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By mistake we book flights for wrong date and within 5 minutes of booking we realized our mistake and called up customer care.The lady (Aishwarya) wen on like a caller machine and did not listen to me at all.

She did not listen and was just citing airasia conditions. I admitted my mistake despite which she was not ready to listen to her customer. Pathetic customer care, I must say. Airlines should not make money from customers for a real time error like mine.

Intent should not be to make money but to help customer.

If I was requesting to reschedule after a few days, it would make sense to charge me fee but mine was an inadvertent mistake and I call them up within 5 minutes.SHAME!!


May 24, 2015
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  • Ka
      12th of Apr, 2009
    Airasia - Flight delayed for over 3 hours
    airasia malaysia

    My flight ak6328 from kuala lumpur to kota bharu on 10th april 2009. Departure time should be at 1920 but departed at 2240.

    I was made to understand that the passenger will be compensated for rm200 voucher and i am asking for the voucher.

    Please response. Thank you.

    From: kartini yusoff
    Contact: 012 - 9382022 / [protected] My

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  • Li
      16th of Apr, 2009

    saya mau complaint atas keterlambatan penerbangan pesawat airasia AK 938 pada tgl 30 maret kemarin, harusnya pesawat berangkat jam 20.00 tapi delay sampe jam 23.00 lwt baru berangkat, rute perjalanan KL-MES . Terima kasih.

    Hormat saya,


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  • Hj
      18th of May, 2009

    Saya mau complain atas nama drs. h. muhamad amier kode booking agcdlq mengalami keterlambatan yg seharusnya berangkat jam 20.00 jadi 23.00 mohon confirmasi secepatnya karena tanggal 20 mei 2009 voucher akan saya pakai
    Trima kasih..

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  • Am
      24th of Nov, 2009
    Airasia - Convenience Fees

    Airasia is charging every route every passenger an additional fee of rm5.00 if one uses credit card to pay for the fares. this is ridiculous. I have recently purchased 2 return tickets online and was charged rm20.00 for using credit card. something has to be done on this - why bother to abolish administration fees then charge another fee. just tell us, how are we going to book online if we do not use credit card or charge card or debit card?

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  • Ch
      8th of Dec, 2010

    i just found search for convenience fee
    Why is the fee introduced?
    To ensure that our guests are provided a comfortable and safe booking environment AirAsia has invested substantially to expand, implement and maintain our online payment systems and especially, to upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for online credit, debit and charge cards payments. The Convenience Fee is to subsidize the costs of the payment systems.

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  • Sh
      4th of Jan, 2011
    Airasia - No response on complain
    sunil shahlot

    I had made booking from del to bkk vide pnr g9mjpq wherin i got the ticket for a different date then what i had booked and then even after 45 days response there is no response from the airline whatsover

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  • Ko
      1st of Mar, 2013

    On 25/1/2013 while booking airasia online ticket for my wife, punithavathy kumarasamy from kl to jakarta & back (30/1 & 13/2) respectively, I was auto charged twice to my pb debit card (savings a/c no. 4001053806) amounting to rm643.00 (ref no. 848677) to be refunded as soon as possible but till today there is no respond from your end or accounts department. my email address is [protected]
    Kindly expedite the payment.
    Thank you.
    Kohilan vachiram

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