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Airtel Chennai / false commitments by the airtel customer care executives!

1 India Review updated:

I called to book my Air Tickets through an agent called 'Make My'. I had to call them to know the status of my tickets later. Per the agency website, [protected] is a Airtel toll free number. I called to them on Jan 02, 2007 at 10:07 P.m. The call went for 14 minutes and to my surprise, I was charged Rs.140 @ the rate of 10/min. When contacted Make my trip Customer care, they have written to me saying that it is a toll free number and clearly stated they receive calls to that toll number every day from their customers. So, I contacted Airtel Customer Care regarding the same.

Initially, Some of the Airtel executives said that it is not a toll free number but later they said that it is a toll free number and promised me that the amount will be refunded in 24 hours. But it didn't happen as promised. When I called the Customer care, they again promised that it will happen in 2 hours. This same old story repeated many a times. I called to Airtel Service more than 11 times. Now, they say that it is not a toll free number.

There are lot of discrepancies prevailing with the Airtel executives. I have written to Airtel customer care but no response from them so far. If this prevails for long then Airtel will soon lose its good customers in the near future.

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  • Vi
      20th of Feb, 2007
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    Airtel Chennai - Worst service and response to complaints!

    I changed my post paid connection to prepaid with same no. They asked me several proofs for prepaid even though i have given the same for postpaid. I went again with all the proofs they needed and got the sim. I am informed that it will be activated within a day. But they didn't activate for three days. To my woes i was out of station from chennai those 3 days. My family could not contact me. If i called the no which the airtel showroom gives as contact no, the bloody folks are not picking the phone. Even if they r picking once after 20 calls they simply cut the mobile after some time without saying. They had really tested my patience. At last after 3 days they had taken their own time to activate. But within a week,they had disconnected my mobile saying that the photo identity which i gave is not a proof. If that is the case they should have told me the second time itself when i went to produce the proof. But they didn't. But they have disconnected my mobile. If i tried to contact the contact no which the airtel showroom at Chennai the same old thing repeats, they r not picking but they used to make calls from the mobile without attending customer. Idiotic peoples in the showroom without having a care to attend the customers.

  • Bu
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    Airtel Sucks. I got a prepaid connection from a dealer after filling out all the required forms and submitting all the proofs. And suddenly with a 2 hour SMS notice they disconnected my outgoing saying I had not submitted some proofs or whatever. Then I had to do the proverbial pillar to post thing and had to call them up like 100 times to find out what I need to do. The dealer kept blaming Airtel and Airtel was clueless saying that there was some problem with the submitted documents and that I have to resubmit again. But they wouldn't tell me what was the problem. I asked to talk to a senior person who kept repeating the same thing asking me to resubmit and when I told them that if they did'nt tell me the reason I would risk documents 'rejection' again, she seemed to cook up some reason and told me I needed a local address or something. Finally someone called from the Airtel office and told me that they would activate it, but it would take 4 hours due to technical issues and 'TRAI' regulations. I have been without outgoing for 24 hours. It takes them 2 minutes to activate connection when you are signing up. But now they need 4 hours. Which is just plain stupid. On the whole, a bitter experience. Only reason I am not moving to a different operator right now is that I unfortunately topped my card for a large amount, apart from the headache of having to update my number with all the contacts!

  • Ka
      11th of Jul, 2007
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    Airtel is one worst service provider I have seen. I have had very bad experiences with this stupid company. Their customer service sucks. The worst part is am not using airtel service since 2 years and they are still sending bills to my id and demanding me to pay. The fact is am not even in India. People did u realize how selfish they are. ALl they want is money from innocent people like us. I know many people who use the card and dig it underground and keep changing the numbers. But we people who pay the bill honestly will face all the problems. Not only me, many of my friends and families faced different problems. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE USING AIRTEL.

  • Sr
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    Airtel Customer Service is not good and they are showing their inability and un maturedness. Not guiding properly and not having enough information in hand for customers. Just reading the system information which is not at all sufficient. Dont have hierarchical systems.

    Recently my outgoing call got disconnected without any notice. While communicating the customer care understood I have to re-submit my residential proof again. While I was mentioned while getting the connection i have provided the required documents (for address proof my airtel landline telephone bill photo copy and driving licence front and back photo copy for photo identification) they told I have to re-submit again. I understood fault of the agent(who provided me the connection), have to resubmit my documents and I went into the airtel office and resubmitted the documents and asked the person to verify my documents and when it will be enabled. They told documents are perfect and it will be enabled in 24 hours.

    But even after 4 days outgoing was not enabled . I called the customer care, they told the documents are not sufficient. While I asked for the reason they are unable to provide proper information. they mentioned address proof does not hold enough information. The address proof I re-submitted was my airtel landline bill. I hold the airtel landline for past 3 years and receiving my bills the residence properly and paying by bills by monthly.

    They are not able to guide me properly for enabling my outgoing.

    For enabling the outgoing call for a pre-paid mobile number which hold Rs. 300, I have spend more than 50 rupees for phone calls and went to the airtel office twice. Even after all this I have not recieved the required service.

    Airtel call center service is the example for worst and useless service provider which I have seen till now.

  • Sa
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    I really agree with that airtel customer care is too worst.
    I took a sim of airtell. I submitted the proofs what all they need.
    They said that it will be activated with in 3 days. They did the same and disconnected the outgoing stating that something need to be submitted.They failed to tell me at first. Eventhough i gave my docs didnt still get.
    So people i really tell u dont go 4 airtell.

  • Vi
      10th of Oct, 2007
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    I had brought two mobile prepaid cards from Airtel. One for me and another for my wife. My number is 9940187710 and my wife no is 9940187720. But when calls are coming for both nos are going to 9940187720. I brought the cards in the month of January. Initial stage it is working fine. Recently for last one month it is giving problem to us. So please look in the matter. It is very urgent. You customer care nos at Chennai is not responding.


  • Gs
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    Feel disappointed in paying colleague post paid bill.

  • Ra
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    AIRTEL is a bad network in India.

    They all cheating fellows.

    They cheated Rs:60 from my account for yahoo zone I haven't registered for anything.

  • Ra
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    sir, all i can say is Airtel is very big Mittal Company, due to the services provided by 121 and other customer care emails response is very poor and neglected. I have cancelled one airtel number and i got confirmation of the deactivation also. Later on every month my account was debited....still going my advice is DONT GIVE ECS DETAILS FOR PAYMENTS

  • Na
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    Recently I registered online in airtel site, for stopping promotional calls from airtel. After registering a message was displayed saying, I'll receive a confirmation number through SMS from airtel within 24 hrs after which I've to enter that again in the site to stop receiving promotional calls. Even after 1 month I still dint receive any such SMS...

  • Di
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    I have got a prepaid connection from Airtel before 3 months with the proofs submitted as told by the dealer. And now, with out any prior notice they disconnected my connection saying that there is no enough documents submitted. I have submitted my proofs and photo again to the Airtel showroom and till after 1 full day they have not yet connected my connection. When called to customer care they are now telling that they need 24 hours. SInce I am staying outside my place my parents are not able to contact me. I have seen the worst customer service as well as the irresponsible service ever from airtel. There is no coordination even among the customer care reply and showroom people's reply.

  • Si
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    They are charging even for the Customer Care numbers.

  • Na
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    I requested for plan change ......... to confirm weather the plan had been changed or not ....... i am trying to contact the chennai customer care number since 2 days ........ but no response.
    nalini kumar

  • Sv
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    i agree not response for customer care

  • Va
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    i applied a new broadband airtel net connection before two weeks and i wil paid amount rs.500/- in ur FSO, but till now u couldnt start any process to give a connection..try to give a connection earlier as possible...

  • Kr
      3rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have recharged my pre paid airtel number through internte banking of Icici bank, the amount got debited from my bank account but the mobile doesnto got recharged. I lost my money. I enquired in the bank and they were telling that airtel people are real culprit and when i asked airtel they told its the fault of icici. Dont know what to do? Friends, could anyone help me to figure out what has happened??

  • Gg
      5th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ya, its more than one hundred percent true. I astonished to see that the long DISCONNECTED numbers namely 98402 13653, 98407 30927, 98402 32663 all works for a couple of days BY fraudulant activation by airtel - and goes off after that stating TOI TOI TOI... TOI TOI TOI... tHE MARKETTING franchaise managers and executives at activation sections have become perfect ###kards of sales gals and sales gals also have gone call gals of HEFTY BILLS clients. Do something to barthi wakeup.

  • Ss
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    from past 2 weeks on ward airtel signal is very very weak i cant even talk to my home members. in WEST MAMBALAM, SOUTH KAVERI STREET, CHENNAI
    y u people not taking care it is very worst y cant u improve ur signal strength in that area.
    this 3rd time i am giving the comment.wat is the customer satisfaction ur giving.
    pls make improve as early as possible.

  • Ra
      29th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want to know how to trace the address to giving mobile numbers.

    can anybodies help any site is there...

    plz send me to my mail...

    Mobile No - 9964006141

  • Ra
      29th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want to trace the address of the given mobile no - 9964006143

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