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Airtel Call Home / emotional stress

1 United States

To: Airtel

Due to site was under maintenance and due to emergency i have opt to call to customer care on [protected]. I provided every details as they asked to me ms ranjit was the attendant she asked me address i provided where i was currently living and as where credit card statements coming. As per her argument she matched:

1. Email id
2. Used id
3. Registered number
4. Street number
5. Street name
6. City name
7. State
8. Country
9. Zip code of the place and i disclosed my airtel account number which dont have to be disclosed on phone
10. Apartment number as # 115
11. First name and last name
12. Indias airtel number right now with me ( i was having retail outlet of airtel in india)

After providing bunch of details she replied that there is discrepancy in these details and i cant do the recharge its strange!!!

My father was seek (i didn't disclosed her) and i was facing emotional disturbance which i never expect from airtel as customer and never as was pert of airtel family as outlet operator in saurashtra. Then i requested ms ranjit to transfer to supervisor she mr.anshul and same situation again, he talked with me and suddenly call put down from their side (i dont know might be network problem !!!) you can check records of june 2 & 3 usa & canada pacific time. It was horribly frustrating and emotional distrusting stressful hard time with all those people. I dont have words to speak out the reality as an indian i was facing from an indian the hight of humanity, quality became hight of cruelty, the hight of emotions became the hight of stress and frustrations and much more.

I clearly told that i m living in hotel having 146 rooms and it may happen that at the time of registration i was living in the same property but in different apartment number (an apartment having 146 rooms) but your people was not able to understand the thing!!! Finally i was so much mentally harassed and instructed that they cant do anything. I requested manager's email address and or cell number so that he can help me out in response he give me!!! Mr. Anshul told me that he is the final authority at that point of time and he can understand the frustration i was facing but was not able to do anything.

After lots of argument he told me that he will talk to some higher authority!!! ( previously he disclosed that he is the final authority!!!) and get back to me after several hold he positively agreed that he can add as compensation 25 free minutes. I appreciate thing he done for me. I thanked him and also apologized also being an indian we have lots of emotions and respect and brotherhood. I dont want anything from your company not want file a suit but want to tell something that "you meet someone who is hacker doesn't mean everybody is hacker" we have to think like that everyone is loyal.

I called again i was unable to make recharge even site was working but some error in morning and talked at customer care with ms.neha she helped me and added 10 more minutes to my account so that i can have idea of the situation as i told my father was under treatment.

I request you to debit for those 35 minutes which you people provided me or charge to my credit card to my account. But finally i satsfied from the help of you people mr.anshul and ms.neha at chandigarh. Again i apologized for any inconvenience caused from my side. Thanks

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