AirAsiaunacceptable handling of flight delay and rebooking

On April 29th 2017 I arrived at Denpasar airport, Bali to take my flight to Kuala Lumpur with a connection to Dhaka the same evening. At my arrival I was informed the flight was delayed for three hours, which would make it impossible to catch my connecting flight. Upon arrival in KL it took AirAsia three hours to arrange for a re-booking 24 hours later and to arrange a hotel. At 2 am finally I was shown a taxi which I shared with two other AirAsia guests in the same situation but unknown to me. The taxi driver did not know the name of the hotel booked and took us to the wrong hotel. We had to walk to the right hotel, which we knew only as we had overheard other guests speak of it. There was no telephone number provided to us to contact AirAsia staff. Once at the hotel there was only one three bed room available. I was forced to share a very small room with two complete strangers, one being male and one female. I had to share a double bed with the other female traveler. Contrary to what we had been informed at the airport we did not receive any breakfast, lunch or dinner at the 2 star hotel (available online for a price of USD 15 per night). We received the equivalent of USD 0.50 for all meals. One coffee at KL airport costs more than the amount handed over. The airline never apologized for any of the inconveniences experienced and ground staff in KL were slow and not very friendly.

May 02, 2017

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