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I booked a ticket via the AirAsia website on Sunday, March 26th. During my booking, the website kicked me off and reset. When we reloaded the page and proceeded in our order the website did not respond but then processed our tickets but for incorrect dates that were not entered by us. I followed up with AirAsia and entered a complaint. They stated that their website did not have an error and were unwilling to change the dates of my ticket without a fee.

They were also unwilling to allow me to talk to a manager. The were very rude on the phone and insisted that it had not been their error and we would have to pay for the change.

We have flown Air Asia over 20 times to numerous destinations. However we are very displeased with the customer service that we are receiving. After this experience we would not recommend flying Air Asia to anyone.

Mar 28, 2017

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