Alamo Rent A Car / rental car customer service wrong fees provided on extensions

Orlando, FL, United States
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I had ato get an extension on a rental with Alamo for a rental that was picked up at the Orlando International Airport. . I called their reservations phone number and spoke with Roschelle to extend from Sunday to Tuesday she said I would have to pay $2.30 to extend until Tuesday. I said I don't want to get the wrong information cause it doesn't sound right. She stated my total charges were $351 up until Tuesday and my prepaid voucher from American Airlines was $287 to the difference was $64 I was ok with that. Then I extended from Tuesday to Friday for $12 and again I asked are those all of the extr charges I don't want any surprises at the airport. Lisa stated that was all. On Friday I called to see what it would cost to extend until Saturday and I was told $3.03 by Oscar. I decided to call reservations again to get a final total cause I didn't want any surprises. They told me it was $503.03 I was in shock that's no the information provided by Roshelle or Lisa on two different dates. Jackie said she couldn't see any other information regarding charges or credits and I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Lisa Darin told me I shouldn't believe something when it's too goo to be thruth and agents can't provide me with charges information because is an open contract, she was very rude and wouldn't answer my questions and then said she would transfer my call to the airport to see what they could do then she hung up on me after spending 28 minutes on the phone with her and precios rep Jackie. I came to the airport and spoke with manager Marsha Hodges and she said Lisa Daffin and she put specific notes in the file for me not to get any adjustments and completely disregarded the fact that Roshelle and Lisa gave me the wrong price so I decided to extended using the wrong information provided by them. I will file a complaint with BBB so this doesn't happen to other customers they ended charging me $220 for an extra week that I didn't need I just extended because they gave me the wrong price and wouldn't take responsibility for that. I'm never renting with them again.

Jul 21, 2018

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