Alamo Rent A Car / cost of returning item left in car.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Contact information:

IO left my handicap parking pass in a car i rented from the Almo car rental at the Ottawa Airport (Canada).

When I asked them to ship it back they informed me it would cost $43.50 US (to ship from a Canadian address to a Canadian address!). When I asked them why they said "that's the way we do it". When I asked them to just put it in a Canada Post envelope with $1 postage they said "We don't do that".

Found Item Details
Found Item Number: 9697855
Date Found:9/3/2018
Item Category: Parking Permit
Description: Handicap / British Columbia / J.P / Blue /

  • Updated by Johnny Pysk, Sep 13, 2018

    Just an update: Alamo has promised to return my handicap parking pass, but after 8 days, all they have done is "created a shipping label"!

Sep 05, 2018

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