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Alaska Airlines / Stay away from them

1 United States Review updated:

This is the first and last time I fly Alaska air. I usually fly Southwest and would highly recommend any one who has the choice stick with Southwest air. The employees were very rude from start to finish, even the customer care representative when I called to complain( which accomplished nothing). First off when I booked the web site said first bag checked free additional $15. At check in all bags were $20.00. The attendant at computer check said she is hearing this alot, although the customer rep assured me this has been their policy for over a year. We arrived early for check in but my family got stuck in long security line. Arriving to the gate 10 min before take-off, they were told they could not board even though gate was still open and plane had not left. They were rebooked for a flight 5 hrs later. As my sister stood sobbing and my brother turning red with anger the ticket girl proceeded to laugh at their predicament. Both my sister and brother were to work that day and had already arranged to be picked up from airport. The customer service rep told me this is all the customers responsibility to be at gate 30 min before take-off. However she could offer me a $50.00 Discount on future travel for the agent laughing at us. As if I would ever travel Alaska again after that experience. They could make more money for their selves by using our seats for stand by, and we have no recourse. I paid extra for a flight with no layovers and they were rebooked on a layover flight, which was an hour late for take- off. The didn't arrive home untill 7 hours after their scheduled time. Through out this whole ordeal I never heard one apology from anyone at Alaska air. Their attitude is we've already got your money so we could care less. I personally will never fly Alaska again.

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  • Va
      29th of Dec, 2006
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    Alaska Airlines - Endless delays in Boise
    United States

    Alaska used to be one of my favorite airlines, but Alaska/Horizon are my definition of the bottom of the barrel. A group of us flew from San Jose and Seattle to meet in Boise in December 22, 2006.

    Both flights were late; the San Jose one was over 11 hours late. The Alaska/Horizon personnel are so used to this that they don't even talk about 'scheduled' times, they say "target" times as if being on schedule is an unexpected event. It is.

    Making matters worse, the Alaska staff makes it clear that there really is little they can do for you, so they don't even pretend to try. They're always late, so why care? That's the attitude that come across.

    On the next leg of the trip to Seattle, we were told after we checked our bags that the plane would be late by four hours, but maybe not really because the replacement plane was in maintenance, and it might not really be available or it might arrive early. I had to wait in line for an hour to obtain that "information." I tried calling the 800 number and was told that for them to help me, there would be extra charges.

  • Da
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    This is always upsetting when the staff dose no care. I had a flight delayed for 2 hours once and there was not even a staff member around to talk to, not to mention that we were stuck in a room with no windows and only one small 20" TV.
    I have traveled enough to know that delays happen and there is nothing the airline can do about the delays, but I at least expect the staff to care and give a reasonable explanation of the problem and give updates. The last time I was delayed on Delta due to bad weather the gate agent was great and gave up updates so we would know what was going on.

  • Co
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    Its not the airlines responsibility if you change your plans.

    No other airlines give cash back, they all give you flight credit for another trip. Obviously you did not read the rules when you bought your ticket, or you would know all this already.

  • Fj
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    During a flight home from Calgary, our flight was delayed getting into Seattle. Altought late, we did have enought time to make our connecting flight (if we had any help from the Alaska Airlines staff at Seattle).

    Upon landing in Seattle (flight AS 570 from Calgary)late, we were not met at the gate (C-11)to direct us where to go to catch our connecting flight to Sacramento. We dashed to Gate D-3 and arrive 7 minutes before departure (2:30 p.m.) and was told by the gate attendant that she had closed the flight, even thought we were there 7 minutes early with the airplane still at the gate. She then told us that nobody informed her that we were coming and would not open the gate to let us on. We then proceeded to customer service to speak with the station supervison (Belinda) where we were met with a very cavalier attitude and "there wasn't anything she could do". She did say she was unaware of the delayed flight from Calgary and our effort to make our connectiing flight. (I guess no one communicates with the Seattle ground crew, I wonder why). This whole attitude is pervasive in the Alaska Airline operations in Seattle. The management needs to take a hard look to see what is causing this lack of caring toward their customers. I fly often and will think twice before flying Alaska Airlines again.

    PS: As an aside, Alaska Airlines has the most uncomfortable seats in the airline business. Their seats seem to be 3 to 4 inches narrower then most other airlines.

  • Li
      25th of Aug, 2016
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    Alaska Airlines - Horrible service
    Alaska Airlines
    United States

    I am a hotel concierge in Hawaii. My guest came to me and told me she left her ID in an Alaska Airlines flight. So I called the main line of the Alaska Airlines. The agent I spoke to was reallly rude. She goes, "i can"t help you because I am in Pheonix. I also aske her if she can give me their local number so I can contact for Lost & Found. She still keeps saying, " i can't help you because I am in Pheonix.". Are you stupid? I am in service industry for a long time and have never encountered this kind of service. She is something else. Asked her for her manager. She gave me their local number and gave me an excuse for her staff's rude attitude. "She thought you want the guest's local number. We can give passenger's contact number for privacy rules." I know that since I am in hotel industry. I had never said that and also told her I need Alaska Airline's local number for Lost & Found". I will never recommend Alska Airlines to anybody!

  • Em
      25th of Aug, 2016
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    Alaska Airlines - Stay far away from them
    Alaska Airlines
    United States

    I have been a loyal customer and frequent flyer customer with Alaska Airlines for years and have always enjoyed their service - that is, until I actually had a problem...

    For the first time in my life, I had an issue with my reservation, and being unemployed, the cost of changing my return flight was a major concern for me. After exhausting nearly all of my options, I turned to the airline for assistance with the hope that my long-time loyalty would earn some favor. No such luck... as it was immediately apparent that the only part of my loyalty that was valued was the money they had already pocketed.

    I explained my situation and continued by telling them that while I would rather not get a refund on my return ticket (and take the cancellation hit from Alaska) to purchase a flight with another carrier as my least cost option, unless they could help me, I may have to(hoping that this would open the company up to providing me with some alternatives).

    I hadn't even completed my sentence when the less-than-friendly CSR on the other end then told me that while the website may have made it SEEM as though I would be able to get the actual refund portion of my cancellation back in monetary value, that was not the case, and I would only be issued a credit with the airline.

    And that was it. Alaska Airlines made it quite clear that their rules are absolute they aren't changing them for ANYBODY unless you happen to fit within the very narrow terms of their catastrophic event considerations. They did not want to know anything more about my situation, offered no helpful suggestions whatsoever, nothing. Why they even have a customer service department, I have no idea... seems like a waste of money to me...

    And its so nice to know that this is what consumer loyalty gets you. A hard line such as this - particularly when so many are facing difficult times - can't be helping them to win a whole lot of points with the public...

    Anyway, I just hope that the airline appreciates that last $291 airfare of mine that went in their pocket, because unless I am faced with NO other alternative in the future (save for walking to my destination), they are the last dollars they will ever receive from me.

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