Alamo Rent A Car / rental car service

Atlanta, GA, United States

I'm a Alamo insider and have rented many cars from Alamo. Me and my husband receive the worst service this past weekend. My original conformation number was [protected]. We reach the car rental facility at 2:30 am, and was told due to my rental was at 5:30 am, that I would need to come back at 5 am. When we arrive back at 5 am, I was told that I could not rent a luxury car with a debit card. I ask the counter agent could she down grade me. She said I would have to call the reservation and make a new conformation. I called and the phone agent said that they had no cars available, and to ask the counter agent to help me. The same counter agent then booked me another reservation with a new conformation number [protected]. This conformation gave me a premium car. The Atlanta facility had many cars to rent. Then when we reach our destination, every time we would turn off the car and then turn it on, the change oil light would come on. I call road side service and the advise me to take it to a car rental facility and they did not have another premium. They wanted to give me a pick up or a minivan, which would cost more in gas. I had already spent $200.00 more in just the rental from the beginning. I kept the car we had, and I really did not know if the car would stop in the middle of the road with my family, due to the oil. I'm really unhappy with the service and i'm looking to hear from you soon about the issue.

Jul 31, 2018

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