that i had indeed selected the coupon (15$ off purchase of $100 or more.) I had left my at home so i was unable to provide it. He regrettfully gave me the discount stating that "anyone could just say they had one." I have a screenshot of the application showing my coupon that i could send in as well. Not to mention being charged twice for a can of Beef Ravioli and not honoring that coupon as well. The manner in which I was treated was completely unnecessary. Perhaps Mary needs another traibing course? Ive never had issues with any other employees or redeeming my Just For U coupons (that I spend hour selecting every week). Any help you could provide would be very appreciated.


Dec 03, 2016

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