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Alamo / overcharged

1 Orlando Airport, United States Review updated:

I rented a car from Alamo online for 15 days
I paid in full,
I wasnt late in returning the car, when I took it back I was told nothing more to pay, BUT a day later, I was charged $200
I contacted Alamo Customer Service via their website,
I got a message stating they would repoly in a timely manner (whatever that is ?)
It has goine on for over a month, they havent contacted me, I still havent received any reply about the overcharge or what it was for
I havent received a refund
I left ALL my contact details on my message to them, still no phone calls, no replies
I have never known such poor customer service fropm ANY company and total disregard for customers
I wish I knew who runs this appalling company, I could either email them or call them (even though I'm in the UK now)
I wouldnt use this company EVER again
I work at Heathrow and am in a perfect position to let people know what Alamo is REALLY like
AND how appalling their customer service is
I thought that Car hire companies needed and wanted customers, obviously not in the case of Alamo
I wont recommend to any of my Heathrow collegues, and there are a lot of people working there and an awful lot of passengers pass through here, and I will put the word out about this company
Does anyone know who own/runs/CEO of Al;amo and how to contract them ?

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      11th of Nov, 2008
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    I've just found out who owns Alamo car rental

    Its a huge corparation, (Republic Industries) its owned by an ex bin man, made good, he's quite a big boy in the rich fellas club (but he dont impress me)Still stands up to pull his pants up and puts em on one leg at a time

    His name is H.Wayne Huizenga (ex Dutch immigrant, from way back, commonly known as a clog)

    He took over Alamo, and the company makes billions, I guess they do that by ripping the ordinary bloke off,

    Does this bloke know how bad his company is and how crappy the customer service from them is ? I doubt it,

    The bloke dont associate with ordinary mortals any more

    He owns lots of things, football teams, recycling centers, used to own Blockbuster video (they are crap anyway, guess thats why he sold them)

    Likes to make it know how he started off with his first truck (but forgets where he came from)

    Maybe one of the employees at Republic will read this and pass it on


    It surprises me your outfit has got so big with a service like this

    But H.Wayne Huizenga it dont matter how big your companies are, you need customers, people like me, do yourself a favour and sort it out

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      14th of Dec, 2008
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    Reply to Julie (who sent an email, I dont know if you got my reply, but here is the reply to you

    Nope really didn't get anywhere with them,

    After nearly 2 months I got a reply from them and the offer of a free days rental IF I go to the US, but no refund, no mention of overcharging, they sent me a so called copy of my agreement, but it wasn't my signature, but that meant nothing to them

    I have sent them emails and this website and it doesn't mean very much, they just say, there are other people who enjoy their service

    When I rent a car now, I check the charges, both before and after, I have a CC that has a small limit I use as well

    But there is no point in complaining to their customer services, they really don't care, they are on the minimum wage, why should they put themselves out for anyone, least of all to a customer

    They only answer emails after 2-3 weeks, and don't bother calling them, they put you on hold then put the phone down (things aren't much better in the UK either)

    I work at Heathrow, and I go out of my way to stop people using Alamo and send them to other companies, anywhere, just so they don't use Alamo (they really need customers, they are a minor operator at Heathrow, I'd like to see them go bust or go even further from Heathrow, they are quite a way off the airport anyway)



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