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[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / alamo rents a car with bald tires

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I rented a car from Alamo FLL, a 2009 Mazda 5 Grand Touring and picked it up at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, on February 8 to head for the state of Maryland. We(myself, my wife and son) reached North Carolina without any precipitation. Thereafter, for four hours straight, we traveled under heavy rain until a forced stop at a hotel in Fredericksburg, VA, because the car was starting to twist. In one situation we almost hit a truck that was passing next to us on the same direction, making my wife and my child on the back seat to scream desperately. We were all frightened to death.


Due to the hurry to get to our hotel room the night before, I left the car steering turned all the way to the left allowing the tires well exposed. And to our surprise and indignation we noticed that they were completely bald. As we found out later, part of the tire was already showing some steel mesh. At that very moment we realized how much risk our lives had been exposed to, after driving for so long. A tremendous disappointment crossed our minds, for the enormous irresponsibility from Alamo. We immediately started using our movie and photo camera to make a complete report of the situation.

I called Alamo toll-free and the attendant on the other side could not send another car because there was no office of Alamo close to where we were. Then she asked me to head to a tire store, which Alamo holds an agreement with, to exchange for new ones, just about a mile away. Later my GPS proved that it was 5 miles from the hotel. The fear of driving in the melting snow and ice with bald tires still hung over our heads. Since they would not come to us as in my understanding they should, we were forced to venture to the workshop indicated.

The situation turned into a great paradox, because the rep person from Alamo had warned me that if the tire store to which we were about to go found out that the vehicle was not able to traffic, they, the people from the store, would not allow us to drive out of there. It was like if someone asked me to walk from the top of one building to another on a tightrope, and then on the other side someone was waiting to consider whether the situation might be actually risky. If so he would not let me go back the same way I came. Because of the ice and snow the night before the streets were very dangerous even for a car with new tires. We could see some cars hanging along the road sides as the result of twists.

We talked with Marcus, the consultant of Firestone Complete Auto Care, who was waiting for us, already advised of the situation. We were extremely stressed. Bureaucracy and paper work took 3 hours before the official authorization from Alamo to change the tires, because a simple report from the workshop was not enough.

Tired of waiting, because we could not leave the store without a solution, the news finally came through the consultant, falling like a bomb on our heads. Needed to return the next day because they did not have the model and size of tires that the car used and needed to order them from another branch. Marcus settled up with us for 9 o'clock the next day, promising that the tires would be waiting for us by then. The store opens at 7 and would give them time to pick them from the other store, about 20 minutes away. There was another overnight stay in the hotel, meals, more stress, frustration and uncertainty.

The situation forced me to prove that the Alamo attendant was wrong. I drove the same car with the showing-mash-of-steel tires back to the hotel and from the hotel back to the store the next day.

Although arriving at 9 as marked by Marcus, we only left the store with the new tires at 12:35.

I'm asking for refund of my expenses and three air tickets Rio/Washington DC/Rio to give us the chance to accomplish what was not fulfilled at the time of the rental due to the setback provoked by the situation

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Alamo Rent A Car Customer Care's Response, Mar 12, 2010

    Jim, we apologize for any frustration with your rental experience. We'd like to address this issue with you. Please contact us at care[at] - including your full name, rental agreement number and any other details.

    Also, please refer to incident # 100312-004577 in the subject of your email to us.

    - Elizabeth with Alamo Rent A Car

  • Alamo Rent A Car Customer Care's Response, Mar 25, 2010


    We sincerely apologize for any problems during your rental and would like to address them with you. Please email me care[at] - including your full name, rental agreement number and any other details.

    And please refer to incident # 100325-002902 in the subject of your email to us.

    - Elizabeth with Alamo Rent A Car

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  • Bb
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    My wife and I rented a car just last week which also had bald tires, with the mesh showing. Unfortunately, we were actually in an accident. Our car felt like it was fishtailing for several miles, the back end would swing out then correct itself with a jerk. We had decided to call in the morning and demand a new car, but unfortunately we never had the chance. With my wife, 2 year old daughter and brother in the car, the back end fishtailed out and never recovered. We did a complete 180 on the highway and slammed into a concrete divider, totalling the passenger side of the car. My wife and child went to the hospital, me and my brother we beat up, but not seriously injured. The car, totalled, 2 under-inflated BALD tires on the back of the car. My wife and daughter were released with minor injuries. I HATE ALAMO, they almost killed my family. What am I asking from alamo? Nothing, my lawyer will do all the asking for me.

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