AirBNBcompensation; terrible customer service

dear people of Airbnb...
I herewith would like to submit this complain, as I am ultimately upset with your service. One of your guests abused me, lied at me & cheated me directly, while your customer service did nothing, didn´t take my calls & complaints into consideration. I was totally neglected.
I am asking for compensation for the lost & insult I got, thanks to your bad way of tackling my issue
I am a host, I joined your community a year ago. I was in doubt to start with you, as I heard a mixed opinion about Airbnb. I called you to make sure that I am going to host descent guests & that you will be there to help in case of a problem. You assured me that you have control of the guests & that you will do your best to help. to my surprise, your platform consists of psychopathic guests...are you aware of this?

This is my story, for about 3 months ago, I hosted a sich person, this is what happened:
-She started doing a single reservation, meanwhile asking us for an extra key because her boyfriend will join her. We tried to tell her that this is against the roles, she was very angry & started treating us that she will write a bad review. What did the customer service do, basically NOTHING
- She broke the rules of the house, we asked her kindly to take care of the door handle, which has been broken by one of your guests. The door was supposed to be prepared by us in 2 days.
- She was very harsh, insulting & she canceled the reservation, assuming that she left the keys at the police station. I even had a stranger to call me telling me that he is from the police. She lied at you, the keys are gone. Since then we have been observing strange things in the flat as if somebody is trying to enter the flat. Where was the customer service in all this? very idle & careless
- I for some strange reason didn´t have the chance to review & justify my position. I didn¨t get that review notification. But she did
It is very obvious, that you don´t give a damn to your hosts & that you are biased to your guests. You claim that you are mediatores, but you are not in any sense.

I hereby acclaim a compensation of chip keys, changing the door lock, as well a compensation for the affront & offensive manner I was submitted to
Aida Nadeem
Phone: [protected]

Dec 02, 2018

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